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We knew this week would be a crazy journey once we found out we were dealing with suspects from “the future” and “Time Will Tell” was definitely an adventure.  Full of crazy suspects, moments, and ideas that even had me questioning if time travel was possible, the episode definitely got Castle fandom talking.  That being said, the episode was full of great moments but also had some points that were debated among the fandom.  This week I decided to add a section called “The Final Chapter” after the countdown that just has a little more on my opinion about the episode and some of the hotter topics.  Be sure to check it out!  Let’s not waste anymore time (because we wouldn’t want to alter the future with taking too long!) and get started!

5. Creepy Wedding Vows
            Arriving at the abandoned power plant, Castle questions if their suspect would really come back to such a creepy place.  Beckett tells him if he is too scared he could stay in the car.  He responds with “alone? In an abandoned power plant?  No thank you. Maybe we should put something in our vows about following each other into creepy places.” Beckett just smiles and keeps walking but I’m sure the rest of us were picking out jaws up off the floor.  Not only are we getting all the “our future” talk but now talk about vows?!?!  This episode was putting my shipper feels into overdrive!  On a side note, I really hope Caskett writes their own vows because I would love to hear them even if they do involve creepy places!

4. Mom and Dad
            Still trying to convince Alexis that she is making a mistake by moving in with Pi Castle upsets her on the phone causing her to hang up on him.  Sensing Castle’s frustrating Beckett says “you know Castle, maybe this is a good thing for her.  I mean she sees us and she sees you starting something new.  Maybes she’s just trying to figure out how she fits in.”  Castle still doesn’t quite understand and Kate explains that “this is about her growing up.”  You can tell Castle understands and he talks about if he had a time machine he would go back and relive all the moments with Alexis like holding her tiny hand and putting her on his shoulders.  Sensing his sadness, Beckett says “I know Castle but think about all of the great times you have to look forward to in her future and in ours.”  Again with the “our future! (see moment 2)”  You’re killing me out of Caskett-y goodness here Beckett!  Also, seeing Castle’s dad side always melts my heart so that helped give this moment a boost.  Another thing I liked was seeing Beckett give Castle a little advice and perspective on Alexis’ actions.  I always think it’s a little preview of how great of a mom Beckett would be and I think it really helps Castle to have her advice with tough situations.  Don’t worry though, the serious moment takes a usual Castle turn towards funny when Castle starts saying there may not be a future if Simon is telling the truth!

3. Driving Me Crazy!
In the end, Beckett tries to tell Castle that there is a simple explanation to the case, but Castle keeps talking about the future. Beckett clearly annoyed says “you’re trying to drive me crazy aren’t you?”  Castle quickly responds with “Well apparently, I already do if we end up with three kids.”  He then wiggles his eyebrows at Beckett and she can’t help but smile at him. Just then Simon shows up and asks if they want to know the names and receives a quick response of “YES!” from Castle and “no” from Beckett.  Well from the future or not, looks like we will just have to wait to see if there are really three Caskett babies coming and what names they would choose.  I know it’s way too early to speculate but the topic was brought up so I will anyways! I would assume one of the children’s names would honor Beckett’s mom but no clue besides that.  Any thoughts? The real reason this is on the countdown though, its classic Caskett banter and I love it!

2.  “Our"
After interrogating “Simon Doyle” Beckett immediately says “Castle for the sake of our future please tell me you don’t believe that guy.”  Castle says “Oh, no but you gotta admit it’s a great story!”  A couple of things on this one:  First, Beckett talked about their future and not just casually, she put a lot of emphasis on “our” as she said it.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love it when Beckett talks about her future with Castle!  After so many years of denying it, it’s so refreshing to just have it all out in the open. *Sigh*  Second, I like how Castle tried to brush it off like he didn’t believe Simon at all but you could tell he just didn’t want Beckett and the boys to pick on him.  If Castle didn’t buy into the whole “from the future” component the episode wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining!  But back to the big deal here: “our future.”  Man it just sounded so great to her Beckett say that that it jumped straight into my short list for favorite moments! 

1. Don’t Judge a Book by its Book Jacket?
Ok so maybe that’s not how the saying goes, but it applies here!  Finding evidence in the power plant, Beckett goes to call for backup but is attacked by Garrett Ward.  Castle immediately wrestles the guy off her but ends up being back into a wall and choked by him.  Luckily for Castle, Simon walks in and startles Ward causing him to run away. Beckett raises her gun on Simon and questions him about getting out of holding and why he is involved.  Simon tries to convince her they are on the same side but she handcuffs him to a pipe.  Not impressed with Beckett, Simon says “Real charmer that one.  I can’t believe you marry her.” Peaking Castle’s interest he asks “How did you know I marry her?”  Simon goes on to tell him he saw it on a book jacket that said “Richard Castle lives in New York with his wife Senator Beckett and their three children.”  At the same time Castle questions “Senator?” and Beckett says “Three kids?”  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  So maybe this guy is totally crazy, but let’s take a moment to enjoy our own thoughts of Caskett babies… ok done!  Now back to reality.  I loved that Castle was stuck on the “Senator” portion while Beckett was shocked by the “three kids” component.  It was so funny to see Beckett’s face!  Castle trying to protect Beckett and talk of Caskett babies?  Easily a top moment, but be sure to read “The Final Chapter” below to see some of the problem I had with this scene.  Even with problems though, you can’t beat this scene!

The Final Chapter:
Ok let me start off by saying I absolutely loved the case in this episode.  It was so perfect because you have a crazy farfetched idea that only Castle believed, and then you had little moments like the future of Caskett and the coffee spill that plant little seeds of doubt in Beckett’s skepticism.  And obviously I loved a lot of moments from the episode (there were plenty to choose from for the top 5!) but some things from this episode just didn’t make sense to me. The first problem I had, and let me preface this by saying I do realize that this guy was potentially crazy, was that they speculated Beckett would be a Senator. I guess I just don’t see Beckett as a Senator. She tried the federal route once and it just wasn’t for her.  I can’t really see her in that position so I would have been happier with him saying Lieutenant or Police Chief (something along those lines).  Senator just made me think of Bracken and I can’t imagine Beckett in that position.  The main thing I have an issue with here is the Alexis/Pi storyline.  I know a lot of fans are upset about Alexis’ behavior but in all honesty that doesn’t bother me all that much and neither does the fact she wants to move in with Pi.  She is being a typical 19 year old, thinking she is an adult trying to make big life decisions on her own. I’m not saying I agree with how she treated her dad or that she is moving in with Pi, I’m just saying I agree with Beckett on this one (she is trying to find her place). Also, maybe now that Castle has Beckett she feels like she doesn't need to watch over her dad so much anymore. That being said, I just don’t see the point of the Pi/Alexis storyline.  Alexis and Castle have always had such a great relationship and all of this resistance to her dad’s guidance is new.  I guess I’ll just have to ride it out and trust AWM but for now I’ll just cringe every time I hear “Mr. C” or see Pi.  *Sigh* Please move on Alexis!  Alright, rant over!  I’m not saying the episode was bad, I’m just saying there were components I wasn’t all that excited about.  What did you guys think?  The multiple perspectives of viewers is what makes a fandom great so I would love to hear from you!

So what did you think?  Do you like what the “future” holds or were you not a fan?  Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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