Valkyrie: 5 Things To Know About Season 6 Of Castle (Which We Already Know)

The fifth season of “Castle” ended with Castle (Nathan Fillion) asking Beckett (Stana Katic)  to marry him, a scene fans had been gleefully anticipating for years. There was only one problem: Beckett had just accepted her dream job as an investigator for the Attorney General’s office, a position that would necessitate her moving from New York City to Washington D.C. So does Beckett say yes? Did she take the job? Will the show acknowledge that there’s an express train between New York and Washington? All of these answers are revealed in the series six premiere, which airs Monday, September 23 on ABC. But if you can’t wait, xfinity has seen the premiere, titled “Valkyrie”,  and can preview some of the drama — emphasis on some. Unfortunately, we are forbidden from revealing whether Beckett lets Castle put a ring on it or a couple of other very surprising moments. Here are five things that are declassified (and the word “declassified” is a bit of a hint.)

1. The Premiere Picks Up Right After the Finale. The episode starts moments after the finale ended, with Castle at the swing set holding an engagement ring. What happens next is classified, but we can reveal that Beckett does give Castle an answer, and the two of them do have an actual conversation about their relationship. Then, the episode leaps forward in time to show he aftermath of the couple’s decision.

2. The Main Characters are in Jeopardy Throughout the Episode.Over the course of the episode, the following calamities befall at least one series regular: a shooting, a gun pulled without a shot fired, a kidnapping, a car accident, an arrest, an unwelcome house guest, a canceled romantic weekend, unauthorized kitchen usage, and non-consensual phlebotomy. The episode ends with the biggest threat of all, which is one heck of a cliffhanger. Yes, the premiere is the first segment of a two part episode.

3. Caskett Meets Cuddy. It is no secret that Lisa Edelstein, who will be forever known as Cuddy from “House”, will appear on the show for three episodes this season. Her character, federal investigator Rachel McCord, will cross paths with both Beckett and Castle in the premiere. McCord is impressed with Beckett’s investigative skills, but worries that Beckett’s personal life is impacting her job performance.  McCord and Castle quickly get off on the wrong foot, as the feds do not appreciate his unofficial detective work.

4. Ryan and Esposito Are Still Castle’s Best Bros. Though Beckett is his primary focus, Castle finds time for his two best bros, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Hs) . The duo lament that he has missed several of their weekly Halo nights due to his book tour. Though they are not officially involved in the case of the week, Castle turns to them for help. Esposito’s military experience provides a vital clue.

5. Alexis Has a Boyfriend. Alexis (Molly Quinn) gained more than scientific knowledge on her trip to Costa Rica. She has a new boyfriend named Pi (Myko Olivier). Yes, Pi. He looks like a long lost Franco brother. He eats only fruit. He has the attitude that Castle’s casa is his casa. Someday Alexis will look back on this relationship and cringe. On the plus side, Pi is willing to do household chores, is very friendly to Castle. In fact, he gives him some good advice at a pivotal moment. So far, Castle has resisted the urge to call him, “3.14″, but the season is still young.

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