Valkyrie: And Another 6 Teasers For The Season 6 Premiere

Castle returns to ABC this Fall from September 23rd.

The new season ramps up the action with a three episode storyline guest starring Lisa Edelstein (House) as Rachel McCord, a tough by the book FBI agent, who, according to the Network, comes to play a vital role in Beckett’s decision about her future.

ABC recently treated ScreenSpy to a viewing of the premiere episode “Valkyrie” and although we were urged not to publish outright spoilers regarding Kate’s answer to Rick’s proposal, we can tease you with the following very pertinent facts:

1. “Valkyrie” picks up directly where the season 5 finale ended –  in the playground, on the swing set, with that proposal. Beckett’s answer is however forthcoming. Fans will have to wait all of thirty seconds before knowing her decision. The first line of the season is “Oh my God! You’re proposing. I thought you were breaking up with me!” Any guesses what happens next?

2. Despite/because of (we’re not saying) Beckett’s answer, Castle spends much of the premiere “fiddling with” Beckett’s next investigation, landing them both in trouble with their superiors. However this interference puts one of our duo in serious jeopardy, and the premiere ends with a shocking cliffhanger with someone’s life hanging in the balance. And when we say hanging in the balance, we mean ’24 hours to live.’

3. Alexis brings home more than photos from her trip to Costa Rica, and audiences will get to meet new boyfriend Pi, fruitatarian, ignorer of personal spaces and crasher of couches. Rick would like to see the back of Pi (as in Pie, but without the ‘e’ apparently) but it seems his passport back to Amsterdam has conveniently gone missing. Is there more to this young man than meets the eye?

4. Despite much of the premiere action taking place in DC, we’ll still get to check in on Esposito and Ryan, the latter of which can be seen practising his swaddling skills on a doll in his office drawer. Aww?

5. Lisa Edelstein guests in a three episode arc the specifics of which ABC tells us are classified. We can tell you that Agent McCord is pretty impressive … and just a little bit scary.

6. The premiere does a top notch job at setting up a much larger and deeper storyline. Coupled with the cliffhanger mentioned above, you won’t want to miss a minute of the first three episodes. It could be said this storyline goes right to the top …

Source: Screenspy
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