Castle Cliff Notes: The Good, The Bad & The Baby

This week we got a glimpse into the possible future for Castle and Beckett when our favorite couple ends up caring for a baby.  The episode was full of learning opportunities for all of the characters whether they were initially comfortable with babies or maybe not so comfortable with little ones.  Babies aren’t your thing?  Well don’t worry because as usual the case was full of twists and turns and we got to see the whole cast in action so let’s get this countdown going!   

Honorable Mention (x2!):
First off we have Alexis bringing it to Castle’s attention that he and Beckett could have kids in a  few years and so could she which means they could grow up together.  This instantly puts a stop to Castle’s daydreaming of his own Caskett babies in a few years and he says “and its ruined!”

Next, Playing into Castle’s lie that his family dresses up for Thanksgiving dinner Beckett shows up wearing a Pocahontas costume.  Castle can’t believe she actually believed him and she says she wasn’t sure if he was lying and hands him a traditional pilgrim costume saying “you better put this on pilgrim” earning a high five from Martha.  Way to beat Castle at his own game Beckett!  

5. Fast Forward
The morning after having Cosmo all night, we see that Beckett and Castle ended up sleeping in the living room in very uncomfortable positions.  Martha is sitting on the couch entertaining Cosmo and Beckett and Castle wake up as Alexis enters. With the best one liner of the show Alexis asks “how long have I been gone?”  After many episodes of dramatic Alexis I loved her comedic effect in this scene and thought it was the perfect line for that moment.  With the amount I laughed, I couldn’t hold this one out of the countdown!

4. Daddy Practice
About to become a dad in the near future, Ryan asks Castle if he can practice holding the baby.  As soon as he takes the baby from Castle’s arms it starts crying and Ryan says “this is not at all like the practice.”  Castle tries to give him tips but nothing stops the baby’s fussing leaving Ryan feeling frustrated and saying “I thought I was ready, clearly I am not.”  Panicking about his impending fatherhood he says “Oh god I’m not ready.”  I thought this moment was funny but also very cute.  Knowing some people who are new parents it seems like everyone is this way and you are really never prepared for your first child and learn as you go.  It’s so sweet that Ryan wants to be perfect at being a dad and has been practicing everything baby related but in the end real practice makes perfect.  I can’t pass up on Ryan being a sweetheart so this was an easy countdown choice!  And don’t worry Ryan, you’ll be a great dad!

3. Bromance Support
Talking to Espo about being a father, Ryan says “our babies due in a month and I can’t stop it.  What if I’m really not ready?”  Espo reveals to him that he isn’t ready because nobody is.  He explains it to Ryan saying “Look being a dad is like being a cop.  Doesn’t matter what they teach you in the academy, you learn on the streets.  You did ok with that right?” We then find out that Ryan’s first day wasn’t exactly perfect because he ended up being so nervous that he rear ended a SWAT team who almost took him out.  Espo quickly instills confidence in Ryan again saying “well you care.  That already makes you 100x better than the dad I had.”  Aww!  While the bromance is typically funny it’s also nice to see them have each other’s back in a non work related manner.  Ryan can be so insecure at times (especially after baby Cosmo kept crying) and I think it’s very reassuring to him to have Espo’s seal of approval.  Can’t wait for baby Ryan and I’m their baby will feel very safe with it’s daddy.

2.  Caskett Babies
After children’s services arrives Castle reveals to Beckett that he is worried about handing the baby over to strangers.  Beckett explains that they are strangers too and Castle asks “how can you be logical in the face of that face?”  Beckett tells him she has to be logical and they can’t get attached to baby Cosmo and Castle realizes that this may be why Beckett wouldn’t hold the baby.  Beckett then reveals that she has never been a baby person.  Somewhat shocked Castle says “Oh, I did not know that about you.  I suppose you hate rainbows too.”  Beckett tries to justify saying “I don’t hate babies Castle, I just don’t see the appeal but I’m sure I’ll feel differently when we have one of our own.”  She walks away and Castle jokingly says “will you…” but then his joking manner changes to seriousness when he says “will you?”  So why is this countdown worthy??  Caskett babies! It’s finally revealed that Beckett wants to have a baby eventually with Castle!  Now I’m not one of the those people that wants Caskett babies now, but I would love to see pregnant Beckett in the future, especially considering I love Castle in protective dad mode.  It sounds like Castle isn’t 100% convinced though which led him to do what he did in moment #1 on the countdown!  It’s ok thought because Castle learns that Beckett would be a much more involved mother than Meredith (as if we didn’t already know that)!

1. Playing Parents
Back at Castle’s loft with baby Cosmo, Castle is unable to stop him from crying.  Beckett is reading suggestions from a baby book and grabs a large exercise ball to have Castle bounce on which stops baby Cosmo’s tears.  I loved watching Caskett problem solve the way they do during murder investigations with domestic things (like raising a baby) and Beckett seemed so happy to have done something right related to babies. The joy doesn’t last long though because Cosmo spits up on Castle’s shirt and Beckett has to hold him (somewhat nervously) until Castle is able to change him.  I loved it when Castle said “alright switch” when he found out Cosmo had a dirty diaper and went straight into dad mode to get him clean and changed.  Beckett holds Cosmo again (clearly falling in love with the little cutie) and gives Castle a small smile as he walks back towards them after disposing of the dirty diaper. It’s clear that at this moment she can envision herself and Castle having a little family and that Castle would be the perfect father (which we already knew with Alexis).  A fun, sweet moment between Beckett and Castle that makes you smile and warms your hear? Easily worthy of the number 1 spot!

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