Castle Cliff Notes: Room 147

Hey Castle fans!  I hate to do this to you again but my personal life has been a little crazy again this week and unfortunately I will not get to write a full Cliff Notes LUnfortunately, with the way my work schedule is if I don’t get these done on Tuesdays I won’t have a good amount of time to dedicate to it until Friday and I hate waiting that long.  I never like to leave you empty handed though so I wanted to make sure we at least got to talk about my favorite moment!  This episode was full of crazy events that even Castle couldn’t come up with an explanation for, but my number one moment this week actually didn’t involve Castle at all…  Drum roll please…….

1. Love Haze
            I know Alexis hasn’t received a lot of love this season but I’m hoping we can all agree that after breaking up with Pi she has come to her senses.  The whole episode Alexis is trying to convince Castle she is ok living at her apartment without his help but she won’t really give him a reason why she won’t move home.  This has Beckett worried that the real reason she won’t come home to the loft is because she is there.  She decides to meet with Alexis to clear up any problems she may have with Beckett.  Beckett explains that she doesn’t take sides on anything between Castle and Alexis (which Alexis appreciates) but she knows that Castle wants her to move back home.  She then tells Alexis she knows there are other reasons besides the lease that are keeping her at her apartment and she wants to make sure one of the reasons isn’t her.  Alexis quickly puts her at ease saying “oh...oh no its not you at all.” Beckett reinforces that the last thing she wants to do is make her feel unwelcome in her own home.  Turns out Alexis doesn’t want her dad to realize everything he told her upon moving out was right.  Beckett tries to justify her actions tell her it was just a “love haze” and that it happens to a lot of people and she should ultimately let her dad help her and stop punishing herself.  Beckett then has to leave, but it looks like she convinced Alexis as she decided to move back at the end of the episode and silently thanks Beckett.  I couldn’t get enough of the Alexis/Beckett time in this episode!  Seeing Beckett’s maternal/friend side is always a good reminder of how well she fits into Castle’s family.  She is also so good with Alexis, and I think Alexis appreciates having a female role model that has gone through similar experiences she has.  I was also happy they finally address the question of if Alexis was ok with Caskett spending so much time at her home.  Beckett is such a great addition to the Castle family for Alexis and she will be an amazing mom someday!

I promise I will be back next week for what looks like an amazing episode!  How intense was that promo?!?! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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