Interview: Nathan Fillion Talks Proposal And Remembering Lines

The season 5 finale of "Castle" ended with Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) popping the question to Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). The show left viewers with a cliffhanger and so many questions. Will Kate say yes? Will she say no? Will she leave New York City for a job in Washington, D.C.?

(For MORE exclusive footage from Synder's visit to the "Castle" set, watch our nationally syndicated TV show "On The Red Carpet" this weekend. Click here for listings. )Viewers will get to see what happens when the show returns for its sixth season on Sept. 23. correspondent JJ Snyder recently talked to Fillion about how the TV couple's relationship has bloomed over the last few seasons.
"I have to give the entire credit to Andrew [W. Marlowe, the series creator] and our writers, who have, I think, crafted a wonderful journey that - for two people on a television program - that is reality based," Fillion said. "This will-they-or-won't-they thing and so many times it was like they won't, one will, but the other won't, the timing was bad, the positions were bad."
"Just, something was always happening that didn't allow them to do what we all knew was the best thing for them," he added. "What we all believed in our hearts like they belonged together. Things would always get in the way and that's, I think, real life. I think that's reality. And in much the same way I think that this is the next step in their relationship. It's a very logical step."
Fillion, who obviously didn't divulge Beckett's choice, did give hypothetical outcomes to the "yes" and "no" scenarios. The actor also talked about what Castle would be like as a husband and how he remembers his lines for the show.
Check out three highlights from his interview below.

1. What he thinks Castle's reaction will be if Beckett rejects or accepts his marriage proposal.
Fillion said if Beckett turns down Castle's proposal the novelist will be "shocked" and might get "a little dark.
"Well, he's had plenty of practice being rejected by her, right? She's done this before, once or twice. She's kept him on the outside," Fillion said. "Would he be shocked? Yes, I think so. I think he'd be shocked. Would it be a blow to his pride? Yeah, but I think that would come later."
"I think first he'd be pretty hurt and pretty... maybe a little dark. I think a little dark. You know, he's a carefree, happy, easygoing guy. I think he'd get a little dark there," Fillion added. "I mean, he used to be a big drinker and womanizer. I think that'd probably be the next logical step if she said no. I think, you know, a return to the Castle we met. Wouldn't that make a lot of sense?"
However, Fillion thinks if Beckett says yes, it could lead to some tough questions for the pair.
"If she said yes, would the show move to Washington, D.C.? Would he go with her on this job? Would they have a long distance relationship? Those are very hard, but if you've built a foundation maybe those could last, could work," he said.

2. Fillion talks about Castle as a husband and his "cool" parents.
"This is something my mom actually said about my dad, and I'm sorry if I'm tipping anybody's hat here, she said, 'All the things that made me fall in love with your father are all the things about him that drive me crazy now.' I could see that being the truth with a lot of people, Castle included," Fillion said. "Oh, he's so fun, he's so this. After a while you go, 'Jeez man, c'mon. When will it end?'"
"My parents are very cool. Very relaxed. Very neat. Very supportive. Very funny," the actor added. "Even my mom's funny. I think I take after both my parents. I think I look like my dad, which troubles me a bit. I have my mom's hair."

3. His highlighter of choice? Florescent orange.
Fillion also talked to Snyder about how he remembers his lines for "Castle" and the actor revealed his methods, including recalling his actions in the scene and using a highlighter of a particular color.
"I have a system by which, you know, I kind of break it down. Everybody has their own system. I have a system I learned and it works for me," the actor said. "If I remember, 'Oh, this is the part where I try to finesse this. Oh, this is the part where I back off, this is the part where I deny it.' I remember my choices, I can remember my lines a little easier."
Fillion also said his highlighter has to be "florescent orange."
"It's gotta be a bright orange," he added. "Yellow won't do it and blue is too dark."

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