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This week brought us a National Treasure inspired adventure full of twist and turns along with a few historical references.  I had a lot of fun figuring out the clues with Castle and Beckett as they solved this crazy scavenger hunt with a hint of truth but it wasn’t all fun adventures.  We also got to see Alexis’ new adventure as she begins living with Pi and the less than approving attitude Castle gives her.  With so many different elements to this episode, this week’s top moments are a mix between funny and action packed moments as well as emotional moments that caused quite the debate on twitter after the episode.  Have an open mind, respect each other, and enjoy!

5. Charming Man Child
            How about a short and sweet moment to start the countdown?  After visiting Alexis’ new apartment Castle is complaining to Beckett about Alexis’ relationship with Pi.  He doesn’t understand what she sees in him.  He says “It’s as though he’s turned being a charming man child into a career!”  Beckett doesn’t miss a beat and says “now that doesn’t sound familiar does it?”  Haha!  Sorry, Castle but you basically just described yourself…minus the whole successful author part.  Looks like charming man children can be good guys after all J  It was a quick but cute moment and a fun way to start the countdown!

4. Acceptance
Now for one of the most talked about and debated scenes of the episode! At the end of the episode Castle heads back to Alexis’ apartment to apologize for how he acted at dinner.  Asking if he can come in, Alexis denies him entry to the apartment and says they can talk in the doorway.  He says he is sorry for how he acted but Alexis says that “being sorry isn’t enough.” He asks what he can do to fix the situation and she says “Do you know how I found out you proposed to Beckett?  Over the phone with Gram while I was in Costa Rica”  He asks if the way she has been acting is about Beckett and she states it isn’t but that she was hurt he didn’t tell her.  He says he was going to but it just happened.  Alexis understands this but then goes on to say “I don’t know if it’s good idea or if she’s really the one but you know what? I accept it.  You know why?  Because she makes you happy the same way Pi makes me happy all I want is the same thing I’m giving you.  Acceptance” Castle tries to convince her he accepts Pi but Alexis doesn’t believe him.  He says he will work on it and suggests “make up ice cream” but Alexis declines saying she needs time to “stop being mad” and he needs time to”figure out a way to be ok with this.”  Ok, I’m asking you to put all opinions about whether or not Alexis should be living with Pi aside for right now.  First, let’s focus on Alexis’ comment about Beckett.  I saw a lot of twitter anger towards Alexis for this comment and if you pay attention you realize that she isn’t putting down Beckett at all.  In fact, she is almost doing the opposite.  She is explaining to her dad that she is accepting Beckett and hew new role in her life because it makes her dad happy.  So take a second to realize that Alexis really does want what’s best for her dad and isn’t trying to sabotage his relationship with Beckett.  All she is asking for in return is for her dad to give her the same acceptance she gives him.  I know what you’re thinking… it’s totally different because Caskett have been around each other a lot longer than Pi and Alexis but in the end all she wants is acceptance.  Yes, I agree that she should be a little more respectful considering Castle is providing her with a college education and has allowed her a lot of freedom but that doesn’t mean that he has to be disrespectful towards someone she cares about.  If he loves Alexis he should try his best to at least be respectful around Pi and see that Alexis has also been accepting of him and his relationships throughout the years.  Also, Alexis has to learn through personal experiences just like everyone else so it may be better that he supports her rather than fighting against her so hard.  So to be clear, I’m not saying Alexis or Castle was 100% right here but they need to talk this one out and figure out a compromise before their relationship faces serious strain.  I’m not trying to stir up an argument here, I just think people are getting a little too fired up about this scene and in the end it comes down to acceptance so accept others opinions and have fun discussions!  I know everyone won’t agree with me and I welcome the difference in opinions and we all should.  It’s what makes a fandom great!  Ok stepping down off my soapbox J 

3. Free is a color?
This episode was full of funny short conversations and this was one of my favorites!  Seeing Alexis and Pi’s apartment for the first time Castle appears slightly disgusted with the furniture.  Martha sits down on the “couch” and sinks down and slides forward.  Castle tries to be nice saying “you know if you guys want something real to sit on I have an old couch in storage.”  Ok it was a nice gesture Castle, but you didn’t have to say “something real to sit on.”  Alexis and Pi are trying to be independent even if that means using old, used furniture from dumpsters.  Pi looks at him and goes “hmm well I don’t know Mr. C (*sigh…) What color is it?” Castle gives him a death glare and says “free.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh out loud here.  This reminded me so much of my dad when I was younger and would complain about something and he would always say “it’s your brand… free.”  Obviously I wasn’t really complaining (more like joking around) but it was nice to see something that reminded me of my relationship with my dad in this episode. It was also the exact answer you would expect from Castle when dealing with Pi.  Come on Castle, you could at least pretend to like the guy J

2.  Scare Tactics
Castle figures out that the different symbols put together formed the shape of a larger symbol that was the shape of a carving at the monastery.  Castle and Beckett head over to investigate the symbol further and Castle figures out the code in the symbol is “oris” which means mouth in Latin.  He then puts his hand into the mouth of the carving.  He slowly does this, building suspense then screams pretending something has his arm which causes Beckett to jump and gasp “Castle!” Castle laughs and says “I can’t believe you fell for that!”  Even though I knew this was coming from the previews it still made me jump!  I always love it when Castle plays jokes on Beckett and its funny to see tough cop Beckett get startled.  Well played Castle, well played!

1. En Garde!
Exploring an old blacksmiths shop, Castle finds swords on the wall and starts going down the row saying “Have it, want it, need it.”  Out of nowhere, a masked man pops out wielding a sword.  Castle tells him that “before you kill me there’s on thing you should know.”  The mask man questions him “and what’s that?” and Castle says “I’m really good at this.”  They engage in an epic sword fighting/fencing match and go back and forth as we all anxiously wait to see who will win and hope that Castle doesn’t get stabbed.  Castle questions him while fighting about Theodore Rose and all he learns is that the man is guarding a secret. Castle takes him down and asks “now who are you?”  The masked man tells him it doesn’t matter who he is and reveals a sign for him on the wall.  Castle recognizes it as one from Suzanna’s board and Castle guesses that the masked man killed her.  Starting to realize things aren’t going according to plan the masked man tells Castle he can put the sword down and asks if the script has been changed.  Say what?  Turns out this man is part of a scavenger hunt and he is just an actor playing a role.  Regardless, the sword fighting scene was a lot of fun and you finally got to see Castle use his fencing skills outside of the loft and used for more than fun.  I could just imagine Castle protecting Beckett with a sword (haha!).  To make things even better, Beckett runs in and says “Castle what’s going on?”  Castle, looking guilty, tries to hide his sword behind his back but it’s not quite hidden.  Fun sword fight action scene?  Yup! Number one!

Did you love the National Treasure vibe as much as I did?  Also, are Castle and Alexis headed for a fallout?  Will Castle ever accept Pi?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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