Castle Cliff Notes: Number One Fan

We may all argue for fun that we are the #1 Castle fan but I don’t think any of us ever take it to the level that this episode did.  We got a lot of fun packed into this episode including unemployed Beckett, the gang working together again, Pi being Pi, Gates being surprisingly cool, and a crazy Castle fan… What could possibly go wrong?   While the situation may have been very serious, it was kept light as always which made for a lot of fun moments so let’s get rollin’!

Honorable Mention:
Honorable mention easily goes to the moment when Gates tells Beckett she can work the crime scene.  The look of determination and purpose on Beckett’s face was amazing and I truly felt like the “real” Kate Beckett was back in action!

5. Do Not Disturb
Starting off the episode, we see Caskett in bed together.  Beckett is already awake and starts tapping Castle asking if he is too.  He jokes with her saying he is asleep and he is sleep talking.  Beckett is already going crazy being unemployed and we learn that she is unable to get her job back due to a hiring freeze.  Feeling dejected she says she may as well be a mall cop which Castle fully supports because she would “look great on a segway.”  Beckett continues to worry saying “what are we going to do, just sleep in every morning and screw around until the phone rings?  What kind of life is that?”  Castle replies saying “mine.”  Whoops… Didn’t think about that one.  Castle tries to make her feel better by saying that now she is “with him” she doesn’t need to work.  Beckett asks if that means he is her “sugar daddy” and immediately realizing his mistake, Castle plays the sleep talking card.  But don’t worry, just like every fun Caskett moment there has to be an interruption right?  And cue Pi… in a towel?  He walks into Castle’s bedroom telling them they are “super cute” even when fighting which made me just groan in annoyance.  I’m not a huge Pi fan but I did love how he called Beckett “Mrs. C. to be.”  Don’t get too comfy though Pi… I’m still not overjoyed with your presence. J (And back to me not liking Pi) Seriously though, who walks into their girlfriend’s dad’s bedroom when you know he is in his bed with his fiancé?  REALLY PI?!?  If you can’t get some privacy in your own bedroom where can you?  Looks like it’s time to start locking doors in your own loft.

4. Taking Orders
After being shot, the team is back at the 12th discussing the case and what their next move should be.  Castle is telling the team that he thinks Angelo was trying to find Emma’s birth parents and Espo points out that Angelo could have hid them somewhere since his gift to Emma was a surprise.  Going straight into Detective Kate Beckett mode, Beckett says “Head back to Angelo’s place; we need to search it again.”  Espo and Ryan both turn they chairs around to face Beckett and Espo says “you are aware that you don’t actually work here anymore right?” Slightly embarrassed, and perhaps disappointed, Beckett apologizes blaming the slip on old habits.  Espo then tries to cover it up saying he and Sully will head over the Angelo’s apartment but not because Beckett said to.  You’re not fooling anyone Espo but we all appreciate you trying to be tough J  I loved seeing Beckett back in detective mode and it made me even more hopeful that she would get her job back because even though she was gone for months, the team still has their usual rhythm.  Also Beckett just seems way more comfortable at the 12th than she did in DC and she is actually able to work the case instead of following federal orders and not getting justice for every victim.  Hints of Detective Kate Beckett and Ryan and Espo trying to be tough easily secured this moment a spot on this week’s countdown!    

3. Pep Talk
How about a short but sweet moment to keep this countdown going?  After getting briefed on how to handle the hostage situation, Beckett makes sure to give Castle some instructions of her own. She tells him “Listen, I’m kinda looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you so don’t do anything stupid in there ok?”  Castle reassures her saying “Hey, don’t worry.  I think I already hit my stupid quota for the day.”  Um, yea definitely after that sugar daddy comment. But back to this sweet moment!  My shipper heart is going crazy with all these Beckett admitting how much she loves and cares for Castle moments this season.  They are just so sweet together and I love how excited their future together makes her.  If anyone deserves happiness its Castle and Beckett and I can’t wait to see them get their happily ever after!  I could get used to having moments like this every episode and as long as they are in the episode they have a reserved spot on my countdown!

2. Cheeseburgers!
Things get a little heated in the hostage situation and the patient at the dentist office, Mike, tries to take control of the situation and get Emma’s gun.  A struggle ensues and Castle ends up being shot which causes a very worried Beckett (think Cops and Robbers part 2) to run into the building to Castle who is motionless on the floor. She says he names and puts her hands on his cheeks at the moment Castle comes to and yells “CHEESEBURGERS!”  Good use of the safe word Castle, but help is already in the building. Startled, Kate backs up and Castle sits up pointing out that the bullet dotted the “I” on his writer vest.  Kate then gives him a big hug which is extremely painful to Castle (he did just get hit on the vest with a bullet) causing them both to pull away and leave us with plenty of meme worthy funny faced screencaps… seriously… just look below!  Beckett assures him that “all that matters is that you’re ok now” but Castle states they are better than ok because “I know who the killer is.”  A couple of reasons I like this moment.  First, the whole cheeseburgers line was hilarious and so typical Castle. Also, only Castle would be so amused that the bullet that would have killed him dotted the “I” on his vest.  Finally, Caskett finally got the hug they wanted to do at the end of Cops and Robbers even if it was painful!  Oh and an added bonus; it was nice to hear the “I know who the killer is” line making a return!

Ok, I'm done with these :-) 

1. Coming “Home”
            After solving the case, Emma’s birth dad Aaron Stokes (who is a pretty powerful person in the city) thanks “detective” Beckett and Gates for their help.  Kate corrects him saying she isn’t a detective which puzzles Mr. Stokes.  Gates explains that she should be but his “golfing buddy’s budget cuts have gotten in the way.”  Surprised he says “really?” and we cut to the boys talking to Castle about his crazy fan.  Ryan and Espo tell Beckett how fun it was working with her again and how they miss it.  Beckett then breaks the news to them that she is back at the 12th!  Thrilled, Castle immediately asks if it means he is back also, and it turns out Gates has agreed to let them continue their partnership and as long as they act professionally in the workplace their relationship won’t be a problem.  Gates even said it was her engagement gift to them.  Ryan then announces to the precinct that Beckett is back and everyone cheers.  Castle congratulates Beckett and goes in for a kiss quickly pulling away because it would be inappropriate workplace behavior.  Both of them clearly wanting to kiss, Beckett states she isn’t officially back until tomorrow and they both get what they want and so do the fans J.  So many great moments going on here but most importantly DETECTIVE BECKETT IS BACK!  Also, I loved seeing how excited Ryan and Espo were and you could tell how much Castle has missed consulting at the 12th.  Gates is also continuing to show her soft spot by helping Kate’s hiring process along with her comment to Mr. Stokes and vouching for Caskett’s professionalism to allow them to work together. And a precinct kiss? Yes, please!  I’m so excited to finally have everyone back at the 12th and loved the way the episode led to Kate’s re-hiring!

YAY!  Our little 12th family is back together and I’m so excited to see them solving crimes again!  Are you excited that Beckett is back at the 12th or were you hoping for more unemployed Beckett time?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

Xo Always ~DenialLove

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