Captain Gates teases about tonight´s episode 6x19, "The greater good"

Penny Johnson Jerald teases tonight's episode of 'Castle', Gates' family & more


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On tonight's episode of "Castle," the team at the 12th Precinct encounter a murder mystery involving a Wall Street trader. When it's revealed that their Wall Street wolf turns out to be an undercover informant for the U.S. Attorney's office, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) come face to face with the U.S. Attorney directly involved—Elizabeth Weston (Salli-Richardson Whitfield), the estranged sister of none other than Captain Victoria Gates.
I had the chance to run a few quick questions by "Iron Gates" herself, actress Penny Johnson Jerald, to get some scoop on "The Greater Good," and some other tidbits about Gates and the end of this season. Read on to see what "Sir" had to say about her character and more.
Castle Examiner: It was really exciting seeing the behind-the-scenes photos of you and Salli Richardson together on set. I especially loved the shot of you two glaring at each other. Is that the sort of dynamic we can expect to see between you and your on-screen sister?
Penny Johnson Jerald: I think it's safe to say that our looks are chilling at moments. Only can deep sibling stares make you want the two to reach some kind of closure. Tonight will surely tell all.

You mentioned that your real life sister also makes an appearance in Monday's episode. What can you tell us about her role? Do you share any scenes together?
Unfortunately, we do not share a scene together. But still, it is rather exciting to be on the same screen within the same hour on the same show.

We know Mr. Gates + children exist, as you’ve mentioned seeing pictures of them in your office at the precinct. Do you have any sort of back story that you’ve created in your own mind regarding Gates’ off-screen family? How many kids does she have anyway?
Yes, I have created a back story but it probably won't fly. I think Gates has a house full of biological and adopted children. If she loves dolls so much, she's bound to have a crazy love for kids.

If you could pick any actor as Gates' husband for a future episode, who would you cast? And how would you introduce him? I always thought it'd be neat if Gates showed up to say, Castle and Beckett's wedding reception, with her husband in tow. Assuming they show a reception, of course. Or a wedding!
Wouldn't that be great! I keep wishing for Jeffrey Wright to be the one. If not Jeffrey then someone so doggone handsome that everyone is shocked!

Switching gears, in an episode last year, Gates overheard Beckett saying that Senator Bracken murdered her mother. Castle quickly steered her off-track but, like Gates said with the Caskett relationship secret, she’s not an idiot. Do you think Gates has suspected Bracken since then? Would you like to see Beckett finally confide in Gates and have the captain more involved in that mythology of the show? I feel like "Iron Gates" would be a strong ally in bringing Bracken down, especially with a sister in the U.S. Attorney's office. What are your thoughts?
It would make total sense, now wouldn't it? However, I would love to see her take part in bringing him down. Gates has developed a fondness for Beckett and would definitely do whatever it takes.

The end of season six is quickly approaching and it sounds like the penultimate episode of the season is shaping up to be quite something. Is Gates involved in the final two episodes? Anything you can tease about the end of the season?
Yes, we are shooting 622 right now. When I read the script, I nearly fell off of the treadmill. It is that good and intense. I've only heard rumors about the season finale. Let's just say, it gets gooder and gooder. I know I wouldn't want to miss it.
Lastly, are there any projects you're involved in outside of 'Castle,' as an actor or otherwise, that you'd like the fans to know about? Please let us know!
I am always involved in something. Excited about the progress of PJJ's 50day workout challengeshaping and changing lives. I'm going at it with a vengeance. Also, it's the time of year to give back, so promoting the 400 Years Remembered CD is rather important since a large portion of the proceeds go to charity to help less fortunate children of color. And lastly, Susan [Sullivan] and I are talking about doing a play together near the end of hiatus.
"Castle" episode 6x19, "The Greater Good" airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Be sure to follow PJJ on Twitter at @btwprod, as she'll be live tweeting the episode tonight!
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