A Murder Is Forever: Recap

Castle season 6, episode 8 just proves that diamonds are not always a girl’s best friend. The episode had a great balance of laughs and intensity as the team tries to figure out who killed the girl with the diamond.

Castle season 6, episode 8 opens up of with the murder of an author, Alice Clark. It then moves to Kate and Rick discussing his photo of Linus the lion which creeps Kate out. When the two arrive at the crime scene Rick is surprised that the victim is a well-known relationship therapist. Both the victim’s car and her assistant’s apartment were trashed.
At the precinct they interview Alice’s boyfriend, but he doesn’t know who would do this to her. He does mention she had a pissed off client. Ryan and Esposito get a lead on the mystery man that entered Alice’s building around the time she was killed. They catch up with him but he destroys the evidence linking him to Alice.
The man is the New York City version of Olivia Pope. Barret Hawk made sure he didn’t leave any connection between he and Alice which leaves Kate grasping at straws. Alice’s assistant realizes that only one file is missing. When Ryan and Esposito confront Mr. Spencer they discover that Alice had not only booked a private jet but asked Mr. Spencer for a room in his hotel. When Kate and Rick search the hotel they discover a rather large diamond.

The diamond was never reported stolen. Rick decides that the diamond must have a story and probably a sorted past. Ryan and Esposito take it to a specialist who says there is no record of it but the diamond is worth about $60 million. Esposito makes a joke about running for the border with the stone and seconds later they are ambushed by men in masks.
A shoot out ensues but luckily Ryan and Esposito manage to escape with the diamond. Back at the precinct Gates sends Ryan and Esposito out to find their attackers. Kate and Rick try to figure out where the diamond came from. Rick comes up with a theory about an African warlord who Alice stole the diamond from, but Kate discovers one of Alice’s clients actually owns the diamond.
When Kate and Rick speak with the couple, they deny ever seeing the diamond. Upon further investigation Hawk, the fixer, was seen at the Warners’. Kate brings Hawk back in for questioning and he goes off the record saying that Alice was already dead when he went looking for the diamond. He says the Warners were mugged and hired him to get the diamond back.
They get a break in the case when they find a report of a hit and run in the area of the mugging. They manage to get a print off the car. Ryan gets a call from the diamond expert who says that the diamond is flawless but manufactured which makes it worth more. A result from the print link to a South African on the terror list and his picture identifies him as Alice’s boyfriend.
Alice’s boyfriend insists that he didn’t kill Alice. They were working together to steal the diamond and prove that it was man made in order to stop the cartels. Suspicion shifts back to the Warners. Steve Warner explains that he had come up with the process in college and sold the technology to a diamond cartel. In the end his wife was the guilty party.
Rick compromises with Kate about Linus the Lion and in the end replaces him with artwork made from shells from the first time they walked on the beach in the Hamptons.
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