Time Will Tell: Recap

Okay, I’m a nerd. That’s absolutely no surprise to any of you I suspect. That being said, this episode of Castle was NERDTASTIC!
The three main guest stars had special places in my geeky heart. First, Joshua Gomez. Morgan Grimes. Chuck’s bestest friend. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it was to see him on my TV again. Then, Tim Russ. Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager. I think Castle may be aiming to get every Star Trek actor ever on the show. I am totally okay with that. And of course, the totally not a douche Sam Daly. So many connections to Nathan Fillion. He’s had Nathan on his web series “The Daly Show“, and his father (Tim Daly) is the voice of Superman to Nathan’s Green Lantern in the Justice League animated features.
Now put that aside for a minute and ponder the theme of “Time Will Tell”. Time Travel. Hello? Can you *get* any more SciFi than that? On that note, let’s get to the actual recap so I can stop my flailing.

The murder victim, stepsister to Tim Russ’ theoretical physicist, was tortured before she was killed. Gruesome crime scene – but Lanie was again our ME of choice which always makes me happy. They trace her through a neighbor to a hooded figure. That hooded figure? Simon Doyle, a time-traveler sent back to save the future. Of course.
Then we go on a science treasure hunt through conspiracy theorists, lecturers, and wind up tracking down Paul Deschile, who would’ve been another victim – at a planetarium. It’s a winding web of connections – one of them being a note that the nerdy kid wrote to one of the scientists. A note that might have convinced Kate that time travel might actually be a viable component of the case.
Throughout the case, Castle is relatively sedate when speculating what is true and what is not. His interactions with Simon and Kate are priceless. Including a scene where Simon reveals some interesting details about Caskett’s future. A switch from mystery to literature, Kate becoming a Senator, and the three kids they’re going to have.
The perp is crazy intense in the interrogation room and Kate can’t get a peep out of him. The staring contest was crackling with tension. I thought Rodney Rowland did a great job as the seething murderer.
Oh yeah! Can’t forget that Castle’s finally had enough of Pi. In a cringe-worthy scene where Rick steps on a rattlesnake belt, he loses his cool and calls Alexis into his office for a powwow. Luckily, she and Pi found an apartment – which makes Castle go a bit looney. The final scene made me a bit sad – Castle isn’t ready to let his little girl fly off on her own. Of course, I think he has plenty of reasons to be concerned.
Overall, this may be my favorite episode so far this season. Last week’s gives “Time Will Tell” a run for it’s money, but I think the nerd stuff allows this one to edge in front.
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