Under Fire: Recap

Our Castle season 6, episode 11, “Under Fire, recap looks at Ryan and Esposito as they fight for their lives in a fire.

The opening scene of Castle season 6, episode 11 has Kate receiving a phone call from Ryan’s very pregnant wife, who is looking for him, while a fire rages behind her and Rick. They both look uncomfortable and Kate tells her to remain calm.
Flashback to twelve hours earlier where the team is investigating a murder at the scene of a fire. The body wasn’t close enough to the fire to be burned and a gunshot wound is discovered in the body. They bring in the owner of the building, who has ties to organized crime, but he seems to have an alibi for the time of the crime.
Meanwhile the fire investigator continues to look through the crime scene and discovers an ‘x’ on the ground where the fire started. She goes to the lab to see Kate and Rick. Just as Laine says she doesn’t know anything about the victim the arson investigator shows up saying she knows that the victim is her partner, Blake McCann.
Kate and Rick interview the investigator and she says that Blake had been investigating a string of arsons involving the ‘x’ pattern on the floor. She is sure that he was killed by the phantom arsonist. As Kate and Rick continue to look through the cases they discover that the arsonist is doing this for his own needs – not arson for higher.

Ryan and Esposito go to McCann’s apartment which has been tossed. They realize that his car is missing and hope that the case files are in it. Rick and Kate discover an arsonist from McCann’s past that was released from prison about the time the phantom started. When questioned, Ferguson said he was helping McCann figure out who the phantom is.
Ryan and Esposito find the car and the missing files which Kate believes are potential places for new attacks. Ferguson suggested that the arsonist likes to scout out his locations and then watch them burn. As Ryan and Esposito look around the building they think it is empty until Ryan notices a new lock on a door. The two break in and discover the arsonist’s work room which is armed with an alarm. They realize it is a bomb, but only have seconds before the building implodes.
Rick begins to look on YouTube for videos of past fires hoping to find an image of the arsonist. As he and Kate are watching the video they realize that it is the arsonist who is filming the fire. They follow a lead to a website that hosts fire videos. As Kate and Rick are talking to the suspect he keeps getting texts about a fire. When he tells them where it is the two go running off to check on Ryan and Esposito.
Kate and Rick show up at the fire only to be told that Ryan and Esposito are probably not alive. Just as Kate is dealing with the news about Ryan and Esposito, Jenny calls looking for Ryan and we are back where the episode started.
The TV is reporting that two detectives were killed in the blaze and Gates is determined to find him. She and the arson investigator take the lead back at the precinct. The scene cuts to Ryan and Esposito who fell through the floor and miraculously did not get hurt except for Ryan who was pinned beneath a beam. Esposito manages to get him out but they realize there is no escape from the room they are in. They begin banging on the pipes in hopes someone will hear them.
Unfortunately for Ryan and Esposito the fire department has moved on from the building in order to not lose the whole block. Laine arrives at the scene looking stricken. Kate nods to confirm Laine’s worst fears.
Kate informs Gates what is happening at the scene and there is nothing they can do. Jenny shows up at the scene and is in labor. She realizes that Ryan may not make it but refuses to leave without him. Laine convinces her to go sit in an ambulance.  Just when all hope is lost Ryan and Esposito manage to make a call out to Kate. When the fire department looks at the blue prints, there is no area like they describe on them. Once again hope is lost.
Gates calls in the website owner demanding to know who sent in the videos. He insists he doesn’t know who it is but admits to talking to him in the chat sometimes. He says the arsonist does it because he can’t stand to see buildings get old. Gates is amazing during this interrogation. She definitely needs more time with the suspects!
As Ryan is talking to Kate he thinks that they won’t find a way out and asks to speak to Jenny. They share a tear-inducing moment as he says good bye and they pick out baby names over the phone. Once he has suggested the name Javier for a boy and Sarah Grace for a girl the phone line goes dead.
Back in the basement Ryan and Esposito share a moment. Ryan decides to fight. He can’t leave his child fatherless, but just as he begins to look for an escape Esposito falls asleep. The arson investigator shows up to speak with Kate and they realize the arsonist is a building inspector who is at the scene. Kate finds him and threatens him. He is reluctant at first but Kate is very convincing.
The next scene cuts to Ryan and Esposito both passed out but the rescue team breaks through the wall to get them to safety. They both come out of the building on their own and Ryan arrives at the ambulance to meet his baby girl, Sarah Grace.

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