Stana Katic On The Chew Tomorrow (October 8)

The Chew crew is cooking up leftovers with help from celebrity guest Stana Katic, star of ABC’s Castle, on October 8 2013. Be sure to tune in and learn something new about your kitchen tools from Tuesday’s show. Here’s what you can plan to watch.

The Chew: Cooking with Leftovers

The Chew: Stana Katic Castle Season 6 & Cooking with Leftovers

From the ABC series Castle, Stana Katic will be helping out in the kitchen on The Chew’s October 8 episode. What mystery ingredients will be on the menu? (s_bukley /

For some, leftovers is a bad word. But for others, you know that sometimes food tastes better the second day, when it has had time to fully absorb all its flavors. The Chew crew is reinventing some leftovers on the October 8 episode, and you will want to see what they are up to.

Recently, Rachael Ray did an entire show about Rollover Meals, where you prepare more than enough of your protein to last over multiple meals. It gives you ways to save money on your groceries without getting tired of eating the same old thing each day. Would you try that?

The Chew: Mystery Ingredients

Would you be able to use mystery ingredients to form a perfect meal? Not everyone can do it, but the pros on The Chew are always up to the challenge. Watch what they create as they make something from what may seem like nothing on Tuesday’s episode.

The good news is that The Chew team is not shy about sharing their recipe creations with the audience. Tune in to see what they are serving up and learn how to make it for yourself.

The Chew: Stana Katic Castle Season 6

From the popular mystery series Castle, Stana Katic is heating up The Chew kitchen this week as well. She will be cooking with Carla Hall on October 8. The Canadian star plays opposite Nathan Fillion in Castle, now airing its sixth season Monday nights on ABC.

Do her character’s detective skills extend to the kitchen counter? Is Stana any good at cooking in real life? Get the answers and recipes after this show airs on October 8 2013.

Plus, Clinton Kelly will finally explain what those weird kitchen tools are for, so you can’t say you didn’t know.

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