Castle Cliff Notes: Limelight

Extra, Extra read all about it!  This week’s Castle featured celebrities, lookalikes, crazy ex-boyfriends, relationship mistakes, and crazy gossip column stories!  If the story line wasn’t enough to keep you entertained (trust me this little monster was hooked when “Applause” started playing at the beginning) there was plenty of Caskett and bromance moments (and hello! Jealous Beckett!) to keep you going and plenty of moments to fuel this countdown!  So let’s take a look at this week Castle Cliff Notes Headlines before they become yesterday’s news!

5. Jokes and Jealousy
During the episode, Beckett was frequently looking for validation that she shouldn’t worry about what the papers were printing and also giving off little hints of jealousy.  After confirming to her dad that she and Castle were still engaged (after he read the newspaper story) she asks Espositio if he believes everything he reads in the newspaper.  He says “hell no!” and then adds “except for that thing between Castle and his ex-wife.”  They share a moment of silence as Beckett tries to keep in her frustration and Espo avoids eye contact knowing he stepped a little over the line while joking around.  A little later, Beckett asks where Castle is and Ryan says “he’s having dinner with his other ex-wife.  Something about not wanting her to feel left out.” Espo, loving the joke says “good one” but again, Beckett was not amused and they tell her that he is actually in the break room to avoid Beckett panicking.  I love this for a few reasons.  First, I can’t get enough of jealous Beckett and how annoyed she would get anytime sometime brought up the newspaper article.  Also, I love Espo and Ryan joking around with Beckett like brothers and sister.  Beckett may not have enjoyed it, but I definitely did! 

4. Leased Love
I know Alexis has taken a lot of heat this season for her actions, but I still love her character and while it may be a bit dramatized she is going through a lot of the struggles that everyone deals with.  Getting her phone back from Mandy, Alexis and Mandy start talking and Alexis says “right now I wish I could disappear from my life too.”  After the break, we cut back into their conversation and Alexis revealing that she believes she made a big mistake moving in with her boyfriend and she did it because she thought she was being grown up.  She even reveals that she is hoping he will get the research grant so he will have to travel.  Mandy tries to convince her that she needs to talk to Pi but Alexis exclaims “We have a lease!”  Mandy mutters “that’s romantic” and Alexis continues her rant saying that breaking up with Pi would also validate to her dad that he was right.  Mandy actually offers Alexis advice and tells her “be true to yourself and if a situation is bad for you leave it.”  Well, she may not have been the most likely source of good advice but Mandy was definitely right and I think exactly what Alexis needed to hear.  Every young adult tries to make decisions on their own and act grown up, but sometimes the most grown up thing to do is to realize when a situation is not working out.  Plus, Alexis shouldn’t be concerned at all about her dad.  He may not have agreed with her decision, but I’m pretty sure Castle came to terms with it and would never hold what she thought was the best decision against her.  I was so happy to see Alexis back this week in a larger role and her major grown up moment earns her a spot on this week’s countdown!  (I may also be hoping for a breakup in a near future…)

3. Photobombing!
Ryan and Espo together always bring good moments and this was no exception. Talking to the paparazzi who photographed Claire in the club, they want to know if that can ask him a few questions.  He asks if they can wait because he has been waiting for an actress to leave the café for an hour now but Espo isn’t in the granting favors mood.  He says “listen fool, this is a criminal investigation” but at the same time the actress steps out and the photographer tries to grab a moneymaking shot in the chaos.  Not liking the photographer’s uncooperativeness, Espo and Ryan start getting in the way of his camera and saying things like “I don’t even see her” and “am I in the way?”  Quickly, the actress steps into a cab and Ryan says “oh no she got in a cab…”  Ryan and Espo are amazing partners and always entertaining while getting the job done.  I think my favorite part about this scene was their efforts to stop the photo from happening and I couldn’t stop laughing (although that could have been the sleep deprevation…).  Regardless, I enjoyed the playfulness of the scene and laughed my way into putting it on the countdown!

2.  Case of the Ex?
Sitting in Castle’s loft in their PJ’s, Beckett is reading the newspaper when she asks “Castle should I be worried about your commitment to our engagement?”  Confused, Castle cautiously asks “no…why?”  Beckett explains that an article says he is getting back together with his ex-wife and Castle quickly explains that it was a business lunch and Beckett playfully quotes the article asking “so you weren’t gazing lovingly into her eyes?”  Flustered, Castle explains she had spinach in her teeth and says “see this wouldn’t happen if you just let me announce our engagement.”  Not one for the spotlight, Beckett says that everyone important to them knows about the engagement and they have obviously had this discussion before because Castle quickly says “yes just because I’m a public figure doesn’t mean you need to be one too.”  Castle tries to convince her saying that it would end all the gossip articles but Beckett says she doesn’t mind because the information isn’t true and it gives her more material to torture Castle with.  Then she gives him an adorable love bite on the ear but I don’t think Beckett fooled any of us with her denial act.  You could definitely see a little bit of jealous Beckett and I absolutely love jealous Beckett!  Any episode with Beckett jealous of potential Castle relationship is a favorite for me, but jealous fiancé Beckett is so much fun.  I just can’t deny jealous Beckett a spot on the countdown!

1. Headlines
Sitting in the bullpen, Espo tells Castle that his love life made the paper again.  He sounds a little frustrated and asks with who they say he is currently hooking up.  Ryan reads the headline to him stating “novelist Richard Castle and New York police detective Katherine Beckett both native new Yorkers are pleased to announce their engagement.”  Castle starts to panic saying that he didn’t do this (worried that Kate will be mad) but she ends his flustering words saying “actually I did.”  She tells him that she likes her privacy but does realize that Castle is “somewhat famous.”  Castle questions her description of him and says “somewhat??” looking to Ryan and Espo for backup but they make gestures with their hands indicating his is only a little famous.  Beckett   continues saying “yes and if we are going to be together I have to come to terms with that. And if they are going to write about you I want it to be the truth, I want it to be about us.”  As she says this she puts her arms around Castle’s neck and you see Espo and Ryan show up in between them interrupting their shared moment.  They back away realizing they aren’t fully welcome and Castle says “there’s no one I’d rather share a headline with” and then asks if for “accuracy” the article says they are getting married in space.  Beckett, starting to walk away, sweetly says “its not going to happen babe!”  I love that Beckett is finally comfortable enough to make their relationship public and step into the limelight a little.  You also finally realized how all the incorrect reporting was getting to her and she wanted everyone to know that she was with Castle to end the speculation and rumors.  It is so sweet to see Castle and Beckett make compromises for each other as this is a critical part of all relationships.  Also, I will never get over Beckett calling Castle babe! This was my easy pick for number one this week! How about you guys?

Do you think we will get closure on Alexis and Pi?  Do you think the paparazzi got some good pictures of Espo and Ryan? Or maybe you just want to obsess over how perfect the last scene was! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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