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Continuing with the great start to the season, Need to Know was full of familiar faces as the feds and the 12th collided.  We have all been speculating about which setting Kate is better off in or which one she is happier in and I felt like this episode really let us see the main differences between the two jobs.  But which one does Kate’s heart belong to?  Looks like we are about to find out…but first it’s time for the countdown!   

5. Fanboy Ryan
Ok this moment isn’t so much one moment but a bunch of little ones throughout the episode but they were so amazing!  Say it with me: Kevin Ryan: Fanboy!  I guess I should have seen it coming that Ryan would have loved the show, but I wasn’t ready for how big of a fan he was.  I loved how much grief Espo and Castle gave him about liking the show but then Espo makes a comment about the role of the one actor in the show and Ryan jumps all over him saying “Oh so you have seen the show?!?”  Espo trying to cover up his blunder attempted to say it was a onetime occurrence but we know better J  Also, Ryan on the movie set was hilarious!  He was so upset to see that other actors were being casted as Dewey Hancock and the way he stated that they needed a hat was hilarious.  He looked so cute wearing that hat too!  I’d like to think that I would be controlled and calm if I ever got to visit the Castle set, but lets me honest, I would probably act just like fanboy Ryan and look like a kid on Christmas (or holiday of your choosing J).

4. Needing Justice
Blocked by the feds it appears that the investigation is over without finding justice for the victim.  Castle asks Beckett  “Didn’t you hear McCord?  The case is wrapped.”  Beckett seems to have another agenda though as she slips Castle a flash drive and asks “Is it?”  Castle takes the new evidence to Espo and Ryan who are looking at it when Gates walks by.  She clearly knows what they are doing but tells them to carry on with their “paperwork.” High five and one badass point to Gates!  Way to keep the case going.  A little later, McCord is talking to Gates about how they did exactly what they weren’t supposed to do and kept investigating.  Gates explains to McCord that she may forget about this case, but they will not and Charlie Reynolds killer “should not go unpunished.”  And tally another badass point for Gates!  Go get ‘em Sir!  After finding Charlie’s killer it appears that Svetlana is going to be forced to work with the CIA against her family but not so fast…  An “anonymous source” appeared to give the local news station bad information that makes Svetlana useless to the CIA.  And that anonymous source?  No other that Kate Beckett!  Yes!  I knew her inner battle between obeying orders from the feds and wanting justice would finally be brought to light and it looks like Kate can’t help but want to find justice for everyone regardless of what the feds say.

3. Video Chat
Opening with a bang we see Castle and Beckett laying in bed engaging in some pillow talk.  Beckett tells Castle how she wishes they could stay “like this all morning” and Castle says “yea among other positions.”  In a playful tone, Beckett asks Castle if he knows what her favorite position is, which earns an immediately response from Castle as he goes to sit up, but Beckett quickly says “in person.”  Camera pans out, and boom, we realize that our two lovers are actually video chatting over the phone.  Sigh… ok it wasn’t the real deal but they were so cute!  You can’t tell me Beckett in any other season or in any other relationship (which we will not speak of…) would engage in a morning video chat session.  It was just way too adorable. Once again, we are seeing just how far Beckett has come since season one and I just can’t get enough of how cute Caskett is.  I mean seriously, if you didn’t like this moment you don’t have a Caskett shipper heart!

2.  Movin’ In
Sitting or more like cuddling, at the loft, Castle finds out Beckett was the anonymous source and says that it makes him love her more.  Ok pause- two episodes in a row with Caskett talking about reasons they love each other?  I’m having my own mini freak out here.  Back to the episode!  Castle then tells Beckett they have to talk and he says the long distance thing isn’t working because they barely see other for more than a day at a time.  Beckett looks very worried and says “I know Castle, but I don’t know how to fix this.”  She looks like she did during the swing scene of season 5’s finale and you can tell she immediately thinks the worst but Castle has other plans.  He pulls out a key and tells her he bought a DC apartment for them to share.  He starts to ramble saying if they doesn’t like the apartment they can get a new one but Beckett cuts him off saying  “No I don’t need to see it, I love this!” before giving him a big kiss (in good lighting!).  But as usual intimate moments get cut short, this time by McCord, who tells Beckett that she has been fired.  Say what?!?!  I’m all about Beckett’s happiness but I have also missed the chemistry between everyone at the 12th and even Captain Gates so I’m excited to see what the future holds!  Also, moving in together?? HUGE STEP.  I’m curious to see if they still shack up now that Beckett is out of the job in D.C.  Let’s all cross our fingers that she ends up at the loft because can’t you just picture Beckett helping Castle deal with Pi?  Yes please

1. Castle’d
This moment starts with Ryan and Espo try to convince Castle to get case information from Beckett since they let him join the case.  Espo even tries to intimidate Castle by getting in Castle’s face but Castle does like their plan and says “guys this is my fiancé, ok, what does it says about our future if I keep pushing the boundaries?”  Ryan, always being the logical one, says “Castle your whole relationship is built on the foundation of your boundary pushing.” Touché Ryan… touché! Castle is as convinced as the viewers are by Ryan’s logic and says “good point.” This leads to Castle texting Beckett to meet him in the break room so he can try to get the need info for Espo/Ryan.  The excitement radiating from Beckett is contagious as she makes her way into the break room like a school girl who is meeting her boyfriend of who her parents disapprove (*cough McCord cough*). Castle tries to make small talk about how it must be weird for Beckett to be back at the 12th working a case and hands her a very well made latte to sweeten the deal.  He asks Beckett for “a little tidbit” about the case which makes her stop look at Castle, look down at the latte and then realize that it was all a bribe.  She questions “you’re bribing me with a latte?” and he tries to deny it making Beckett say “this is low even for you!”  Beckett tells Castle that he “isn’t going to Castle her” and leaves Castle with no new information.  As Espo said “I can’t even look at you right now” This is a top moment because it was so classic Castle!  You had Espo and Ryan trying to intimidate and reason Castle into helping them and then Castle and Beckett having a little “mom and dad” moment.  Also, Castle is a verb now!?!  I LOVE IT!  This moment just made me want everyone working together again at the 12th.  Pretty please AWM?

It looks like you can take Kate Beckett out of the 12th but you can’t take the 12th out of Kate Beckett.  Did you like the episode as much as I did or did it fall flat?  Also, what do you think will happen with Beckett now?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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