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Another week down and another edition of Castle Cliff Notes! This week was a race against the clock as Beckett and the feds tried to solve their case in time to save Castle.  It was full of intense crime solving but some lighthearted, fun moments as well.  One of my favorite things about this episode was I felt like we got to know McCord a little better as well as see Beckett kick some ass for her man!  With so many moments, this countdown was hard but I think I’m finally happy with my order so lets go! 

Honorable Mention:
So Espo/Ryan moments are a little thin right now, but we got a decent one during this episode so I had to include it even if it is honorable mention.  Exiting the elevator, Ryan is telling Espo how he always imagined they would have kids together.  Giving him a skeptical look, Espo asks if he has discussed this with Jenny and Ryan, used to Espo’s teasing, carries on.  He explains that he envisioned them being co-coaches for little league.  Espo questions “co-coach?”  Clearly thinking he should be the head coach and Ryan quickly shuts him down saying “you wanna be head coach?  Try getting a date first.”  Espo ends with his typical “dude.”  It was nice to see a little brotherly banter back on the show (even if it was less than 20 seconds haha).

5. McCord’s Softer Side
McCord is talking to Villante, Beckett, and Castle about the toxin and how potentially dangerous it could be because it is so versatile and how even tightening security wouldn’t be effective.  She explains that it could be spread through ventilation, used to contaminate a reservoir, or be detonated with a bomb releasing the toxin over part of the city which would lead to more than just a couple of deaths.  She immediately realizes that Castle is with them and would be part of the “couple of deaths” and apologizes.  Castle, acting a little more like his “on the bright side self” tells her that it’s ok because saving the potential mass of people would also mean saving him.  I just loved the way Lisa (McCord) acted delivered her apology and you could tell her character wasn’t used to having a potential victim around and helping. At first I wasn’t sold on McCord but I have loved her interactions with Castle and I think she is good for Beckett as well.  As a little bonus moment, I also enjoyed the scene later when Castle is asking how Beckett is doing so far and McCord tries to subtly reassure him that he will be in her “great” future.   And then she saves Kate from being shot at the end?  Super points to McCord this episode!

4. “That’s What Partners Do”
Leaving Castle’s room in the hospital, Beckett talks to McCord about the case.  Beckett asks what their next move is dealing with Secretary Reed since he withheld information and people almost died.  Beckett questions her, asking if there will at least be an investigation and McCord says “you want everything to be black or white, I get it, but in this town it rarely is.”  Beckett seems to be a little offset by this comment and McCord tries to reassure her by telling her following her hunch about Mrs. Reed was a good move.  Beckett realizes that McCord backed her up without knowing her play and McCord says “that’s what partners do.”  Under her breath, Kate looks towards Castle’s room and says “yea… that’s what partners do.”  Uh oh!  Sounds like Kate may not like the gray element of her job and maybe she is missing her true partner.  It sounded to me that Kate misses bringing everyone (regardless of their status or job) to justice and she may not get as much fulfillment out of the federal job.  Could it be that we are heading back to the 12th for good in the near future?  Dun, Dun, Dun!  Stay tuned to Castle to find out!

3. An Unbreakable Engagement
Picking up where “Valkyrie” left off, Castle is asking Beckett about finding an antidote.  She explains that the only known vial went missing and it would take a week to make more.  Castle responds in a serious manner saying “that’s too long.”  He then tries to rationalize his way out of the situation questioning if he was even exposed because he feels fine.  Sensing Castle’s panic, Kate refocuses his attention on her telling him that they are going to find the antidote “because I’m not letting you out of our engagement that easily.”  This then shifts Castle’s focus back to business and he begins asking about the case.  A couple reasons why I liked this moment: 1) It was a nice role reversal than what we typically see.  Normally (not always) we see Castle trying to find the bright spot and make light of a bad situation with jokes.  It was sweet to see Beckett trying to do the same by telling him he isn’t escaping their engagement.  Second, Nathan (who was fantastic during this whole episode) was especially great here.  You could almost see the gears turning in Castle’s head as he realized the seriousness of the situation.  Also to see Castle not try to joke about a situation lets you really fathom how serious it is.  Overall, excellent work all around with a touch of lightheartedness through Beckett’s engagement comment. Plus, who doesn’t like to see Beckett show her commitment to their engagement! J


2.  Always the Character…
After decided that Castle will help with the case, Beckett and McCord leave the office and head out to investigate.  Beckett thanks her new partner for backing her up to allow Castle to help in the investigation and, in a lighter moment, McCord asks if he is “always such a character.”  Beckett smiles and says “yea, it’s one of the things that I love about him too.”  McCord smiles and little and so do all of us at home.  Castle’s personality is just fantastic and it brightens everyone’s day that he is around.  I could honestly sit through an entire hour of Beckett listing things she loves about Castle but I’m happy continuing to take one at a time.  I also thought it showed a little character growth on Beckett’s part because she was willing to open up a little to McCord and explain reasoning behind her feelings.  It can be hard to share information like that and Beckett is normally fairly reserved, so it was nice to see a little bonding between new partners.  This short and sweet moment easily grabs a spot on this week’s countdown!

1. Waking Up From the Dreamworld
At the end, we fade into a hospital room and hear Beckett saying Castle’s name trying to wake him up.  When he comes to, Beckett is stroking his cheek and says “hey.” He responds with a sleepy “hi” and says “I had the strangest dream and you were there.” (Side note:  Quickly name the movie that this is referencing…Wizard of Oz anyone?)  He then sees Martha and Alexis and says “and you were there and you were there!”  Of course, they are not alone and Pi tells “Mr. C” how he did some healing on him and it worked which elicits a less than thrilled    “…and you were there” from Castle.  Martha comments on how he is going to be just fine and he gives all the credit to Kate.  Martha then says they will give our favorite lovers a moment and Castle jokingly asks about Beckett’s weekend.  They both joke that it was uneventful but Castle says “at least I got to see you.”  Beckett then begins apologizing (“I’m so sorry, Castle.”  Flashbacks to “Always” for anyone else???) saying that their relationship and Washington weren’t supposed to be this hard.  Castle then says “sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing” saying that they will figure it out eventually.  Going back to typical Castle he says “next time I say I’m dying to see you, let’s keep it metaphoric.”  Oh, Castle!  It was a nice, simple exchange between Caskett but it spoke volumes.  It showed they are both committed to making their relationship work no matter how hard they have to fight.  I don’t know about you guys, but it’s nice to hear them validate this while sharing sweet Caskett-y goodness!  Who isn’t a sucker for Caskett moments, I mean come on! You know this is on your countdown too!

So what’s the live saving tally up to now? I know I didn't include some great moments like Kate's "I'm gonna kick someone's ass" expression when Castle passed out and she had to go into the Reed's house or Martha and Alexis talking to Rick on the phone but this week was hard!! J  Did you all enjoy the race against the clock to save Castle’s life? Also, it looks like we are heading back to the 12th next week!  Who’s excited to see McCord at the precinct?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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