Castle Cliff Notes: Deep Cover

As if last week’s episode wasn’t intense enough, this week marked the return of Castle’s father!  Murder, wedding planning, and Jackson Hunt were just a few of the highlights of this weeks episode and with so many great moments picking 5 took a little extra time.  Even with the return of Castle’s dad this weeks countdown is a little Caskett and Martha heavy but I’m thinking you guys won’t mind!

5. Mother Martha
As Castle and Beckett leave to find Gemini, Martha goes 100% into mother mode, gives Jackson a stern look and says “if anything happens to them” but she is cut off by Jackson.  He tries to reassure her saying “he’s a smart kid and she’s good at what she does no they’ll be find.  I promise.”  Martha wants to believe him, but you can feel her hesitancy when she icily says “forgive me but your promises don’t mean very much.”  Score 1 for Martha!  While she is usual the one to offer good advice or a little comic relief, we got to see Martha in protection mode of her “kids.”  She can definitely be intimidating!  I wouldn’t want to mess with her family, so Martha has scared me into giving this moment the #5 spot on this week’s countdown!

4. Sarah Grace Esposito?
Freshly back from paternity leave, Ryan starts filling in Beckett and Espo on the case.  Beckett asks how Sarah Grace is doing and Ryan shows them a picture of his “perfect little angel.”  Beckett admires it saying “aww she’s so cute” but quickly switches to a joking tone saying “wow. Is it me or does she look a lot like Espositio?”  Espo quickly picks up on Beckett’s joke and says “yea she does.”  Kevin quickly picks up on the joke saying “really Beckett? I expected that from jackass but not from you.”  I loved this moment for a few reasons.  First, I love it when Beckett jokes around and she just looked genuinely happy to be having fun with her friends.  Also, I love with when Beckett, Espo, and Ryan have scenes together because they usual result in laughing from my side of the TV J  Funny moment with our precinct family easily puts this on the countdown. 

3. Family Moment
Jackson, with a fresh gunshot wound, is trying to coach Castle through removing the bullet.  Castle makes it very clear that the only time he has ever done something like this was while playing the game “Operation.”  Jackson has him take a swig of alcohol to ease his nerves and he gives Castle the good advice of “try not to make my nose light up.”  (Oh, board game humor…)  Castle makes the cut and attempts to remove the bullet.  He thinks he has it but ends up jerking the tweezers out.  Jackson tries to lighten the mood saying “now that you know how not to do it. Let’s try the other way” and Martha wipes Castle’s forehead treating him like a surgeon performing critical surgery.  Castle gets the bullet the second time though, exclaiming “I got it!” while earning a “bravo” from Martha and a “real good” from Jackson.  This moment gave me a small glimpse into what life could have been like for young Castle with both his mother and father around.  Their cheers at his success reminded me of parents cheering on their child as they ride their bike for the first time or ace a test. Don’t get me wrong, Martha raised Castle well but it was interesting to see the missing piece put into the puzzle. It was a nice family moment, even if Castle isn’t a young boy anymore J

2.  Wedding Plans
Castle and Beckett are standing in the loft discussing possible wedding dates and venues.  They keep running into conflicts and Castle suggests the following Spring.  Beckett cozies up to Castle and in a playful voice says “and what if I want to get married sooner?” while squeezing his bottom.  Castle responds “who could blame you” while planting an adorable kiss on her forehead.  Martha, walking down the stairs, witnesses the whole scene and speaks for the fandom saying “you two are so adorable!” Beckett goes on to suggest September but Castle has a book tour every weekend.  Martha, sensing a problem, lets Caskett in on a little wisdom saying “In life there is no such thing as a perfect time for anything.”  Castle and Beckett are a little confused and Martha elaborates “don’t wait, hell just go down to city hall right now.”  They consider it for a minute but then decide to keep on working on possible dates.  As much as I want Caskett to get married, I think the fandom would be a little disappointed if they quickly got eloped!  We waited seasons for this to happen and I really want to see what Caskett’s dream wedding would look like. Also, how adorable was Beckett talking about not wanting to wait for their wedding!  And the butt squeeze?  Priceless!  In addition to these amazing moments, Martha always makes an episode more fun, and while I may not agree that Beckett and Castle should get eloped, she always has good advice.  Caskett overload + Martha = highly successful moment!

1. Save the Date!
At the end of the case, Castle is trying to make sense of his father’s actions. He comes to a realization and states to Beckett “I keep making the mistake of thinking he’s family. But he’s not.  You are.” Beckett gives him a sweet look and Castle declares “We’re getting married in September.”  Beckett looks at him confused and he quotes her argument from the beginning of the episode saying “it won’t be too hot, it won’t be too cold, it’s in the goldilocks zone, its perfect.”  Beckett asks about his book tour that was previously the reason September didn’t work and Castle simply says “screw it” kissing Kate’s head and walking away.  Beckett, giddy from the excitement of marriage says “ok” in a “you really don’t have to try hard to convince me” way that was absolutely adorable.  Super cute, super moment!  Are you guys as excited for a September wedding as I am?  Sounds like a great way to start next season! *wink, wink*

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