Time Will Tell Review: A Time-Traveling Murderer

This week on Castlea time traveler tries to change the future and humanity's only hope is Joshua Gomez. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett find out a possible future (with three kids), while in the present, Castle has a tough time dealing with the kid he already has. It's tough to let go, but as Alexis points out, no one really knows the future. Or do they?

After a ton of change going into the new season, this is the first week settled back into that familiar Castle rhythm. Frankly, it's a pretty fun case to get us back on track. Borrowing heavily from tons of time travel stories, the tale is about a murderer looking to change the future and the one brave, bearded man on the path to stopping him. 

As you'd imagine with this kind of Castle episode, things get pretty silly, pretty fast. And of course, there are tons of references to time travel classics like Back to the Future, Terminator and even Doctor Who. (Who knew Esposito was such a sci-fi geek? Sonic screwdriver indeed.)

It's a fun episode that zips along, finished off by a powerful family moment that delivers Castle a kick to the gut. Alexis might have a point that no one (except time travelers) know the future, but in what scenario does moving in with Pi seem like a good idea? 

Got Pi? 

The problem is that Castle has too much Pi. A month later and Pi is still sleeping on the couch, leaving his belt buckles tossed about for Castle to step on. When he finally puts his foot down with Alexis about getting the hippie off the couch, she informs him they'll both be leaving soon. One catch: they'll also be moving in together.

Obviously, having met Pi, Castle isn't too happy about the situation. Being a 19-year-old adult, Alexis can pretty much do whatever she wants. Beckett advises Castle not to push her too hard, as it will only push her further into Pi's incense-scented arms. Ryan, however, seems pretty shocked Castle is just going to let her move in with her boyfriend. 

The idea of time travel and knowing the future seems appealing, but as Alexis notes, no one actually knows what the future will hold. She understands she might be making a mistake, but it's her mistake to make. As the episode ends and Castle looks on sadly, Alexis packs up to move in with Pi. 

It's only a matter of time before Alexis gets tired of eating only organic smoothies and going to Pi's hacky sack competitions. But until then, I really hope this means Pi will still pop up from time to time. I find him endearingly horrible and the way Nathan Fillionplays his reactions to Pi's latest adventures is always good for a laugh. 

The Time Traveler's Murder

This week, things get downright sci-fi on Castle, as Chuck'sJoshua Gomez plays a potential time traveler out to ensure the future isn't changed by another, eviler time traveler. Of course, Castle buys into the story because he loves a good tall tale. Beckett, however, is less apt to believe that Simon Doyle is actually an emissary from the future, post-Energy Wars, of course. 

The case starts with a dead parole officer, which eventually leads back to her theoretical physicist step-brother. Simon was trying to save Shauna in order to save the billions of people that could potentially die from the chain reaction set off by her death. Throughout, there are tons of weird occurrences, from the time 12:58 to Simon's surprise disappearances. 

These are all catnip to Castle, who is already poised to believe anything as cool as time travel could actually exist. Beckett tries to keep a more level-headed approach, but by the end, even she is looking at coffee stain patterns and questioning whether Simon really could have been from the future. 

The actual murderer is a scary man named Ward, who suddenly appeared on the grid six years prior at an eco-conference. Ward might have also been sent back from the future, and his goal is to kill a student of theoretical physics named Paul Deschile. 

For anyone who was a fan of ChuckJoshua Gomez is just as likable and funny as he was on the late, great NBC dramedy. He imbues his character with the same sense of everyman charm he used to great effect as Morgan Grimes, which is part of the reason why the episode is so fun and works so well. 

The other great thing about the episode is that it works for the skeptics and believers alike, without dramatically altering the world of the show. Sure, there are some weird occurrences that suggest perhaps Simon and Ward are actually from the future. Or perhaps they're both crazy, and Ward was only trying to getrevenge on the boy that tipped off his suspicious presence to the cops when he tried to bomb the eco-conference. 

The little nods at the end allow Castle to play with genre notions without going all the way out on the sci-fi limb and explicitly saying time travelers are real in the show's world. Although, we all know Castle wouldn't mind believing in something as impossible as time travel. 

Elsewhere in the City That Hopefully Survives the Energy Wars...

-- According to Simon, in the future Castle and Beckett are happily married with three children. Beckett is a senator and Castle has stopped writing mysteries and instead writes serious literature. Of course, the two have some roadbumps along the way to wedded bliss, but we never actually hear what trials they have to overcome. I guess it's not always a good idea to know your future.

-- Lanie sighting! Once again, Lanie pops up for a scene or two in order to drop some information about the case. What is Lanie up to lately? Can we check back in with her and see what she's got going on outside the office? 

-- Castle wants to put something in the vows about following each other into dangerous places. Those would be very Castle and Beckett wedding vows.

What did you think of the episode? Did you love seeing Joshua Gomez? Was the time travel stuff too wacky for you? Sound off in the comments! 

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