Interview: Dara Creasey, Castle's New Writer Part 2

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Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice) of ShowRatings.TV interviewed Castle writer Dara Creasey about her career and what it's like to be on the writing staff.

S: Switching gears, was there any specific show runner or show that made you say, “I HAVE to write for TV,” or did it just kind of…happen?
D: I might have said this on twitter one point: I feel like it might have been ER that did it?
S: That show was groundbreaking.
D: I thought, briefly in college, that I might want to be a doctor. I was just watching ER all the time, and then I woke up one day and thought, “I don’t really want to be a doctor. I think I want to write this show about doctors, which means I should probably be a writer.” And that felt pretty organic. I was already the arts editor of the paper in college, so I was already reviewing things, and watching movies and television was already in my orbit. I think I told you, I was an Econ major, so at the time, it just didn’t feel possible to do any of that stuff. I just decided to make a quick segue into something a little more communications-adjacent. I kept my Econ major but ended up minoring in Communications because I had that — that minor epiphany.
S: The beauty of going to a liberal arts school was that I still got to dabble in everything, despite officially being a Math major. I interviewed a Holocaust survivor and had storytelling training.
D: Oh, that’s awesome.
S: Yeah. So, it’s weird because I took all of these creative classes, and then I go to grad school in Math, and I wonder why I’m unhappy. It’s because I’m not doing anything anymore. Then, all of a sudden, WeloveTVmore/ShowRatings found me, and I have people saying, “wow! You’re in the best mood you’ve been in for years!”
D: That says something!
S: Well, yeah. I’m doing something I actually enjoy.
D: Well, look at Emily Nussbaum. She’s made an awesome career out of very carefully reviewing television shows. She’s very good at it.

S: So, what do you think about the whole reality TV thing? As somebody who’s watched shows like ER, it has to be…strange.
D: I don’t watch a whole lot of reality TV, although anyone who has watched me tweet knows that I’m a little bit addicted to HGTV. I don’t know if you’d consider that reality TV.
S: Not really.
D: I don’t watch any of the big competition shows or anything like that. The only…the closest I’ll get is that something I’ll marathon will be a season of Top Chef or something like that. I’m not someone who’s into those shows, but I think that there’s a space for them. And I think that one of the reasons there’s a space for them is because of cable. Cable makes a lot of dramas now, and it’s important for the networks to have something special that can grab people. Reality’s a way to do that, so I have no hatred for them. I even love…I love things like Storage Wars.
S: Storage Wars! [Laughs.] And there was even an episode of Castle about it! There’s an episode of Castle about everything.
D: Yes, there was. Was it last season, or two seasons ago?
S: It was last season because they were already together. I also can usually tell which season it is because of the hair…
D: Yes.
S: The hair. It’s all about the hair.
D: Although, she wasn’t in that scene when Castle was buying the…he was either with Espo or Ryan in that scene when he was buying that storage unit.
S: And there were the creepy dolls…
D: Yes, that Gates was super into. I liked that storyline a lot.
S: I liked the way they’ve opened her up. She was so…
D: Yeah. There’s some Gates in our episode, which has been fun.
S: Awesome. That’s good to know. Is there anything else that you can tease, or is it very hush-hush?
D: I’m not sure I can.
S: Oh, it’s fine. I want to know everything. I won’t tell!
D: It’s…Castle and Beckett…doing things. I think our episode’s going to be great. I think you guys are going to like what we’ve put together. There are some big set pieces and some fun stuff. I think that’s as much as I’m allowed to tell.
S: That’s very Marlowe-like. Give nothing away.
D: Any other questions?
S: Yeah, I do. Our new site is all about the ratings. I was told even before I started working for the old site that a 10.0 rating is supposed to be something that’s completely groundbreaking and life-changing. If you had to pick only one episode of one show, ever, to give a 10.0 to…where would you put it? Where would you say was the most groundbreaking, most important episode of television ever?
S: Ever.
D: That is a hard question!
S: I know, trust me.
D: Most groundbreaking episode of television ever…I don’t know how many people remember it now, but it was brave of Ellen to come out as gay. I don’t know how many episodes of television have…She was even on the cover of Time magazine, saying, “yup! I’m gay!” Briefly, for whatever reason, the ratings almost killed her career. And she came back stronger, better, and more awesome than she ever was.
S: Ok, so we’ve got the most groundbreaking there…What about the best sitcom of all time? That’s going to be hard because I know there’s at least two that you said you love.
D: There are so many that I love. There’s one that I probably haven’t talked a lot about. I love Soap. That show…when I discovered that show on Comedy Central in the ‘90s, it just changed — it reframed — the way I looked at what television could be. Even though I didn’t yet know that I wanted to do this, it was a time when I was thinking about media. It was a time when I was thinking about what it meant and why I loved it, and that show…and again, it was one of the first…Billy Crystal played the first openly gay character who was a regular on a TV series.
I love that show. I wish it was still in reruns.
I love Friends. I could watch Friends any time, anywhere.
And I love The Golden Girls.
S: Oh my god, yes. We used to pick out which one was kind of which family member…
D: Oh, for sure!
S: Sophia was totally my Grannie — the way that she would just, you know, shut you down and say what was on her mind regardless of anything else. But then when she wanted to, she could be just the sweetest old lady. You know?
D: Yup.
S: They should have made a show about her. I think it would’ve been hilarious.
D: Well, they did spin it off into something called The Golden Palace, and it did very, very badly. It is not on my list of favorites.
…and obviously Sex and the City.
S: Have you had a chance to watch any of the pilots this season?
D: I’ve watched only a couple. I just caught Trophy Wife, actually, for the first time the other night. I was catching up, and it’s hilarious. Malin Akerman is hilarious.
I saw The Goldbergs. LOVED The Goldbergs.
S: That was on either right after something else or right before it, so I didn’t get a chance to watch it.
D: I’m trying to think of hour-long pilots I’ve seen this year. Tomorrow People.
S: I haven’t caught that one yet either. What about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
D: I haven’t seen S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s because we’ve been working these longer hours right now because we’re on our episode, and so, when we’ve come home from these longer days, I’ve been watching these half hour shows because it’s easier to just watch your 20 minutes. I want to watch S.H.I.E.L.D., and I want to be able to be present and pay attention.
I also haven’t caught the last episode of Dexter yet.
S: Don’t bother.
D: Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! You are not the only one who said that, and I’m sad about it.
S: It’s just not good. I didn’t even see the whole thing.
D: By the way, everyone’s asking me about the Castle season 6 poster? I have not seen the season 6 poster yet. Remember, I also hadn’t had time to even watch 6×01. In a lot of ways, because we’re so involved in the job that we do at the show, we’re sort of in the same place as you guys. In theory, we have the access, but it’s not like someone is asking us what we think of the poster so there’s no reason for us to look at it.
S: I really want to know what’s on it! Why, why, WHY are they HIDING it?
D: I don’t know.
D: They might not have needed it yet.
S: Yeah, but it’s nice to think that there’s some kind of grand plan that they’re trying to keep quiet.
D: Did you get a chance to ask all of your questions?
S: I think I did…just…guilty pleasure shows…I think you answered on twitter that Saved By the Bell was a big one?
D: YES! Saved By the Bell!
S: I watched it when I was grading papers last year, and I realized how awful it was.
D: But awful in such a good way!
S: Yeah…but it’s just, like, you know, it’s really not good.
D: But it’s so good-bad!
S: But, just, like. “There’s no hope with dope.”
D: [Laughs]
S: You know?
D: Yeah. It was so nice meeting you!
S: Yes, thank you!
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