Interview: Seamus Dever About Need To Know, The Ryan Baby And More

After the serious two-parter that opened Castle season 6, fans are ready for a little fun... and a little more of Detectives Ryan and Esposito. And TV Fanatic is here to help!
In the following exclusive interview, Seamus Dever - who plays Det. Kevin Ryan - takes the time to chat about his characters fanboy moment in "Need to Know," along with when fans can expect an end to their Esposito and Ryan withdrawals. We feel your pain, Fanatics. And so does Dever...
This upcoming episode looks like a lot of fun. What can you tell us about it?
Yeah, so basically everyone's had the chance to be a fanboy of something on this show. Whether it's a comic book or whether it's an old TV show, or a movie, everyone has had a chance. So now it's Ryan's chance. This murder happens on this show that's very much like Saved By the Bell but obviously way different because it's titled Too Cool For School. There's two very fun characters on the show and one of them is this nerdy character and the other one is this jock/cool guy character. And the nerd character, Dewey was sort of a character that Ryan really identified with as a kid. It comes out that Dewey winds up dead at a construction site. So the actor playing Dewey winds up dead and they go to investigate it and Ryan feels like a little bit of his childhood has been taken away from him. Now he wants to do the right thing and find out who killed one of this favorite characters. It's a little bit more personal for him.
Meanwhile, the show is being criticized by everyone in the precinct about how terrible it is. Ryan has to defend the show. He's like, this is great. Excellent choices. This is really good acting. Ryan still believes in it. This memory from his childhood still holds up after all this time. Through it Ryan gets to realize that they're making a next generation of Too Cool For School where his favorite characters are now teachers at the school. He gets to go to the set. He gets to see all the characters. He gets to see all these things and get involved in these things. So, you know, he's a little bit of a fanboy of that. And Antonio Sabato Jr plays the jock character. So he gets to meet guys and he really reminisces over it. It's so fun for Ryan because it gets to get involved in this world and try to right some wrongs that mean a little bit more to him than the usual case.
So did you ever watch Saved By the Bell?
I did. It was on every Saturday. It was that syndicated program. It was a point where cartoons just weren't doing it, back when they used to have cartoons on Saturdays and then they'd show Saved By the Bell and you'd go, oh yeah. Because it was about kids who were teenagers. Now you look back and it's a little bit dated but at the time I was like, he's really cool. These characters are really cool. But what did you know when you were 12 or 13 years old? 

What was your favorite show as a kid?
Well, as a kid, yeah. I grew up watching a lot of like M*A*S*H. I probably didn't understand some of the more cerebral episodes of M*A*S*H but the humor I did and I liked how they juxtaposed the serious situations with the humor. I always wanted to be on a show like that. I guess it's sort of fitting that I'm on a show like Castle. It's similar in a lot of ways I think. 

How do you feel about the D.C. arc this season? We haven't seen nearly enough of Ryan and Esposito because of the move.
I know! Have people been having withdrawals? Esposito and Ryan withdrawals? I certainly hope so. That would leave me to believe we had some sort of impact on the audience. I think I worked two days for the first episode and had like three scenes. Then the next episode I was in two scenes. So yeah, I would like for people to see more of Esposito and Ryan. Hopefully they miss us. 

But you will be seeing more of Esposito and Ryan. It was kind of quiet for the two of them at the very beginning of this season but now you'll see a lot more. The withdrawals will be over. You'll get back on the old Esposito and Ryan kick.

Now I know you can't give away any spoilers but if Beckett choses to come back to the 12th, how would Ryan and Esposito feel about that?
It's one of those things where she actually does come back at a certain point but in the capacity of this crime. She basically takes over the case. She shows up not for a visit but to take over jurisdiction of this murder because all of a sudden it's a federal case. The loyalties are sort of tested there. It's like big sis is back but she also just took everything away from us and basically says we're here to assist the Feds. She came back pretty much by kicking down the door. So we're a little bit perturbed about that because we're working hard on something and now she takes it away. She's got to work really hard to sort of tell us where her loyalties are but fortunately I think the audience will be pretty satisfied with that at the end of the episode. She does something that sore of says, OK she's still on our side. 

We never got to see the boys reaction to Castle and Beckett's engagement. In your mind as an actor, how do you think that went.
It would have been, What? She said no, right? I mean I would have. No, just kidding. I'm sure it would have been like, Good for you. It's about time he steps up and does the right thing. I'm sure Esposito was something like, Yeah why'd you say that, Now he's just chained himself for life. But that's Esposito's point of view. I think Ryan's very happy for them and he'll be very happy to try and give them any wedding details, any wedding venues. I'm sure he's got some great caterers lined up for Castle and Beckett, just having gone through that himself. I'm sure things are little bit like, Alright, how can I help you. That kind of thing.

Any idea when baby Ryan will come into the world this season?
I think around mid-season. I think we're going to see some Ryan baby action around mid-season. That seems to be where things happen. Probably, definitely in the back nine. They spend a great deal of time in the very beginning of every season about establishing Castle again from last season and the procedures and they put out about ten really strong episodes. Then we get a little bit more into character for the back nine. I think the second half of the season people are going to see a lot more of the personal things and the personal cases. Hopefully we get around to that and then Ryan dealing with what it's like to be a dad and to be a cop at the same time. 

It's season 6!  Way back when, what were your first thoughts when you read the pilot episode of the show?
I thought it was a great mixture of things. I was just discussing that the other day. I actually didn't read the pilot as much as I saw the pilot presentation that they had already filmed. Because they filmed that in New York and I wasn't there. So I was auditioning for the role of Kevin Ryan and my people at the time, my managers got a hold of their pilot presentation. Those things are out among the networks and everything. I saw it and I was like, what kind of show is this. Do I really want to do a procedural and be like a cop? I'm not a big fan of Law & Order. Those shows are really dry. But then I was speaking with Rob Bowman and Jon Huertas the other day, there was a moment in the pilot when Jon says, This is going to be even better than Shark Week. And I realized that these cops can have some fun. And I went, Oh, they take themselves seriously but they also make jokes and have fun with each other. I get it now. I get the tone of this show and that gave me a big tip off that I think helped get me the job was seeing that moment. 

For your Twitter followers, how is the stained glass project coming and what do you plan to do with it?
I am in fact at the stained glass store right now. I'm waiting to get off the phone with my interview so I can buy some more what is called lead came because I bought the wrong lead came the first time I was going there. My glass is cut. It's ready to get mounted  but I need to buy more lead. So I'm going to handle that with gloves and I'm going to install that. It will be ready and done and in my garage pretty soon.

Where is this window you're working on going to go?
It will be in my garage. I'm the only one who can see it. I'm doing this first one for practice and then I'm doing a few more around the house. This one, I'm probably going to make a few mistakes but that's OK. It will be only for me to see. Literally. Like, I think my wife will probably go, Oh yeah and see it once. I'm in my garage every day so I'll get to see it every day.

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