Castle Cliff Notes: Under Fire

Welcome back from winter hiatus everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and are ready for 2014!  With its first episode in the new year Castle definitely started off with an intense episode. Burning buildings, deliveries, bromance?  Definitely a good way to start the year! Also, don't forget to tune into the People's Choice Awards tomorrow to see if we were successful in our voting! But for now, here comes the first countdown of 2014!

5. Rally the Troops
Back at the precinct, various members of the NYPD are watching TV news coverage of the fire and the speculation that two NYPD detectives may be trapped inside.  Gates walks up to the front of the room and shuts off the TV answering questions about if the news is true.  She goes over the potential involvement of a serial arsonist and switches her tone from just relaying the facts to a more personal passion when she says “and if it is true, then this sick son of a bitch has just added two of our own to his list.”  The fire investigator takes over telling the staff that files of the different arsons are on their desks and Gates finds her voice again saying “somewhere in there, there is a trail… Somewhere in there, there is a clue as to who he is and he needs to be brought to account.”  I know when Gates originally came around we all didn’t entirely love her character but throughout her time at the precinct I know she has won me over.  You could see her passion for her colleagues as she provided the members of the NYPD with a speech that would get anybody fired up to help and bring them home.  I don’t know about you guys, but I was ready to start looking into the arsons myself and that it what makes her such a great captain and character in the Castle series!  Well done PJJ!

4. See Ya!
Starting their investigating Beckett, Ryan, and Castle are inside the burnt building talking to Lanie when the fire investigator walks in.  As they start discussing the case, the building makes noises and shakes causing everyone to look slightly concerned.  Castle asks “what was that?” and the fire investigator explains that it is the building adding “you guys should probably go.”  Obviously concerned, Castle quickly says “sounds good.  See ya!” leaving Kate and Ryan behind.  Beckett gets a confused/concerned/baffled look on her face and mutters “I’m marrying him...”  All Ryan can respond with is a quick “yea…”  I loved this scene because in a very serious episode it gave us a lighthearted moment.  Castle is always quick to provide comic relief and it was so funny to watch Beckett realize that the man she loves is just so goofy and the opposite of her sometimes. Also, I love any moment where Castle says something that may not seem funny but Nathan delivers it in such a perfect way.  It reminded me a lot of the “our killers a zombie!” moment. J  

3. Always the Hero
After the explosion, we find Ryan and Espo trapped in a subbasement of the burning building.  Ryan’s leg is trapped under a support beam and Espo is desperately trying to get it free so they can try to find a way out.  Not having any success, Ryan tells him “that ceiling is going to give away at any minute; you need to get out of here ok?”  Espo continues with his plan to free Ryan and says “shut up, I’m trying to save your life.”  I loved this moment because it was exactly what I would expect out of the bromance in life threatening situations.  They are perfect partners and would do anything to help the other so it was no surprise that Espo refused to leave Ryan behind.  The way he told him he wasn’t leaving was perfect too and made me crack a smile during a dangerous situation.  Espo always has to try to be the macho hero (and I love it!) which easily makes this a top moment!

2.  Baby Names
Getting a phone to work, Ryan is talking to Jenny (potentially for the last time).  In a heartbreaking conversation Ryan tells Jenny “I’m sorry. I know I promised but I’m not going to be there.”  In the back of an ambulance about to give birth, Jenny pleads “please don’t say that!”  Ryan says “I love you more than anything... remember that… always remember that.”  Jenny pleads again “Kevin please… no don’t leave me” and in a moment that really chocked me up Ryan says “I don’t wanna.”  Before the phone line disconnects Jenny tells Ryan they have to chose a name for the baby together and Ryan says it should be named either Javier or Sarah Grace.  Jenny quickly says “I love you so much Kevin, I love you” just as the line dies.  I don’t know about the rest of the fandom but I was tearing up as I watched this scene.  I’m sure some of you were even bawling your eyes out J  The scene was so sweet and the acting was fantastic.  Even Kate, Castle, and Lanie looking on were heartbreaking.  Wonderful acting in a truly heartbreaking scene earns this an easy spot in this week’s countdown!

1. Happy Ending
Hearing Ryan tell Jenny he wants their potential sons name to be Javier, Espo mocks him saying “Javier?  You’re going to name a white, Irish kid Javier?”  Ryan looks at him and says “what? You’re gonna bust on me now for being sentimental.”  Espo laughs saying “figured it’s my last chance.”  They both share a laugh and then Ryan becomes slightly more intense and says “no we’re getting out of here.  I’m not leaving Jenny.  I’m not leaving my baby without a dad.”  While Ryan didn’t find the way out personally, the firefighters find them just in time and they are both walked to safety.  Of course, the episode needed a happy ending and you can always count on the bromance for fun teasing!  And to top things off, Ryan got to meet his new daughter, Sarah Grace!  Ryan and Espo make it out safely and Ryan and Jenny have a happy and healthy beautiful baby girl!  This definitely calls for the first #1 spot of 2014! 

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