Valkyrie: Q&A And Teasing The Season 6 Premiere

The best sign of season premieres being right around the corner? Getting notifications that there are screeners for the opening hours of some of my favorite shows available. So, naturally, after watching CASTLE’s season 6 premiere, I want to talk with you guys about what happened.
Of course, I can’t share everything. First of all, what fun would that be for you guys? Second, I’m fairly certain if I did, highly-skilled ninjas would pop out and kick my butt. (Or…something a little more plausible. But I prefer to think it’ll be ninjas.) But thanks to you guys sending in some questions about “Valkyrie” via Twitter and Tumblr, I did my best to answer some things for you. That means there will be plenty of teasing, but the intention is not to ruin your enjoyment of the hour, so I couldn’t answer some of the very specific/spoilery questions you had. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy these teases…

First question, can I have the screener? No? Okay, didn’t think so. So real question, promo tells we pick up at the swings, is there then a time jump? And if there is a time jump, do we actually get an answer? – pinktheatre via Tumblr
Did I mention the ninjas who will kick my butt if I share too much? So sadly, the first answer is no. (But good try!) In all seriousness, yes, the premiere picks up with the swing scene. You’ll get the answer to Castle’s question for Beckett (and maybe another answer to another important question) before we jump two months in the future.
Does seeing 601 change your view, understanding, or opinion of the events in Watershed? @Lokiri217via Twitter
Here’s the thing: I understand why “Watershed” ended the way it did, because the dramatic end of having Castle propose and then letting the fans wonder all summer whether she says yes or no and what that will mean for the show is a great, powerful cliffhanger. That being said, seeing the first scene of the premiere helped handle some of the issues I had with last season’s final scenes, so there’s certainly a part of me that wishes we had gotten even 15 or 20 seconds more of the continuation then. So long ramble-y answer short: yes.
Will we get to see reactions to the proposal from anyone? Eg. Castle’s family, the boys etc.-wouldntneedasecondchance via Tumblr
Alas, due to the time jump, we won’t see any immediate reactions to the proposal and/or Beckett’s response. [Update: Just to clarify, this answer was solely about reactions from everyone else. Like I said above, we will see Beckett's response to the question before time jumps forward.]
Castle is about a writer and his muse solving crimes, does the shows dynamic change a lot in 6×01 with Kate in DC? - @CourtOsen via Twitter
As CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe said when I questioned him about what a (hypothetical) move for Beckett to D.C. would mean for Castle, “That’s a big hypothetical — if Beckett goes to D.C.!” While I can’t address your specific question, I will say the show doesn’t not feel like CASTLE. It’s not like Beckett and Castle are working in a cupcake shop.
How would you describe the episode in one word? What part of the episode did you love the most? –@AnamikaGrewal via Twitter
Shiny. (Not a FIREFLY reference.) Probably not for the reasons you guys would think, either. But I thought that word multiple times during the episode. And, strangely enough, I enjoyed the ending the most. Which, to be very vague, might not be expected if you know me/what I like in shows, but I appreciated the ending for a reason I can expand on after you guys watch the episode.
Is the book’s dedication explained in the premiere? – @CMcCord25 via Twitter
And a few of my own teases:
  • I’d like to keep Lisa Edelstein as long as possible on the show, please. Her dynamic with the characters she interacts with are fantastic.
  • Castle pokes around in a way he shouldn’t. Not out of the norm, but the consequences of those actions can often have a greater impact than even he anticipates.
  • We get a little glimpse of how people are reacting to Ryan in nesting mode. (Let’s just say there’s a doll…)
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