Time Will Tell: Canadian Review

Read on your own risk if you haven't seen tonight's episode yet.

Some of the most interesting cases on Castle have been those that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, prompting Castle, Beckett and the audience, to question their own beliefs in their search for the truth. Sunday’s intriguing episode crafted a clever return to the classic Castle elements that have made this series a great success. It was carried by a twisted and outlandish case, family drama between Castle and Alexis, some great Caskett scenes, and a thought-provoking ending, all of which highlighted the show’s uncanny ability to combine comedy, drama, intense mystery, and stirringly emotional character development.

Penned by the genius dream team of Castle creator Andrew Marlowe and returning series writer Terri Miller, and directed by the brilliant Rob Bowman, “Time Will Tell” found Castle and Beckett investigating a murder suspect who claimed to be a time traveler from the future, returning to the present day to stop a heinous series of events from occurring. With Castle and Beckett once again pitted against one another due to their differing opinions on fact and science fiction, the episode brilliantly showcased the stark differences between these two, while also proving that those varying views were what made them such a successful and compelling team in the first place.

While Beckett has certainly become more open-minded in recent years, a direct result of Castle’s influence on her, she still held strong to her belief that every bizarre event has a realistic and logical explanation. Meanwhile, Castle became more enthralled by Simon Doyle’s story with each mysterious plot twist in the complex and entertaining case.

Guest star Joshua Gomez turned in a clever and very convincing performance throughout the hour, playing the role of Doyle in a way that easily lent itself to supporting both Castle’s belief that he truly was a time-traveling hero and Beckett’s theory that he was nothing more than a delusional man with serious mental health issues. As the plot thickened throughout the hour, so too did Doyle’s story, ultimately creating more questions than answers by the end of the episode. The topic of Doyle’s character, and what the truth behind the case really was, was left open-ended enough for the audience to decide for themselves, either following in Castle’s footsteps and believing in the possibility of magic or following in Beckett’s high-heeled shoesteps and being convinced that there was a logical explanation. This actually marked the first time in the series that an episode of this nature was left without a fully closed case with a undeniable explanation behind it, something that was quite intriguing in and of itself.

But the true highlights of the hour came from the stories that were based entirely in reality, including Castle and Alexis’s father/daughter conflict and the heartfelt advice that Beckett offered to her fiancé about how to handle this issue. After weeks of Castle admirably tolerating the invasion of Pi into his loft and his life, the time had come for him to finally put his foot down and ask for his home back. But, just as Martha warned him earlier, Castle’s efforts only served to push his daughter closer to this unwelcome guest, with Alexis revealing to a crushed Castle that she and Pi would both be moving out of the loft and into a new apartment together.

While Alexis certainly made valid points to her father, including the fact that this was her way of supporting and exploring a new adult life for herself, it was also extremely easy to see Castle’s side of the situation and sympathize with his concerns that she was moving far too quickly with this relationship. Writers Marlowe and Miller crafted this part of the episode with so much care and emotion, allowing the audience to clearly see the validity in both of the character’s points of view. Likewise, the performances from Molly Quinn and Nathan Fillion were outstanding as well, very much helping to drive the emotion of their scenes together and remind us all of why this remains one of the most dynamic father/daughter relationship on television today.

Later on in the episode, around that magical midway point in the hour that has long been reserved for some of the most memorable Caskett moments, Castle and Beckett shared a truly remarkable scene in which Beckett softly and carefully helped give Castle the advice that he needed to hear in terms of dealing with Alexis’s decision. Stana Katic played the scene perfectly, first showing Beckett clearly holding back, as if she was unsure she should say anything to Castle, before seemingly accepting that it was her place now to help guide him in his personal life when he needed a helping hand. With that, she delicately and very genuinely spoke to him about how Alexis needed to find out where she belonged, and how she fit in to not only her father’s life, a life he was now also committed to sharing with his fiancé, but also her own life. She so lovingly assured him that while Alexis was growing up and the days of holding her hand and guiding her may be over, he had many more wonderful days and moments to look forward to, both with his daughter and also with her. While the scene was short and so brilliantly simple, it was also truly a beautiful moment between these two and one that highlighted how far their relationship has progressed. It was just so pure and profoundly honest and it was certainly one of the most captivating and compelling scenes of the entire episode, perhaps even of the season thus far.

In the end, Castle tearfully watched as Alexis moved herself out of the loft, with her being motivated by her desire to find independence and, perhaps, her hopes of discovering where she fit in to someone else’s life and someone else’s heart now that she had begun to see that she was no longer the only one in her father’s. It was an emotional and heartwrenching scene between father and daughter, but one that will surely progress their story and eventually find them all the better for having gone through this.

With that, the episode concluded with a brilliant mirror between the case of the week and the personal storyline, something that the Castle team so brilliantly achieves in nearly each and every episode. No matter how much we believe we know what the future holds for us, all it takes is one wayward event to alter that future forever.


What did you think of last night’s episode? What were your favourite scenes or moments? Do you think Alexis will return back to the loft soon, or will her relationship with Pi really last? With the new vacancies at the loft, are you hoping Castle will ask Beckett to move in soon? Share your comments with us below!

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