Castle Cliff Notes: The Way of the Ninja

After last week’s emotional episode, a fun episode full of ninjas, crazy theories, and Caskett was exactly what we needed!  We got to see a lot of the members from the 12th be part of the fun, and the boys going to the tea room “undercover” was hilarious.  Choosing 5 moments was tough, but I think I finally narrowed it down.  Let’s get going before this countdown disappears into a cloud of smoke!

5. Karaoke
Trying to look around Miyango tea house, Ryan gets pulled up to do karaoke by the hostess he was paired up with.  He was reluctant at first, but he eventually starts to sing “What I Like About You” slightly off the rhythm and off key (but hey, this isn’t American Idol!).  I loved watching him continue to sing while Espo was trying to warn him to leave, and it looked like he was genuinely having a good time up until the bouncer came up and dragged him off the stage once their cover was blown.  As Ryan got pulled off the microphone he goes”was it that bad??”  I laughed so hard, because leave it to Ryan to think that him getting kicked out had to do with his karaoke skills.  I re-watched the scene a few times and couldn’t help but laugh so Ryan sang his way into this week’s countdown!
4. Ninjas?
Finding a hidden room behind the elevator in the abandoned building, Caskett goes to investigate.  Castle finds a knife at the “shrine” and announces that it could match their murder weapon.  A noise occurs off screen and Beckett goes to check it out.  Castle stays put holding the knife, but then has it grabbed from his hands by a ninja who vanishes into a smoke cloud.  He calls for Beckett and she asks what happened.  He stands frozen with a confused look on his face and says “a ninja…stole the murder weapon.”  He then realizes that a “ninja” did infact, just take a knife from his hand and his confused look changes to one of excitement as he says  “ooo… yea!”  I always love it when Castle gets excited about cases, and the total change in his emotion as he realized that a ninja was involved was hilarious!

3. High School Reunion
Beckett is getting ready when she tells Castle that she is having dinner with old friend from high school.  What should be exciting turns out to be dreaded by Beckett because her friend is very competitive and always talks about her fabulous life.  Castle tries to cheer Beckett up saying “I bet no one’s basing a character in their best selling mysteries on her”  This earns a smile from Beckett but it turns out her friend is married to a big shot European business man so she is no stranger to fame.  Castle asks if he should come to help make her life sound more fabulous but Beckett declines.  She says “Definitely not.  You are exactly her type and the last thing I need is to watch someone from my past trying to seduce my fiancé while talking about the goddess that lives in her hoo-ha.”  I love it when Beckett gets protective and the fact that she didn’t even want to tempt her friend with Castle was fantastic.  I did find it surprising that Beckett was so worried about meeting with someone who has a great life when she herself has a wonderful relationship (with a famous author) and a successful career.  I guess it isn’t that surprising though because Beckett wouldn’t be one to brag about her life and being part of a one-sided conversation where one person gloats the whole time can be draining!  Either way, Beckett has an amazing partner in crime and fiancé and she shouldn’t let one dinner ruin that J 

2.  Ballet Ninjas?
After being told ninjas don’t exist, Castle is talking about how their victim was killed “ninja style” and trying to justify his theory.  Ryan explains that there weren’t any prints at the shrine and Castle immediately says “because ninjas never leave a trace” as if that should be common knowledge.  Met by skeptical looks, Castle says “I know what I saw!  You should have seen the way he moved, the athleticism, the grace, the agility, he was like a…”  Esposito quickly interjects “ballet dancer” which causes Castle to continue to protest when Beckett agrees and Espo explains the possible motive involving a fellow ballet dancer.  Dejected, Castle sits down saying “man, the killer can’t be a ballet dancer…because it would just be such a huge letdown.” Joking, Beckett says “of course we can’t let facts get in the way of a good story.”  Anytime something like this happens it always reminds me of “don’t ruin my story with your logic” and you can’t help my feel for Castle just a little bit.  He always wants the cases to be something epic and fun but it never seems to work in his favor does it?  His method to test is the suspect was a ninja a little later on… hilarious! Also, this scene involves not only Caskett but Espo and Ryan which helped move it up the countdown this week!  Who doesn’t like Beckett, Espo, and Ryan shooting down Castle theories causing him to pout?

1. Keeping the Romance Alive
After arguing about Castle not calling Beckett (which was pretty funny), Castle comes to realize Beckett’s anger isn’t all about him not calling her.  Beckett admits that her friend was actually boring and that “all she did was complain about her husband saying now that she was married there’s no romance in her life.  It’s just an endless routine of sameness.”  Worried, Beckett turns to face Castle places her arms around his neck and asks  “That’s not going to happen to us is it?  You’ve done this before. Marriage isn’t going to change us right? We’re not going to become one of those couples that go to the same 2 restaurants and only have sex on national holidays?”  Castle tries to laugh off her last comment clearly showing that her sex comment wouldn’t be true (fandom rejoice!).  Beckett continues saying “I don’t want to ever be bored with you and I don’t want you to be bored with me either.”  Castle suggests putting in their vows that they will never be boring and they will keep the romance alive.  They share a kiss and Castle asks “does this mean you forgive me for not calling?”  Beckett jokingly thinks about it and then says “not yet” and Castle kisses her again asking “how about now?”  Beckett says “getting there…” and Castle can only reply with “this is torture.”  Overall, what started as an argument was actually a fear of the unknown for Beckett.  Again, I love seeing her insecurities and concerns about their relationship and also that she doesn’t want them to become “boring.”  Castle suggestion about the vows was so sweet to.  I’m happy that keeping their relationship it a priority for Caskett because I’m not ready for them to “settle down.”  Here’s to keeping it exciting!

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