Castle Cliff Notes: A Murder Is Forever

It seems like we have gone a while without a Caskett centered episode but Castle definitely delivered this week.  The case focused on a relationship expert and a giant man made diamond but we also got to see Caskett work out relationship problems of their own and deliver more Caskett-y goodness with an added bonus of bromance!  As always there were plenty of good moments to choose from my here’s my top five!   

5. Manliest Man
I love it when we get good bromance moments and this was one of them!  Ryan is talking to Espo about Alice’s book and he tells him that “in every relationship there needs to be a masculine energy and a feminine energy - even in ours.”  Espo, always the manly man, quickly says “well we know which one you are.”  Ryan tries to be the manly one saying “I don’t know about you but I’m very comfortable in my masculinity.”  Putting an end to the conversation, Espo says “You do realize you’re wearing a sweater vest right?”  Zing.  Score 1 for Espo.  Sorry Ryan, I love a cute guy in a sweater vest, but if most people had to pick, Esposito is the man in that partnership. Agree with me? An easy choice here as brotherly love sends this masculine moment right up in the top 5!

4. Our Lair
After discussing Linus the lion in Castle’s bedroom, Caskett continues to conversation at the crime scene.  Castle explains that he bought Linus with his first royalty check and that “he’s my totem.  Wild and untamed and my bedroom is my lair.”  Beckett responds “I know Castle but isn’t it kind of our lair now?”  Castle continues his justification saying “Linus the lion is part of my identity you don’t want to strip me of my identity do you?”  Beckett starts to make Castle believe he has won the Linus battle and says “no… you know what? You’re right I’m sorry.”  But not so fast Castle… Beckett finishes by saying “I can just stay at my own place.”  Clearly thinking he has won Castle originally says thanks but then gets flustered and says “wait… no… that’s not…”  Aww, sorry Castle. Beckett got you good that time.  But let’s take a moment to embrace that Beckett said “our lair.”  Again, Caskett being all domestic and discussing their relationship ends up on the countdown.  I love that Beckett is so comfortable with the subject and that she is basically calling Castle’s loft her space too.  Now we just need them to officially move in together!

3. 60 Million Dollar Diamond Plans
More bromance in one episode?  You bet!  While riding in their car back to the precinct with the huge diamond, Espo asks Ryan “So, we thinking the same thing?”  Ryan says “That it’s a bummer we can’t stop for lunch because there’s a 60 million dollar diamond sitting between us?”  Confused and disappointed in his answer Espo says “no… that because of the 60 million dollar diamond sitting between us that we are not really but kind of sort of thinking about making a run for the border.”  Ryan admits “that didn’t even cross my mind” and Espo says “of course it didn’t.  Nope.  You wouldn’t have the stones.”  Looks like Espositio is still trying to prove he is the masculine energy of the relationship and I think this makes the tally 2 masculine points for Esposito.  It’s nice to see an episode with a mix of Caskett moments and bromance ones too instead of focusing too much on one character.  It makes for a fun and exciting episode.

2.  Our Desk
Castle and Beckett sit at Beckett’s desk and Castle says “So I was thinking.  When we work a case together this desk of yours is sort of, kind of our space.  And these elephants on parade have creeped me out since day one. So what do you say we just get rid of these?  Oh I’m sorry do you have a problem with that… if I try to get rid of something that obviously has deep meaning to you?” Sensing that Castle is trying to make her feel the same way he did when she told him to move Linus, Beckett says “If you don’t like the elephants, I don’t like the elephants.”  Frustrated that his plan didn’t go as he expected, Castle says “Fine.  I actually like those elephants.  They obviously have family value s and this one’s good with money.”  I love that Castle tried to turn the tables on Beckett only to get shot down (as usual). Also, I loved it when Beckett answered him in a sly way and you could just see the disappointment when she didn’t show anger when he tried to put the elephants away.  When Castle admitted he actually like the elephants (for hilarious reasons) I had to laugh because he basically admitted defeat in his attempt to get Beckett to keep Linus.  Castle losing playful battles with Beckett will never get old J

1. “Sea” You Later, Linus!
Leading Beckett into the bedroom, Castle instructs Beckett to keep her eyes close and she tells him that if she is leading her to Linus she will pull out her gun and shoot him.  Castle tells her that won’t be necessary as he reveals a new piece of artwork in Linus’ old spot.  Confused Beckett says “seashells?” But Castle quickly says “not just seashells, those are our seashells. We collected those”  “on our first walk in the Hamptons” finishes Beckett.  Shocked she says she can’t believe he kept them and tells him he didn’t have to replace Linus for her.  Castle explains what the mating analysis book said saying “we’re both alphas and it says we need to define our shared territory together.”  He says that all the art in the room is his story but the shells are “ours.”  Beckett smiles and says “I like our story.”  They share a hug and you think the sweet moment is over when a roaring sound effect starts coming from Castle’s phone but he redeems himself by telling Beckett “look if you’re scared you can always sleep on my side of the bed tonight.”  Beckett answers for all of us saying “deal.”  I can’t take all these “our” moments!  They are so sweet and remind us how far we have come from season one. Also, Castle keeping the seashells?  I love how sentimental he is and you could tell it meant a lot to Beckett when she remembered what they were from.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of Castle and Beckett’s story has in store for us.   

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