Valkyrie: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Season 6 Premiere

I know, Castle fans. I share your pain. After the major cliffhanger Marlowe an Co. left us with in the season 5 finale, I decided to take a step back and enjoy some new shows. That was how I endured these past few months without knowing the fate of my favorite crime fighting duo. I mean, Castle freakin' proposed! And then they leave us hanging for months? Not cool, Marlowe. Not cool at all.
However, you all can rest assured that you will have the answer to Castle's proposal within the first five minutes of the episode. While I can't reveal what that answer is, I can tell you that it is a really great scene and that I really, really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed the entire episode as a whole.
As most of you know (and if there's anyone that hasn't been following any spoilers, stop reading right this second if you don't be spoiled), Beckett got the job in DC and is now a Federal Agent in training. Lisa Edelstein is awesome  - and I can't stop thinking about her as Dr. Cuddy because I loved Cuddy in House - and she is actually kind of hard on our girl. Beckett is visibly in over her head in the beggining and it is clear that she is struggling a lot with the transition from NYPD detective to Federal Agent.
We get to meet Alexis' new boyfriend (whom Castle does not like very much) and we do see Ryan and Esposito in a couple of scenes, but nothing major happens on that front. There is not much I can reveal without spoiling some major points that The Powers That Be very specifically asked us not to tell you, but I'll compromise and answer six of the questions you guys sent in.

1- @LizzieHeat_92: Is "Valkyrie" better than "After the Storm"?
Yes and no. Because each of those episodes are dealing with completely different storylines. Right now, I'm leaning more toward Valkyrie because it had so many of the elements that I really love about this show. Also, the cliffhanger? Jaw. On. The. Floor. Prepare yourselves.
2- @ms_TGR: Do we see characters other than C/B mention/talk about Beckett's decision regarding the proposal & job offer?
3 – @always_stanatic: What is your favourite Castle/Beckett moment on the episode?
I can't go into details for obvious reasons, but it's a scene that involves coffee, morning and a knock on the door.
4 – @itsmemartu: The name of the episode intrigues me so much! Is it clear why the episode is called "Valkyrie"?
Yes and it's related to the case Beckett is working on.
5 – @agentdunett: How big is the cliffhanger?
Think major. Like ginormous. Be very grateful you will only have to wait a week for episode 2. Very, very grateful.
6 – @CourtOsen: Do Stana/Lisa interact well with each other?
Yes. I really, really enjoyed their scenes. But I really like Lisa Edelstein too, so maybe I am a little biased.

I hope that was enough to quench your thirst for info on the premiere for the time being, Castle fans! I can't wait for it to air so I can discuss it openly with all of you. We have so much to talk about. Trust me.
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