Dreamworld: Recap

Our Castle season 6, episode 2 recap of “Dreamworld” takes a look at Rick’s possible demise and, more importantly, the relationship between Kate and Rick.
The episode opens with Rick receiving news that he only has 12 hours to live. The doctor says he can keep him as comfortable as possible but eventually the toxin will overrun him. Kate and McCord set out to find out what Dreamworld is and why Bronson was set up.
Rick is given permission to help on the case but only from inside the building. It is discovered that Bronson was connected to a reporter, Parker, who was writing an article on Dreamworld before he was stopped by the government.
Parker tells Kate and McCord that Dreamworld was a covert ops base set up in Afghanistan. The Secretary of Defense personally called to kill the story, leading Kate and McCord to wonder how dangerous the knowledge of Dreamworld really is.
Kate and McCord confront the Secretary of Defense, who is less than friendly with them. He initially denies the existence of Dreamworld, but then decides to give them some information regarding Bronson and his mission out of Dreamworld.
Meanwhile, Martha calls Rick, concerned that he was removed from his house by federal agents. Rick talks with both Martha and Alexis but doesn’t tell them that he is dying. His call is interrupted because he has to get another shot.
Kate and her team locate a suspect who is connected to the mission Bronson went on. As Kate tackles him in the street, her desperation begins to show. The only items in his backpack are school supplies.
Rasheed, the suspect, tells Kate and McCord that he and Bronson had a secret. On the night of Bronson’s mission, Rasheed had rushed to his brother’s house that had been destroyed. He saw Bronson standing in the rubble holding a girl. Bronson threatened Rasheed and fled with the girl.
Kate’s new team tries to figure out what Valkyrie is while searching a redacted department of defense file. Rick suggests searching for the word Valkyrie by size and discovers that the transcript of the attack contains the word the most. Kate manages to get a recording of the mission and discovers the the secretary of defense actually allowed an operative to be killed. Bronson was part of the cover-up of the operative’s death, therefore causing his death.
Back in New York, Martha goes to Esposito and Ryan because she is concerned about Rick. They don’t think there is anything wrong, but they call Kate anyway. She tells them everything is fine and hangs up.
Kate confronts the secretary of defense. He denies being involved in any cover-up and calls the attorney general on Kate. His actions basically rule him out as a suspect. When seemingly all hope is lost, McCord discovers a connection between the operative that was killed and Parker. He was her fiance.
Kate, Rick, and McCord search Parker’s apartment hoping to find the antidote. Parker is nowhere to be found, but the blueprints for the facility where the toxin was held and links to the secretary of defense were found. The team rushes to an event where the secretary of defense is speaking, but on the way Kate and Rick realize that Parker isn’t after the secretary.
As Rick becomes more ill, Kate rushes to the secretary’s house where Parker is set to interview Mrs. Reed. When they arrive at the house, Rick collapses and Mrs. Reed has already been poisoned. Kate chases Parker only to be attacked and lose her gun. When all seems lost, McCord shows up and takes Parker out.
Rick is saved and wakes up to Martha, Kate, and Alexis by his hospital bed. Mrs. Reed is saved as well. Kate and McCord discuss that the secretary won’t be charged for his actions. Kate has some difficulty accepting that. Kate seems to be torn between her new partner and her old one.
What will Kate ultimately decide, to stay in DC or go back to New York? Next week’s episode brings Kate back to New York with her new partner to take over a case from Esposito, Ryan and Castle. It is sure to be an entertaining episode as gang is back together, kind of.
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