Need To Know: Jon Huertas & Seamus Dever Talk Crime Fighting Without Beckett & New Detective Sully

Castle Season 6 Spoilers Beckett ReturnsThe wheels have not come off the bus at Castle‘s 12th precinct, even with Kate Beckett having moved on to fight crime in D.C.
In fact, Seamus Dever says that for Detectives Ryan and Esposito, “Life is good without Kate.”
Speaking with TVLine on the set of the ABC drama, as it was shooting this week’s episode, Dever explained, “Everyone thought, ‘Oh, it’s all going to fall apart,’ but Ryan and Esposito keep on trucking.” Scene partner Jon Huertas concurs, saying, “Esposito and Ryan have always been competent detectives, and now they get to step up and run the show. They’re doing just fine.”
Nonetheless, in this week’s episode — which revolves around the death of a Saved By the Bell-like ’90s sitcom’s star — “RySposito” will get a helping hand or two, from newly minted Detective Grant “Sully” Sullivan (played by The Pacific‘s Joshua Bitton, far left in photo) and a certain antsy author.

“Since Castle’s forbidden from hanging out with the Feds, he still needs to get his ‘fix,’” says Dever. “So he weasels his way into our case, whether we like it or not.”
But secretly, to hear Huertas tell it, theydo like having the swag-tastic writer in their ranks. “When he’s around it’s like recess. It gives Esposito and Ryan ‘permission’ to act not so mature. Plus, it’s fun to be part of a clique, and Castile creates that environment.”
That said, the detectives are not averse to blowing off their unofficial sidekick. As Dever previews, “Theres a fun scene where Castle calls us while we’re on TV being interviewed about something, and he sees Esposito ignore his call. He’s like, ‘Son of a…. I saw you!’”
As for what new guy Sully brings to the mix, Dever says, “He’s sort of the low man on the totem pole, which is fun for Ryan, who started out in that position. We get to haze him a bit, like, ‘Welcome to the precinct — here’s a ton of work for you to do!’” Adds Huertas: “Sully is something a little different – he’s even  more blue-collar than Esposito and Ryan. Plus, Ryan got the brunt of the razzing for a lot of seasons, and now it’s Sully’s turn.”
As previously reported, this week’s case eventually evolves into something bigger and more serious, drawing the interest of Beckett and McCord and basically pitting the “boys against the girls.” But for now, Beckett is merely visiting her old sandbox.
Series creator “Andrew [Marlowe] has talked about this season having more of an ensemble feel, and I think Ryan and Esposito have earned that consideration,” Dever posits. “We’re in our sixth season, so you’ve got to evolve. Everybody’s got to change. Adapt or die.
“Judging by the first episodes and the risks Andrew and the writing staff have taken,” the actor continues, “the audience is going to be challenged — like, ‘What happened? You’ve rearranged the furniture!’ — but hopefully they come with us.”

Source: TVLine
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