Like Father, Like Daughter: Review

Castle and Alexis put their differences aside in order to team up and save an innocent man on death row in Sunday’s stunning new episode.

Castle has started its sixth season with a string of truly stellar episodes, already making it one of the strongest starts to any season in the long run of this incredible series. By breaking new ground with Castle and Beckett’s engagement and Beckett’s foray into the world of a government agency, the Castle team was able to breathe new life into the series while also setting the stage for some long-term storytelling, as the characters have found themselves dealing with the aftereffects of their decisions that were made in the initial story arc of the season.
One of those brilliant new story developments has been the arc between Castle and Alexis, one that has been breathtakingly moving and yet equally heartbreaking to watch unfold over the past few episodes. Sunday’s instalment found the estranged father and daughter putting aside their differences and finding common ground, delivering a truly stunning and beautifully told story throughout the hour and, perhaps, marking not only the start to Castle and Alexis mending their fractured relationship but also to Beckett and Alexis beginning their own relationship together.

Penned by Castle newcomer, Marc Dube, and directed by the seasoned Castle director, Paul Holahan, the aptly-titled “Like Father, Like Daughter” delved into a seemingly closed case that Alexis had been working on in her law class revolving around a man on death row who may have been innocent of the murder he was accused of. When the convicted man, Frank Harper, had his last appeal rejected just three days before his date of execution, Alexis knew there was only one last person she could turn to in order to help her prove his innocence: her father.
Putting their issues aside, at least for the most part, Alexis and Castle teamed up and headed to Pennsylvania to investigate the case further, while Beckett, Ryan, Esposito and Lanie, all provided some keen backup from New York. What ensued was an hour of suspenseful twists and turns in the case, emotional and moving moments within the personal storylines, and some of the most captivating and powerful storytelling that we have witnessed so far this season. The newest Castle writers have always found a way to make quite an impression on their first outing, and Marc Dube certainly continued that tradition with an episode that was absolutely epic.
The case itself was a rather interesting one, with plenty of intense and suspenseful moments forcing the audience to question Frank’s innocence just as Castle did from time to time. Yet, Alexis proved to have the same great instincts as her father (and Beckett for that matter), as her initial gut feeling that Frank was innocent was eventually proven to be right. The case also opened the door for Castle and Alexis to reach out to Beckett and the rest of their friends at the NYPD to assist them, something that was rather heartwarming to see as the entire team rallied around Alexis to support her and help in whatever way they could to save this man’s life. It was also quite clever that this was yet another case with ties to marriage, with Frank’s fiancée standing by him through the years, despite his being locked away, something that we have seen in nearly every episode this season as a reminder of Castle and Beckett’s engagement and upcoming nuptials.
Though the episode spent very little time showcasing Castle and Beckett’s relationship directly, the Castle team cleverly wove that story into the hour in indirect ways, further developing the characters and their relationship through the case at hand and through Castle’s relationship with his daughter. After all, Beckett is not just marrying Castle himself, but also marrying into his family. Not only did Beckett lovingly support Castle and his need to mend his relationship with Alexis, but she also reached out to Lanie for advice on how to handle her own obviously troubled relationship with Castle’s daughter, something that delved into another aspect of the story that will likely be explored further as the season progresses.
The scene between Lanie and Beckett was truly a highlight of the episode, with Tamala Jones and Stana Katic delivering a wonderfully touching and heartwarming moment between these best friends and showcasing the depths of their friendship while also showcasing Beckett’s commitment to becoming a part of Castle’s family no matter how daunting a task that may seem to be. Getting to the heart of the matter, Tamala Jones delivered one of the most profound lines of the episode: “Perfect families don’t exist. It’s going to be up to you to find a way to make your baggage match their baggage. It’s up to you to make your own history.” With those sound words of advice, Beckett took the necessary steps to do exactly that.
Of course, the driving force of the episode was the relationship between Alexis and Castle and their storyline was so beautifully developed throughout the hour as the two worked together as a truly stunning team and managed to find new ground to help them mend their fractured relationship. Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn once again knocked it out of the park with their performances throughout the episode, stealing the show in each and every scene they shared. But perhaps the most moving scene of the episode came just before the end of the hour, delivering a compelling and captivating moment between father and daughter and igniting the spark of reconciliation between them.
With the case in its final hours and Frank set to be executed, it seemed as though all hope was lost in proving his innocence. In a moment of fear and desperation, Alexis cried out to her father to tell her what to do and how to handle this, showing that despite her recent need for independence, she will always still need her father’s support and love through these difficult moments. Castle lovingly told his daughter that while he did not have all of the answers, he knew that they would get through this together, no matter what happened. With that, the two shared a warm and moving hug, a signal that while they may still have some work to do to mend their relationship, they are certainly well on their way.
While we are used to seeing Castle and Beckett in those fantastic final scenes of the case, exposing the true killer in epic fashion, Alexis rather perfectly assumed Beckett’s usual role, showcasing that perhaps the two women in Castle’s life have much more in common than they realize. In a truly satisfying conclusion to the episode, Castle and Alexis stood in the courtroom together as Frank was exonerated of the charges against him, with Alexis thanking her father for his help and uttering the words that have long held meaning for the Castle characters: “This is enough.” With that, she told her father that it was time to return home as she still had one other person she needed to thank; Kate Beckett.
As the hour ended back at the precinct, Castle looked on with pride and love as he watched his daughter and his bride-to-be share a beautiful and heartfelt moment together, smiling, hugging one another and cementing the image of what his life will be about from this point onward.
Perfect families may not exist, but this one is perfect for Castle.

What did you think of Sunday’s episode? What were your favourite scenes or moments? Do you think Alexis could follow in Beckett’s footsteps one day as a detective? Were you happy to see Alexis and Castle mend their fences? What did you think of the scene between Lanie and Beckett? Share your comments with us below!
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