Castle Cliff Notes: The Greater Good

 Ready for some family drama?  This week we got to meet Gate’s sister and also got a sneak peak at the Caskett wedding guest list.  While both of these got off to a rocky start, we got a happy ending for both dilemmas and oh yea there was a little bit of crime solving too! Wall Street, wires, and scamming left us with plenty of excitement in this “Wolf of Wall Street”-esque case. So stop bickering with you siblings and let’s get started with this week’s countdown!

5. Sister-in-Law
Going over audio, Ryan states “I feel bad for Gates. My sisters could never work together. I’m telling you when the two of them went at it…phew.”  Espo says “I wouldn’t mind going at it with Gate’s sister” but Ryan quickly ends that fantasy saying “oh yeah? How would you like having Gates as your sister-in-law?” Espo, clearly not having thought of that, stops lifting his coffee mug and realizes the possible, and definitely no desired, downside of his actions.  I loved Espo’s face and Ryan’s quick wit to end Espo’s fun.  Sorry Espo, but I think the negatives outweigh the positives here.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Gates but you make one wrong move with her sister and she wouldn’t let you live it down!

4. The Polar Vortex
After learning of Gate’s sister, Castle and Beckett are getting coffee in the break room.  Castle questions why Gates has never mentioned her sister before, and Beckett responds “I don’t know but there is definitely a subtle chill between the two of them.”  Shocked, Castle remarks “a subtle chill? More like a polar vortex!”  He then theorizes that something happened between the two of them in the past but is unsure what.  He makes Beckett an offer saying “I’ll give you a dollar if you ask her.”  Beckett quickly declines though stating “I like my job too much.”  A dollar Castle?  Come on you can do better than that!  I was definitely with him though.  I was very curious about the Gate’s sisters’ past but a dollar definitely wouldn’t make me pry into Sir’s personal life!

3. Rollercoaster of Love
Talking at the loft, Castle suggests that he and Beckett get married on the Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island.  Beckett doesn’t seem to be on board with the idea telling Castle “Castle I love you, but I will not marry you on a ride, or up in space, or on a slide.” I love how openly she tells Castle that she loves him! They decide that they need to determine how many people they are inviting to their big day to determine how big of a venue they need. They get interrupted by Beckett cell phone but they continue their debate at the crim scene.  Castle tries to argue that they could be positives to a small list of immediate family but Beckett thinks it’s only because he is still stuck on the rollercoaster idea.  Castle tries to deny this saying “getting married is an intimate act and our ceremony should reflect that intimacy…  And that what we can all fit into one car.”  Castle just can’t lie to Beckett, not that she would have believed his lie.  Castle gives his rollercoaster hopes one more shot asking Ryan his though on coasters but Ryan quickly says “ooo, they make me nauseous why?”  Sorry Castle, but this obviously isn’t going anywhere. I love rollercoasters, but I would be a little bummed if I couldn’t hear their vows over the wedding party screaming or anyone got puked on by Ryan (sorry to put that visual in your head!).  When it comes down to it though, I don’t care where Castle gets married as long as the fandom gets an invite and front row seat!

2.  Breaking Down the Gates
Beckett enters the break room seeing Gates staring at her phone.  She asks if everything is ok and Gates explains that she is just trying to figure out how to tell her sister that the case is compromised without her sister putting the blame on her.  Beckett tries to understand why her sister would be mad at her for doing her job but it turns out Gates and her sister have a history.  She explains that back in 1998, she had just been made head of Internal Affairs and Elizabeth was working at the DA’s office.  She was working a huge case and one testimony was the key to trying the case.  Turns out the undercover officer was dirty, and internal affairs (aka Gates) had to file charges which ruined the testimony and her sister’s case.  Sadly, she tells Beckett that it “hasn’t been the same between us since.”  What I loved about this scene was Gates opening up to Beckett without any prying necessary.  It’s a nice change to see “Iron Gates” letting her own walls down a little and letting others understand why her and her sister are very cold towards each other. I loved the Gates/Beckett interaction here and would love to see more in the future!   It all turns out ok in the end though, as Gates and Elizabeth agree to go out and get a drink as sisters. A bond between sisters can be strong and I was happy to see some resolution to their previous history.

1. “You”
Continuing their discussion about their wedding guest list, Beckett tells Castle that they need to think about why they are actually having the wedding because they can’t have the hundreds of people on their list actually coming.  She questions him, asking “I mean are we doing this not to insult hundreds of people or are we doing this for us?”  Castle agrees that it is for them and they decide to take a minute to write down the names of people who have to be there to make them happy.  Castle readies them saying, “one minute and go!”  They both scribble on their pads and quickly stop.  Showing each other their pads, they realize that they both wrote “you” down.  This leads to a Caskett kiss but then they both realize that they would actually have to invite other people and they start making a realistic list.  Both of them writing “you” melted my heart and I’m sure earned a collective “awww” from the fandom.  And the kiss?  A wonderful cherry on top of a good episode.  Make sure you put us on the guest list Caskett!

What did you think of Gate’s sister?  And getting married on a rollercoaster? Where do you think Caskett will ultimately tie the knot? Let's get through this mini break together! Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll have Castle fun! J

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