Valkyrie: Great Season Premiere Preview

As some of you have heard already, I had the privilege of watching the season premiere screener for “Castle” episode 6x01 “Valkyrie”, and I thought it was a great episode. It’s not quite like any of the other premieres that we’ve had over the last five seasons, either. With the way that the episode ends, it basically makes it a three-parter, as the events in “Watershed”, “Valkyrie”, and the second episode of season six, “Dreamworld”, are all closely tied together.

Now, I’m not supposed to discuss very much of the episode because there was a little note at the beginning of the screener that asked us reviewers to kindly not reveal Beckett’s answer to the proposal or the outcome of her decision with the D.C. job. That said though, since all the other reviewers beat me to the punch this time, I will share a few more teasers than usual that will hopefully whet your appetite for more without being too revealing:

  • At least two of the predictions I made early on in the hiatus came to fruition, as did one of my little wishes for the premiere, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

  • Remember what Stana said about the proposal? I also feel that the cliffhanger is dealt with in a very satisfying way that the fans will love. It was definitely the right move for the characters and the show and I’m very happy with how they dealt with it.

  • Are Caskett moments with kisses still considered major spoilers that can’t be revealed? At what point do we draw the line? Because considering Castle proposed marriage to his girlfriend I’m going to go with no, they arenot spoilers, seeing how kissing should be a normal, everyday occurrence for two people in a committed relationship for the past year (and the majority of you reading this already saw spoiler pics anyway.) So I will confirm that there are kisses—plural—unlike premieres of the past. Shippers may now proceed to flail. Go on. I’ll wait.

  • In my honest opinion, the dynamic of the show really isn’t affected that much by any potential D.C. element that I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of (I can put it like that, right?) So those who have spent the entire summer worried about the show being ruined should stop it with the catastrophic thinking and public outcry of, “Our show isdoomed!” The only ones with a severe lack of screen time in this episode were Gates and Lanie, as they were absent entirely.

I asked you guys on Twitter to email me some questions, and I’ve chosen a handful that I feel comfortable with answering. So, here we go!

“is the whole episode angsty or is there some fun/romance too?” - Abby

Like every great “Castle” episode, there’s an excellent balance of angst, drama, romance and humor.

“Favorite Castle/Beckett scene” - Crystal

Hmm...well, I do love the beginning and the end, but there’s a little scene around the 09:25 mark that I’ve been dying to see on my screen for over a year. So it's a toss up between those three.

“So tvline mentioned a shooting and a car crash. Same person involved in the two?” - Vaso


“How does Pi character come across to you?” - Stephanie

Pi comes off like a free-spirited young lad who is apparently brilliant but very uh, quirky. He's going to drive Castle absolutely crazy if he sticks around, I can tell you that much.

And let’s take one last one from Twitter user @DrPrincessB, if only because I want to see the speculation that unfolds after I answer it: “are there any pet names used for Castle or Beckett?”

Yes, someone uses a pet name. I won't say who, but it happens in one of my favorite scenes mentioned above. Speculate away.

So there we have it. Appetite for spoilers slaked? Did I ruin too much? Can you tell I really liked this episode? Because I did. I think it's a great one and I can't wait to see the second episode of the season. September 30th feels so very far away, but it's not nearly as torturous as the wait for "Valkyrie" was. And by the way, the title change for 6x02 will make so much more sense once you watch the premiere. Just throwing that out there.

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