Castle Cliff Notes: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Oh High School drama, I definitely don’t miss you!  And neither did the team at the 12th during this week’s case.  Mixing the supernatural, teen drama, murder, and a little romance “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was a perfect episode for the Caskett lovers! I really enjoyed this episode and my top moments are definitely Caskett heavy this week but all very well deserving!  So let’s get this started before my computer starts levitating away from me... I mean there has to be an explanation for the supernatural occurrences…right?

5. Pour Some Sugar on Me
Back at the loft, Castle hands Beckett a list of the Billboards top 100 most romantic songs of all time.  He states “I figure our song has got to be on that list somewhere.”  Beckett quickly disagrees though telling Castle that she isn’t choosing their song off a list that includes “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard.”  Castle then reminiscences about the year 1987, and the songs from that year, which brings him to asking why Beckett didn’t go to prom.  As Beckett put it “rebel Becks was a little too cool to go to a silly dance.”  In a disappointed tone she reveals that she is actually sorry that she missed out on it.  Castle then begins a toast saying “to the things we missed” which Beckett finishes by saying “and those we didn’t.”  It was a perfect toast reflecting on missed opportunities in the past, but ones they took (such as each other) in the present.  Besides the beautiful toast, it is so fun to see Castle this involved in their wedding planning.  Something like a couples first dance song can have so much meaning and it doesn’t surprise me that the writer in Castle wants to have the perfect lyrical representation of their love.  You have to laugh at the image of them dancing to Def Leppard though ;-). 

4. A Real Life Carrie
Getting ready to interrogate Jordan, Castle decides to leave Beckett with some advice.  “Be careful in there…Don’t anger her. We don’t know what she’s capable of.”  Amused by his “concern” Beckett plays along saying “You’re right….you should probably go in there with me… for protection.”  I know it’s a short moment, but its classic Caskett!  Castle tries to be the big macho man, but really we know Beckett is the fearless one.  While his “concern” was adorable, Beckett making him face his fear and calling his bluff was hilarious too!

3. Our Song
In the beginning of the episode, Castle and Beckett start discussing if they are going to have a wedding band or a wedding DJ.  This ends up turning into a discussion about different songs and Beckett states that she sees them dancing to the song “Witchcraft.”  Confused, Castle asks “Why would we be dancing to Witchcraft?”  Beckett tells him that it is their song and Castle, still confused, asks “Since when?”  Beckett explains “since we sang it at the karaoke bar in the Hamptons last summer.”  Castle then says they he thought Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” was their song because he had “the Boss” pull her up on stage “Courtney Cox style at the Beacon.”  It then dawns on both of them that they in fact, do not have a song. The first thing I loved about this moment was the discussion about the two songs.  I really wish we could get a glimpse into Caskett’s summers because these moments sound great!  A karaoke bar?!? Yes, please! Also, just having gone through wedding planning myself, little disagreements and realizations like these happen so it was refreshing to see it played out in Caskett’s story!

2.  Prom Date
Seeing the kids walking out of the Prom, Beckett comments that they look like they are having fun.  You can tell she is sad to have missed out on her big dance and Castle quickly senses this.  “Yea listen I know you’re a rebel and you hate convention and blah blab blah but Kate, would you uh...”  Castle pauses as he sweetly offers her his hand, “Will you go to the dance with me?”  Beckett happily takes his hand and Caskett walks off into their first prom! I think the main reason I loved this scene was how sweet Castle was.  It made me wish every high school crush/boyfriend was able to ask that sweetly! Also, how perfect for Castle and Beckett to be each other’s first “prom” dates.  After all, I would have been bitter if Castle had a good time with Audra back in High School.  Beckett and Castle for Prom King and Queen!

1. “…And I cannot get you out”
Walking into the prom, “In My Veins” is being played by the DJ.  Caskett is slowly dancing at the back of the dance floor and Beckett asks if Castle regrets his prank and not being able to go to prom.  Castle says “Not even a little bit.  Everything I’ve ever done, every choice I’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me has all led me to right here. This moment with you.”  Satisfied with his answer Beckett gets closer and lowers her head onto his shoulder.  They both listen to the song and at the same time say “I’ve always loved this song.”  Surprised they look up and Castle asks “could it be we just found a song?”  Looks like Caskett has found their perfect song, and I think it will please Castle fans everywhere!  “In My Veins” is on my Caskett playlist (for obvious reasons) and absolutely perfect.  To top off this moment, Beckett ends the scene by saying “now shut up and kiss me” and we get to enjoy a nice romantic kiss!  Perfect ending to an overall sweet episode and easily the #1 moment!  How about it Castle, fans… if the song wasn’t going to be “In My Veins” what was your pick?

Did this episode bring back memories of your own high school prom?  And how about that song choice! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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