Esposito & Ryan Bromance Still Going Strong

Jon Huertas talks Esposito and Ryan's brolationship status, and other upcoming goodies.

We’re two episodes into Season 6 of Castle now, and, despite their being put through the ringer in the incredibly tense, hair raising premiere, everything seems tickety-boo with our headlining romantics. Sure, Castle (Nathan Fillion) was nearly felled by a deadly toxin, but Beckett (Stana Katic) was there to save him — at the last minute, of course — and said yes to his marriage proposal, so all’s pretty well on the Caskett front.
But what about the other romance? You know, the completely platonic, bromantic one between Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever)? Will they go through any more rough patches this season — like they did at the beginning of Season 5, after Ryan snitched on Espo and Beckett to Gates (Penny Johnson) — or is everything good in the Season 6 hood?

“From what we’ve filmed so far, it’s pretty smooth sailing,” Huertas reveals to TV Guide Canada. “There’s always going to be difference[s] between Ryan and Esposito. There’s a huge personality difference between the two, and that’s what, I think, makes for a lot of the funny bits. Each character’s view of what the other character does in a certain situation is always interesting, so that’s always going to be there.”
“But as far as being partners, we’re definitely loyal partners this season. I don’t think [that's going to change]. I don’t get the scripts too far ahead of time, [but] so far what we’ve shot, we’re good to go. We’re still partners for life … ‘TIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF!”
Sadly, outside of Ryan awkwardly lamenting their unproduced offspring —  ”I just always thought that you and I would have kids together” — we haven’t heard much of the dynamic duo’s trademark witty banter this season, nor seen them very much onscreen. Fortunately, that’s all set to change in Sunday’s episode (“Need to Know”), which sees Beckett return to the 12th with her new fed buddies and attempt to muscle in on a case Castle, Espo and Ryan are working on. Huertas points to the episode as one of his favourites of the still-shooting season, as it contains one particular conversation scene in which he and the precinct boys bring “a lot of comedy,” something he likes to do whenever possible, and excels at — no surprise, given he once starred on The Joe Schmo Show. 
Another skill in which Huertas excels is singing, though we haven’t see nearly as much of that throughout the series — a shame, because he’s actually pretty good (see: hereand here). Naturally, it’s quite difficult to incorporate that particular talent into a crime drama, which Castle remains at its core. But that hasn’t stopped Huertas from giving it the ol’ school boy try.
“[There] would have to be a case that involved singing,” he postulates. “[Or] maybe my character has a band on the side or something.”
“I think I’ve pitched the writers a couple seasons now an undercover karaoke episode. I sang in a band years ago, and one of the guys in the band was a karaoke competitor, like he went across the country competing in big karaoke competitions. And those guys … I went to a couple competitions, and they’re real cutthroat, man. They would bring their own discs, and really adamantly [tell] the guy running the karaoke night, “Play Track 7! Make sure you start it right when I walk on the stage!” And these guys would undercut each other: one person sang a version of a Frank Sinatra song [when] the other guy was planning on singing it … it was like a war. It was pretty amazing, so I think that would be a great place to set a murder.”
But that one’s still in the oven. In terms of storylines actually happening this season, Huertas teases that Joshua Gomez (Chuck) will be dropping by for a time travel-themed episode, and that each of the core cast will get his or her own episode to shine, including Espo. Apparently, the scuttlebutt around set is that we might get to meet Espo’s mom at some point, though who would play her remains a mystery.
“My vote is for Rita Moreno,” Huertas offers.
One of the concerns when a series reaches as many seasons as Castle has — sometimes sooner — is that the stories will dry up and the cast will become bored, prompting some to set end dates for themselves. Huertas hasn’t thought that far ahead  – “I’ve actually never been on a show that’s gone past six seasons, so I don’t know what it would feel like” — but he intends to stick around as the long as the show “has life” and remains “interesting.”
What he has thought a bit about, however, is where he’d like Espo to end up. Or more specifically, in whose arms, because a bromance ain’t going to cut it forever.
“It’d be nice for [Espo and Lanie (Tamala Jones)] to end up together,” Huertas admits. “Not necessarily married, but definitely … together. That’d be a good thing. Nothing wrong with smooching Lanie Parish. Nothing wrong with that at all.”
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