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Castle has been back and better than ever in what has proven to be an exciting, compelling, and fresh new season so far. The early arc of the sixth season found a newly engaged Castle and Beckett attempting to make their relationship work despite Beckett taking on a job as a Federal Agent in D.C. The arc pushed them both beyond their usual limits, struggling to maintain their relationship despite the distance between them and the absence of their working partnership, something that has long been the very foundation of their romantic relationship together. When Beckett found herself fired from her new job at the end of last week’s episode, a shocking result of her standing by her own convictions and beliefs and refusing to turn a blind eye to the injustices that were part and parcel of her new position, the door was opened for Beckett to return to New York and attempt to make her way back to the NYPD.

Penned by the extremely talented longtime Castlewriter, Terence Paul Winter, and directed once again by the legendary John Terlesky, Sunday’s “Number One Fan” began with Beckett lamenting to a half-asleep Castle that she felt more than a little lost at this juncture in her professional life. Having never been fired before and having been unable to secure her old job back at the NYPD due to budgetary issues, Kate Beckett was unemployed for the first time in her adult life, and the mere thought of it was proving to be unbearable for the hard-working former detective.
The opening scene between Castle and Beckett was absolute magic, one that took the time to explore all of the playfulness and banter that fans have come to expect from these two while also brilliantly exposing the stark differences between them as well. Through one hilarious and poignant exchange of dialogue between them, Beckett vented to Castle that she could not live a life of sleeping in and spending her days aimlessly waiting for someone to call and give her something to do, pondering what kind of life that really was, while Castle dryly replied that it was exactly the life he lived.
This scene, however, also rather brilliantly presented some very likely foreshadowing for Castle and Beckett as it became abundantly clear to them that even in this private moment between them, they were never truly alone in Castle’s loft. With Pi, Martha, and Alexis all intruding rather uninvited into Castle’s bedroom, it became pretty evident that the loft had become incredibly crowded, perhaps signaling a potential problem should Castle and Beckett decide to move in together in the very near future.
But the playful and funny opening scene quickly gave way to what would become an incredibly intense and dramatic storyline throughout the hour, as Castle was called upon by the NYPD to assist in a dangerous hostage negotiation. Castle arrived at the crime scene with Beckett in tow, a stark contrast to their usual routine, only to discover that the suspect refused to speak to anyone but him, eventually finding out that she was a fan of his work and desperately needed him and his expertise to help prove her innocence.
The case itself was certainly one of the most complex out of the hundreds of cases that Castle and Beckett have tackled, yet amidst the twists and turns and the mystery of it all lay a rather compelling story about a woman who had been framed for murder and her desperation to clear her name. The suspect, Emma Briggs, was played brilliantly by guest star Alicia Lagano, who stole nearly each and every scene that she was in throughout the hour and proved to be one of the most compelling and captivating suspects yet.
Yet the case also perfectly laid the foundation for some truly interesting development amongst the regular cast of characters, especially for Castle and Beckett themselves. It found Castle and Beckett swapping their usual roles, with Castle taking the lead on the investigation and Beckett being there to support him along the way, and was something that was rather refreshing to see, as it showed how much they have learned from one another over the years in their partnership and gave leads Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion an interesting challenge that they both passed with flying colours. It also allowed us to see Beckett’s concern for Castle, not being used to him front and center in a dangerous investigation while she could only assist him from the outside. There were some interesting parallels to Season 4’s emotional “Cops and Robbers” in that way, yet the stakes were so much higher for these two now and the payoff was even greater for the audience as well.
But perhaps the most compelling aspect of the episode was the way in which it explored the familiar dynamics between Castle, Beckett, Ryan, Esposito, and Gates in a whole new way, with Beckett and Castle not formally being a part of their team in this episode. Gates was quick to welcome Beckett into the fold due to Castle’s part in the investigation, something that so brilliantly showed her respect and admiration for Beckett and her abilities as a detective. Likewise, it was interesting to see Beckett navigating the waters of investigating with her former team while not actually being their leader anymore, something she forgot from time to time as she hilariously slipped back so seamlessly into taking charge and directing them along the way. It was a rather interesting way to bring Castle and Beckett back to the NYPD to work with Ryan and Esposito without jumping the gun and making it all too easy for Beckett to get her job back this time around.
In the end, Castle and Beckett solved the case, proved Emma’s innocence, and reunited her with her birth father, completing the work that her murdered boyfriend had lost his life for. Their efforts were rewarded when Emma’s father, a powerful friend of the police commissioner, used his influence to have Beckett reinstated to her former position on Gates’ team at the NYPD, with Castle welcomed back as her partner as well, another reminder that as much as Gates may protest his being there, she truly does respect him as a vital partner to Beckett.
With that, Castle and Beckett found themselves with yet another thing in common; just as Castle secured himself a spot on Beckett’s team in the pilot episode due to his influence of the Mayor, so too does Beckett now find herself back at the NYPD due to the help of a powerful new ally as well. Thus, the dynamic duo are together once again, with their romantic relationship thriving more and more with each episode and their partnership now fully restored as well.
Castle is back, folks, and we’re just getting started.
What did you think of last night’s episode? What were your favourite scenes or moments? Are you happy to see Castle and Beckett back at the 12th? Share your comments with us below!
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