Get A Clue: Recap

The opening scene of Rick and Martha visiting Alexis and Pi’s new apartment was brilliant. Rick is not happy about his baby girl living on her own especially with Pi. Rick has a brilliant line when Pi asks what color the couch he offers is. Rick’s response ‘free’ is classic.

Kate and Rick catch the case of a murdered woman, Susanna. Susanna is found with medieval symbols on her hands and when they go to her apartment it looks like she has been studying pagan symbols. Ryan and Esposito locate some traffic cam footage of the victim who was followed by a monk. This leads Rick to say that the case is like a real life ‘Da Vinci Code.’
The victim was killed with a medieval sword and had been consulting with a professor about the symbols. After a crack about National Treasure, the professor says that the symbols are masonic and were used in the revolution to mark locations for treasure. This of course highly interests Rick. The professor also shows them a letter Susanna had that seems to be filled with clues about a lost treasure.
Ryan discovers that the monk was actually a convicted criminal and the scars on his head were from a surgery. The monk is located in a heroine house. The interesting part is that he is actually a monk.
When Kate and Rick begin to question the monks about Ben, the suspect monk, they discover that the church connected to the monks holds clues noted in the letter Susanna had found. Following more clues, Rick and Kate head to a blacksmith located in lower Manhattan.
As Kate looks out back Rick eyes up the swords hanging. He is clearly frequents the shop with his ‘got it, want it, need it’ perusal. Before Kate can return a man appears holding a sword to Rick’s neck saying he shouldn’t have come looking for the sign. Rick, of course, decides to pick up a sword and fight it out. When he beats the mystery man he finds out that the whole thing is actually just a game, a scavenger hunt.
The scavenger hunt is to save historical sites in NYC. Rick is disappointed that everything is a game. He goes home to wallow only to find out from Martha that Alexis is disappointed in his behavior at dinner the other night. While looking at the images of the symbols and pondering how he can change his point of view about Alexis, Rick realizes that the symbols fit together.
Rick returns to the precinct to fill in Kate and the others. While Kate is reluctant to believe Rick, she can see how the pieces fit and that they resemble a carving they saw at the church. Rick and Kate return to the church and find the crime scene as well as some hidden treasure. Of course, Rick is a giddy school boy over the discovery and in his giddiness he sets off a booby trap.
The doors close and lock them in. Rick begins to panic and starts making up silly anagrams trying to come up with a clue to escape. Kate manages to get some bars on her phone and she and Rick escape. They both think it is the man running the contest until they speak with him. Turns out Susanna is a direct descendant of Theodore Rose and the legend of the missing half dimes, the first coins minted, is a family legend. Her cousin killed her over the coins because he wanted the money.
The end scene is of Rick speaking with Alexis at her apartment. Alexis confronts Rick about marrying Kate and how she found out about him proposing to Kate. Alexis is incredibly angry and refuses to go out for icecream with him. Alexis can be angry but all of this seems fairly uncharacteristic of her and a little bit spoiled.
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