Interview: Susan Sullivan Talks Possible Engagement And Castle's Father

For CASTLE’s Martha, her family could be expanding in the upcoming season — last season ended with her son (that would be Richard Castle) proposing to his long-time partner/muse-turned-girlfriend, Beckett.

“It’s interesting to play a character like this, because she’s really a foil for her son,” Susan Sullivan (Martha) told me.  “So whatever happens to him, happens to me…but you know, he’s with a woman, and [in the finale] they were having issues. He can’t be having issues with his mother, too.”

Whether or not Castle gets engaged, some fans were a bit puzzled when it seemed like Martha was downplaying the seriousness of the relationship between him and Beckett. Sullivan, however, saw the scene a bit differently.

“I think she was really pushing him to deal with what was going on…and it did,” she explained, noting that if the engagement does happen, she expected Martha to be happy about it.

Elsewhere, the Castle home will be a little bit more crowded as Alexis’ new boyfriend comes to stay with the family for a bit.

“He’s adorable!” Sullivan gushed. “He’s so cute…[Martha] handles [his presence] well.”

But aside from that, Sullivan is a bit in the dark about where the writers will take Martha in season 6.

“It feels kind of intriguing,” she noted. “I have no idea where they’ll go with her…They said they might bring [Castle's father] back, so that would be fun. We’ll see.”

And if James Brolin does reprise his role as Castle’s father, Sullivan is hopeful she’ll be able to share some scenes with him this time around.

“What was that relationship?” she mused. “I chose to look atJames Brolin 30 years ago when we would have been together. And then I get it! He’s very attractive, mature man.”

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