Interview: Molly Quinn About Alexis' Hurt Feelings After Her Fathers Engagement

When Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) abruptly got engaged at the end of Season 5/start of Season 6, we could barely contain our excitement. Still, while the swing set proposal was romantic and fitting for the duo, we couldn’t help but think of Rick’s daughter, Alexis (Molly Quinn). The father-daughter pair had been a twosome for so long and Rick just up and proposes to Beckett without even consulting his daughter!
WE chatted exclusively with Molly at the screening of Castle at The Paley Center for Media on September 30, 2013 in Beverly Hills and she told us all about how Castle’s only offspring really feels about her dad’s engagement, teased what’s ahead for Alexis and her new boyfriend, and more!
WE: As a teenage girl, how is Alexis going to test her father this season and push the boundaries?
Molly Quinn: Well she is in a relationship and I think this moving the guy in was definitely a big push in boundaries. She’s trying out this alternative hippie lifestyle. Those are the main ways she is pushing this season.
Would you say she is going through a little bit of a rebellious stage?
I think if you want to call it a rebellious stage it is solely based upon not getting the attention she wants from her father because of his relationship.
So how does Alexis really feel about Castle’s pending nuptials?
She would have liked to have been involved in it, and she’s hurt that she wasn’t told in person by her father or even asked about the engagement so I feel that she will be excited once things become resolved but they are not resolved yet. As you know it always takes time to get things resolved in any relationship.
What can we expect in terms of a character arc for Alexis in Season 6, where is she going?
She is really try to figure it out herself, she is studying medicine and she’s studying law, and she’s really furthering her education and trying to figure out what she wants to do as an adult. She’s very focused on her education and that’s going to lead to some really fun situations this year.
What is her biggest struggle this season?
Alexis’ biggest struggle I would have to say would be wanting to lay the law down with her dad but knowing that he’s paying for her school tuition so there’s not a lot that she can do when someone else is holding the purse strings. She’s walking the line a little bit.
Is there an episode in particular so far you have filmed that you are excited for fans to see?
Yes, “Like Father, Like Daughter”. I believe that’s 607 I want to say so I’m very excited for that episode. You get back to the old relationship between Alexis and Castle. You know, that Season 1 relationship that was so, so tight. I’m  really looking forward to that.
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