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Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in 'Castle' 6x03 'Need to Know'

I had the fortunate privilege of attending the "Castle" Paley Center event in Los Angeles last night, and after the panel had ended, fans were treated to a screening of episode 6x03 "Need to Know". Where "Valkyrie" and "Dreamworld" were dramatic and more intense, "Need to Know" kicked it back a notch and delivered a lighter, more fun experience for us viewers. If I had to place it in order of my personal favorites between the other two episodes seen thus far this season, I'd put episode three in the number two slot, just behind "Valkyrie" and before the more case-heavy "Dreamworld". It's not that I didn't like 6x02; I just loved the fun in 6x03 a lot more.

Esposito: We did you a solid getting you on this case, Castle. It’s time to pay up.
Castle: Guys, this is my fiancĂ©e, okay? What does it say about our future if I keep pushing the boundaries?
Ryan: Castle, your whole relationship is built on the foundation of your boundary pushing.
While the first two episodes were based in D.C. and primarily Beckett-focused with her new job as a federal agent, “Need to Know” brings us back to New York and throws Castle and the gang at the 12th Precinct back at the forefront. Castle manages to squeeze his way back into the 12th to help Ryan and Esposito on a case revolving around the murder of a child star from a “Saved By the Bell”-esque 90s sitcom, and then suddenly we have Beckett and McCord on the scene taking over the case. But as we know, cops and feds don't always play well together, and Beckett soon starts feeling the repercussions of being on the other team now.
As always, I won’t be delving into any big plot spoilers, but here’s a few teases to whet your appetite until next week:
  • Sully (Joshua Bitton) isn’t so much Beckett’s replacement as he is the rookie detective that ends up getting Beckett’s old desk. And let’s just say that Castle isn’t too pleased with how he’s, uh, filled it.
  • Ryan is such a fanboy. Seriously. He even gets the hat to prove it.
  • Pi makes another brief appearance at the loft doing his fruitarian thing. Martha's apparently fallen for his anti-aging smoothie charms. Oh dear.
  • Lanie is still out (I know, sad face) but we do get our first dose of Perlmutter for the season. Who doesn't love Perlmutter?
  • Gates is back! And she’s not too happy with Castle sneaking back in while she was at a conference. He and the boys get a bit of a verbal lashing because, as she tells Castle, “you no longer have a reason for being here.” Ouch. She's thrilled to see Beckett back, however, and there's also a scene between Gates and McCord that I absolutely loved, even if it wasn't so friendly between the two of them.
  • Yes, there are Caskett scenes and yes, they are adorable. The opening scene might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen between them, to be quite honest. It fulfills one of my little wish lists for dealing with their long-distance relationship, and is sure to set flail mode to max. Prepare yourselves, shippers.
Now for a couple questions pulled from you folks on Twitter.
Favorite Beckett/McCord scene. - Alex
Hmm. There were quite a few of them that I liked throughout the episode. I’m sort of fond of this part though (BAMF Beckett for the win!) Maybe because it’s preceded by Espo calling McCord “Clarice” (“Silence of the Lambs”, anyone?) and then he later gets referred to as Mario Lopez, ha. Loved that scene. But yeah, there’s some good eye-opening Beckett/McCord stuff in this episode that’s best left unspoiled, in my opinion. I'm not spoiling it for anyone, at least.
Do Castle and Beckett talk about her decision to quit the FBI? - Crystal
Who said anything about Beckett deciding to quit her job in this episode? I sure didn’t.
Are there smoochies or scenes like in 6x01 (you know which one ;-))? - Gaby
I can confirm smoochies. And adorableness. And coffee. Got to love those coffee scenes. Especially this one.
So, that all said, I think you guys will find it to be a nice, entertaining episode with an ending that will probably have you going, "Wow!" As evidenced by the links to pictures in this article, I do have some stuff I managed to snap on my phone while watching (mostly for my benefit with remembering scenes since I only had one go at the episode this time) but they're very low quality and I'll only be sharing more of if ABC neglects to give out the sneaks again this week.
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