Valkyrie: Recap

Our Castle season 6, episode 1 recap looks back at the events of the season premiere. The episode, titled ‘Valkyrie’, had several questions left to answer from the season finale.

In the opening scene we see Kate give Rick the answer to his very important question. Kate agrees to marry Rick and also chooses to move to DC for her job. Flash forward to two months later where Kate is chasing down criminals and appears to get shot. Luckily it is just a training exercise.

Back in New York Rick returns from his west coast book tour to find Alexis brought home a boy named Pi which he is less than impressed with. Castle is excited to see Kate who is supposed to be visiting for the weekend. Unfortunately a case has landed in her lap and she has to cancel. From the call we learn that Rick had to cancel last time.
In order to get sometime with Kate Rick heads to DC to surprise her. Rick wants to help Kate with her case but unfortunately it is classified. Rick does manage to get his hands on a photo that Kate accidentally drops.

Of course, Rick can’t help himself and he calls Ryan and Esposito for help finding out what Kate is investigating. Rick frames the questions as if he were doing research for a book. Ryan and Esposito help Rick locate the item in the picture and realize that there is an open investigation in Arlington which is close to where Kate is.

Rick uses the information  he gets from Ryan and Esposito to figure out how the criminals escaped. At the same time Kate is working on solving the same mystery. Rick beats Kate and her new partner, McCord, to the golf course where they believe the criminal escaped. Kate gets in trouble with McCord who believes Kate told him about the investigation.
Kate and McCord go to the suspect’s apartment only to find out he is missing. Rick is out shopping for dinner when the suspect abducts him asking if the Feds know about Valkyrie. As they are driving the suspect dies and the car crashes.

Kate and her team arrive on the scene to find Rick being treated. Everyone is surprised to see him including Kate. Rick is taken into custody and treated like a co-conspirator while Kate is lectured on having an interfering fiance. Kate has to tell Rick to go home and not interfere anymore in her work. There is visible tension between them.

Rick returns home to find Pi in his kitchen making a fruitarian dinner. He is not impressed with Pi. Back in DC Kate is working with McCord on finding the suspects girlfriend. Kate looks upset but continues to do with her job.

Meanwhile Rick visits Ryan and Esposito to talk about the him and Kate. At the same time he mentions being kidnapped and the guys beg for more details. Rick gives them a few details and Eposito recognizes the term the suspect uses. It seems ‘dreamworld’ is a military reference to a secret military base.

Back in DC Kate and McCord locate the suspects girlfriend and follow her through the city as she appears to be making an escape. They catch her at the train station with the encryption system. When they begin to question the girlfriend it sounds as if she believes that the suspect was set up.

Kate believes that the girlfriend is telling the truth but McCord isn’t as willing to believe her. As Kate looks further into the building that was broken into she discovers that the actual item stolen was a chemical weapon.

Federal agents go to Rick’s house and bring him back to DC. Rick thinks that he is in trouble for still looking into Kate’s case but the reality is he was exposed to the chemical agent that killed the suspect. In the final scene Kate tells Rick that the amount of toxin found in his system only allows him one day to live.

What will happen next week as Rick and Kate search for the antidote? What will happen with Kate and Rick relationship wise? So many questions for the first episode.
What did you think of the season premiere?

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