Interview: Molly Quinn About Alexis' Relationship With Castle

"Castle" fans were speechless (Twitter notwithstanding) after Monday night's (Oct. 28) episode, "Get a Clue," which ended on a particularly sour note for Rick and his beloved daughter, Alexis.

Castle has never been one to hide his emotions when it comes to his daughter, and when she returned from Costa Rica with happy-go-lucky, extra vegan Pi, Castle made it abundantly clear he's less than pleased. Moving out with Pi only made tension between Alexis and her father rise, and hardcore fans cringed to see how awkward their relationship got after that failed dinner party Monday night.
Can father and daughter make peace? Molly Quinn, Alexis Castle herself, spilled some secrets about the upcoming episode.
Alexis’ relationship with her dad is strained for pretty much the first time in the show’s six seasons. How do you see their relationship playing out? Of course they’ve had tension in the past, but I’d say this is the first time Alexis is making him face an obstacle, saying, "Hey, this actually is a problem. I need you to take the time to help me fix it." Because that’s what she says. She's not trying to be mean; she’s very honest. She says, "Look, it’s what’s inside and I don’t want to be around it and I don’t want my boyfriend to be around that and when you figure it out, then you can come back and we can talk." Like, she’s opening the door but she’s not going to continue being abused.
Do you think Pi is here to stay?Yeah, I think … Alexis is in love. Call it puppy love, call it infatuation, whatever you want to say. She went on this wonderful jungle adventure, met her Tarzan and she’s only thinking about that now. She’s not looking down the road, and since her dad has been able to find love, she’s found it, too. Or at least what she believes it is.
Alexis told her dad during that last scene that she’s not sure Beckett is the one for him. Do you think there’s more to it than that, does Alexis really believe Beckett is not right for Rick? No, I think that was kind of the one mean, jabby thing she said. Because Beckett is right for Castle, we all know that, so it’s probably the only thing that Alexis, out of anger, said incorrectly. It’s essentially [her saying], "Accept me."
You’ve previously voiced your desire for Alexis to go back to the precinct, is this how the next episode [“Like Father, Like Daughter”] came about? I would love to believe that the writers listen to me and would help me get back in the precinct but … Alexis is taking a criminal justice class at school and it is leading her down that path of being a detective again. She has a calling, which is never really anything I thought about doing, but it’s really exciting.
Do you see Alexis’ collaboration with her father on this new case as something that could mend their relationship? [In the episode, Alexis teams up with Rick to prove a death row inmate innocent before he is executed.] I would hope so. It should. They work so well together and the relationship ... you really see the foundation of it -- again, which was so lovely to do. Down the line, this will hopefully put them back together, better than they ever were.
Who do you like developing Alexis through most, Castle (Nathan Fillion), Beckett (Stana Katic) or Gram (Susan Sullivan)?Castle. I love how our relationship has gone on and how it’s going to continue to develop. I would love to do more with Beckett’s character; we just haven’t had the opportunity, but there will be a scene people have been waiting a few seasons for in this next episode. That’s all I can say. [Laughs.] Hopefully there are more great things between Beckett and Alexis and I think that would be fun. I also more than enjoy working with Lanie (Tamala Jones) when Alexis gets to work with Lanie. I love that. It’s so original and so much fun and I would love to see that come back.
How do you see Alexis growing up now that she’s fully an adult, has moved out, has a new relationship that’s grown up?Just because she’s moved out, don’t think she might not move back in! It’s very much an experiment for her. And in a way, that’s how Alexis looks at everything right now, like "I’m gonna try working at the morgue, I'm gonna try taking this criminal justice class." Whatever it is, she’s experimenting right now. She doesn’t have her mind set on any given thing. And I would say, that is probably one of the main ways that Alexis and I are different, it’s such a funny mindset to put myself in, that experimental phase.
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