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This week we definitely got the creepiest episode of season 6 so far and the return of 3XK (maybe?)!  While the episode itself was eerie and intense it did have some light moments and we also got to see more about a couple on the show… and I’m not talking about Caskett! Is possible for a moment not involving Castle or Beckett to make the top moment for this Caskett shipper?  Read on to find out! 

5. Privacy and Murder
Castle and Beckett are looking at Pam’s apartment and talking to the super.  Beckett wants to know who is paying rent but the super tells her they have a reputation for maintaining the discretion and privacy of their tenants.  Angry Beckett says “privacy ends when murder begins.  Now I want the name of whoever is paying for this unit and if you don’t have that then go get it.“ As the super walks away Castle whispers “I love when you get angry.. I mean at other people... besides me.”  I loved this because we got to see kick ass Beckett but also Castle making a serious moment funny.  Castle finding cop mode Beckett so attractive is so sweet and it’s great to know he still loves it after following Kate all this time.  Who wouldn’t be turned on by Beckett getting aggressive?!? I’m with you Castle; angry Beckett is the best… unless of course it’s directed at you!

4. Hidden Tattoo
I have three words for you: Esplanie is back!  Getting Lanie’s statement after finding her lookalike Espo asks “Who have you been with in the last six months?  Besides me? I mean, I know were not mutually exclusive…”  Lanie quickly cuts him off saying “no one” but Espo tells her she needs to tell the truth.  She states she is and I think Espo is slightly surprised that their relationship might be more exclusive than he thought. He then questions the matching tattoos saying “no one can see it unless you’re naked.”  Looks like Esplanie is back in action!  And Lanie even says that Espo is the only person she has ever showed it to.  It’s great to see that these two are back at it, but the circumstances of discussing their relationship aren’t exactly idea.  Hopefully we will get a nice happy ending for Espo and Lanie! 

3. Hobbit Honeymoon?
Discussing their honeymoon, Castle suggests that they go somewhere relaxing.  Confused Beckett says “Before we plan the honeymoon shouldn’t we set the wedding date first?”  The wedding pro, Castle explains that you should plan the honeymoon first so you pick an ideal time of year to get married for your destination.  In his argument he mentions New Zealand and Beckett immediately picks up on what he is suggesting and says “New Zealand? Castle are you using our honeymoon as an excuse to go and tour middle earth?”  Busted!  Castle quickly says “I’m game if you are!”  Turns out Beckett wants something “more romantic and less hobbit-y.”  Can’t say I blame her.  I would want to be somewhere warm, tropical, and romantic if I were on a honeymoon with Castle too.   They decide they should go someone neither of them has ever been that would be “a perfect spot that would be ours and ours alone.”  Beckett suggests Barcelona, Galapagos, and the Swiss alps but Castle revels he has been to all of them with ex-wives.  Beckett tells him to figure out where he hasn’t been and he reveals the only places on that list are Albania and Finland which aren’t exactly ideal honeymoon destinations.  Frustrated, Castle suggests that maybe they should set a date first.  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care where they honeymoon as long as we get to see a little bit of it!  If you could pick the perfect Caskett honeymoon destination where would you send them?

2.  Raw Emotion
For the first time in Cliff Notes history a moment with no dialogue (none! Nada! Zip!) has made the top five! Ok so it has music…. But I’m going more for the raw emotion.  After searching Dr. Nieman’s office Castle finds the pen that she offered them the first time they visited her.  Turns out the pen is a flash drive and has an audio file of Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again.”  Beckett immediately stops, gets a very serious and intense look on her face and stands still facing Castle.  Castle appears to be looking at Beckett slightly concerned but she seems to be almost in a trance with her eyes starting to get glossy.  I got a sense of realization from Beckett that it finally hit home that Tyson is most likely still alive and orchestrating these murders based on the lyrics of the song (see below).  I have never seen Beckett so lost in a case (except for her mother’s) so it was very eerie to see such a lost but intense and almost fearful look coming from her.  When you can convey this much emotion without using words you definitely earn and spot!  Also, we’ve been saying this forever but someone give this girl an award!  (Insert shamless PCA voting plug!  VOTE FOR STANA!) Brilliant Scene!
“We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again
Some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies
Drive the dark clouds far away”

1. Having a Moment…
Meeting in the morgue, Lanie and Espo are trying o figure out who the killer could be.  Espo suggests that is has to been someone who knows about their relationship and Lanie just states that the killer is a freak.  Lanie starts to reveal her fear about the situation saying “So is he going to go after now?  You and me, some version of Ryan and Beckett?  What if this is just the beginning?”  Espo, not liking to see someone he cares about be afraid tells Lanie “it’ll be ok.  I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you.”  Still worried Lanie asks “Yea what if something happens to you?”  Ryan picks this exact moment to walk into the morgue prompting Espo to give him the death stare and say “dude. We’re having a moment here.” Ryan responds “sorry” but all I could think of was #sorrynotsorry.  While I’m sure Ryan felt bad about interrupting he did have a job to do with the case.  Let’s get back to the real reason I love this moment though… Esplanie! We are finally getting solid proof that they are still in a relationship and going strong.  Also, what girl doesn’t want a strong man like Espo to watch over her and protect her?  I’m definitely jealous!  Also, I love that Castle has multiple ‘ships and the fandom is so supportive of all of them without being competitive like many other fandoms are with multiple relationships.  I love Caskett but a little Esplanie is also fun every now and again!  Do you ‘ship both couples too?

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