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We made it!!  After a very long summer full of questions like “Will Kate say yes?”  “Will she take the job in DC?” “Could Caskett make it if they both aren’t in NYC?” we finally got answers!  Well we at least got two of these answered before we even got to the first commercial break. J  I am so excited to be back for season 2 of Castle Cliff Notes! To my readers from last season I'm so happy and thankful you are still reading and for the new readers our there Welcome and let me give you a quick rundown!  Basically, every week after watching Castle I put together my list of my top five favorite moments from the episode with a little description and some of my own commentary.  It’s basically a quick way to cover some top moments from the show and also get you thinking out your favorites as well! So let’s get season 6 rocking!

5. Pie?  Like the Dessert?
Arriving home from his West Coast book tour, Castle is surprised to see Alexis home a day early from her trip to Costa Rica.  She tells her dad they she can’t wait to show him “our pictures.”  Hold on Alexis…. Our pictures??  Looks like it’s time for Castle to jump into super dad mode.  We then hear a male voice asking “Al” for matches.  Uh oh, looks like Castle might be dealing with a new boyfriend! And how fantastic was Martha saying “Surprise again” as Castle looked up at the stairs nervously at his daughters new friend.  Alexis introduces her new “friend” Pi to her dad he happily greats Castle with a hug leaving Castle temporarily stunned. As Alexis takes Pi away Castle nervously asks Martha if he is staying at the loft (of course he is!) and states that he isn’t staying in her room loudly announcing that Alexis should put blankets on the couch so he is comfortable and visible. If you read cliff notes last season you know I just love it when Castle goes into dad mode because you get to see a different side of him.  I also couldn’t help but wonder if Castle was missing Kate at that moment as he usually asks her for advice when it comes to Alexis and boys.  What do you think?  Will Pi be fun to have around with Castle in the loft or will Alexis lose interest in him as she has with guys in the past?

4. Babe (and not the cute pink pig)
Ok this may seem like a weird “top moment” considering it is actually pretty serious and intense but the acting was great and Beckett used the word “babe” so….yea it’s on here. Castle gets taken from his house by federal agents who bring him to DC and take a sample of his blood.  Beckett walks into the interrogation room and starts to explain to Castle that the case she is working is more than they initially thought it was.  Castle jokingly asks Beckett is she is going to waterboard him because it would affect their relationship but she quickly stops his attempt to lighten the mood with humor. “No babe. Can you listen for a second?”  She then grabs his hands and explains that a chemical agent was stolen from the building that could kill thousands.  The same toxin was used to kill the man who abducted Castle and it was aerosolized in his car which Castle was riding in. It then dawns on Castle that he was exposed and Beckett reveals that based on the amount in his blood, he has less than a day to live.  REALLY?? We just had to make it through hiatus with a big cliffhanger, we get our proposal answer and now this happens to end the very first episode? Castle and I have such a love hate relationship… but I quickly get over the hate part (haha).  First off, Beckett said babe!  I mean the use of a real pet name (not like kitten in a joking manner…) earns an automatic spot but you could just feel how serious and tense the situation was by how she talked to Castle.  You could tell she was doing her best to stay calm for Castle but also understood how serious the situation was.  Guess we will have to wait until next week to see how this one ends up!

3. I Didn’t Think I Was Going to Get Caught!  Yea... Well... You Did!
Ok I had to get a good moment between Beckett, McCord, and Castle in this countdown and I just thought this moment was hilarious.  While it is normally Castle vs. Beckett this time he was outnumber 2:1 as Beckett and McCord breakdown his lie.  Arriving at the golf course, Beckett and McCord talk to a security guard who tells them that like he told the “other guy” he wasn’t there last night.  McCord confused asks “What other guy?” and the security guard points to Castle on the golf cart.  Upset McCord asks “What the hell is he doing here?”  Beckett swears she didn’t tell him anything and you can tell Castle knows he is busted the minute he sees them.  He tries to play it off as he was going to golf while Beckett was working but Agent McCord calls him out asking where his clubs are.  I love the way he muttered “crap” under his breath as he knew he was busted.  McCord goes off explaining how Beckett could be kicked off the team and Castle could be arrested telling him that the next time she sees him it better be on one of his book jackets. Castle and Beckett then go on to discuss how he can’t get involved with her federal work.  While I thought the moment was funny it also made me realize how badly I want Beckett back at the 12th.  Don’t get me wrong I loved the episode but who doesn’t miss Castle and Beckett actually getting to work a case together without fear of others finding out.  Sigh. And when they both thought of the case at the Old Haunt??  I miss my (legal) crime solving duo!   Ok rant over… the moment was still pretty funny and Lisa Edelstein was fantastic as McCord!  She makes it hard for me to hate the feds J

2.  Late Night Make Out Session
Arriving home after a long day at work (and having to cancel her trip to see Castle) Beckett makes her way to the bathroom and begins to change revealing her engagement ring and her moms ring on her necklace.  You can see the disappointment on her face that she missed out on a weekend with Castle but then she hears something behind her and turns around pointing her gun at the mystery stranger.  “Woah can you at least finish taking that off before you shoot me?”  Startled Beckett says “Castle!” but then realizes he shouldn’t be there and says his name as more of a question.  Turns out he just couldn’t go another week without seeing her.  And if actions are any indication, neither could Beckett.  She initially says he shouldn’t have come, but when Castle asks if he should leave she says “immediately” then goes in for a deep kiss and they begin making out in the bathroom.  YES!  It’s so refreshing to see Beckett letting herself dive 100% into this relationship and not holding back her feelings.  The old Beckett would never admit that she missed her significant other and as a total side note… she gave him a kiss before leaving for work the next morning.  Man, Caskett “hotness” and “cuteness” just never gets old!

1. Yes…No…Yes?
I mean really… did you think any other moment could possibly be number 1 this week?!?!  Of course its Kate’s answer to Castle’s proposal and the way they handled it in a way only Caskett could.  Wasting no time, the episode immediately starts right where last season left off and Kate jumps of the swings clearly surprised that Castle is proposing and not breaking up with her as she suspected.   Relieved, Kate kisses him (marking our first Caskett kiss of the season) and Castle asks if it’s a yes to his proposal and typical Caskett craziness ensues so I had to include it…

Beckett: No wait
Castle: No?
Beckett: No no no not—not no
Castle: so yes?
Beckett: I…
Castle: Not yes?
Beckett: No not “not yes”  I… 
Castle: “You do know how this works right?”

Beckett goes on to tell Castle about the job and wants to make sure he understands why she wants to take it.  Castle reassures her but telling he isn’t proposing to keep her in NYC, he is proposing because he can’t image life without her.  Awww!  My shipper heart couldn’t take all the feels!  Not wasting any time Beckett says  “well in that case Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle Yes.  Yes I will marry you.”  But no serious, touching moment ever lasts too long on Castle looking at the ring on her finder Beckett states “it’s big” and Castle tries to justify it saying “no you just have remarkably tiny fingers.”  SHE SAID YES!!  I could hear the screams of Castle fandom at that moment.  It was just so perfect… sweet, funny and uniquely Caskett!  And that is why it was easily my number one moment this week!

Season 6 is finally underway!  So what did you guys think?  Did you love the proposal response or did a fall flat for you?  Also, I know the fandom is pretty split but who wants Beckett to stay in DC and who wants the team at the 12th back together soon?  Don’t get me wrong I liked the DC storyline and McCord but I’m not going to want it forever! I  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have some fun talking Castle Season 6!
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