It Seems Like Senator Bracken Will Return This Season

When I asked for questions for my interview with Castle EP Andrew Marlowe, fans delivered once again. And among the deluge came this question from Ellie Spears: “Is there any action sequences coming up for Beckett of the caliber of the rooftop in Always? I love Beckett in action.”
It hadn’t crossed my mind that we’ve been low on the hard-core action thus far. The good news? Marlowe is as eager as we are for Action!Beckett as well. The sad? It won’t happen this fall. “The problem with episodes like that is that they cost a great deal of money, and in a challenging environment, we already have a tough time with the budget we have,” he says. “So part of what I have to do is figure out how to save money in a couple of episodes to be able to do something like that. But I, like you, love to see Beckett as the tip of the spear going after somebody.”
Challenge No. 2, he says, is making sure he has “a compelling villain” waiting in the wings who can carry such a story. Luckily, he already has that! “We’ve talked about bringing [Sen.] Bracken back this year. It’s about finding the right type of story so that it has the weight we’re looking for. But I’d love to see some of those coming up in the spring if we can.”
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