Like Father, Like Daughter: Recap

Castle season 6, episode 7 “Like Father, Like Daugther” features Rick and Alexis on the hunt for the truth in a death row case.
The episode starts with a flashback to a murder scene from 1998.  A teen girl lies dead on the floor of her living room as a young man wipes his prints from the area around her. Flash forward to present day where Frank, the convicted murderer, is being denied any more appeals. Alexis is in the courtroom because she is working on the Innocence Review.
Alexis, left with no other ways to help Frank, seeks out Rick for help. Alexis hasn’t spoken to Rick since their argument over Pi. Rick has secretly been following the case because Alexis asked Ryan and Esposito for help. Rick agrees to help Alexis who seems less than grateful.

The two head off to Pennsylvania in search of the truth. The car ride is challenging and Alexis continues to be difficult with Rick. The two begin to work on the case and while Rick isn’t certain he should be the last hope for someone on death row Alexis thinks he is. Alexis and Rick work well together and slowly the two begin to patch things up.
Alexis needs some tests back from the lab but it is taking too long so they call in Laine to help get them done in quickly. Kate confesses to Laine that she is concerned that Alexis went to everyone but her for help.
Meanwhile, Alexis and Rick continue to search for clues as to who the real murderer is. They discover that Frank’s brother may have been involved. Frank refuses to allow his brother to be brought in even though Frank found him at the crime scene. Frustrated, Alexis insists on trying to discover a way to free Frank.
As Alexis and Rick continue search for a way to free Frank they discover that the time of death wasn’t accurate. They also discovered that the victim tutored people in chemistry. With this new information they discover a new host of suspects. Including a police officer whose father is the chief of police. In the end Alexis and Rick manage to free Frank.
Alexis seems to have lightened up concerning Rick although it is uncertain it she has forgiven him. Even though Alexis didn’t seek Kate out for help, Kate did everything she could. In the end Alexis realized how much Kate did. Alexis returns to Manhattan and seeks Kate out. While the conversation isn’t something the audience hears one can only hope that it is a turning point for Alexis, Rick and Kate.
What did you think about tonight’s episode? Are you hoping we start to get the old Alexis back?
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