Some guidelines, mission statement and FAQs for the CWFFG (CastleFanfic Writers Guild)

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Castle Fanfic Writers Guild (CFFWG) is to provide a space for Castle Fanfic writers where they may find support, encouragement, advice, and inspiration. In all our efforts we work to promote diversity and showcase the hard work and talent of the many amazing Castle Fanfic Writers who work so hard to entertain and enlighten. We especially seek to offer a platform for new or lesser known Fanfic writers. We feel privileged to be a part of this fandom, and this community.
Happy Writing.
.....and the FAQs


Q: Some people say that this is just another popularity contest, what do you say to that?A: Those people probably have not checked out our mission statement or the nominations categories. We truly see this as an opportunity to promote a lot of great fanfiction by a lot of great authors. It’s why we have so many categories, and so many categories that highlight new or under-exposed authors. So many of the same writers get recognized year after year, and while they are writing great fanfiction and deserve their accolades, this is an opportunity to introduce and recognize the other great writers in the fandom. Yes, there is an element of competition, and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s okay.  We respect the right of any author to decline a nomination if they feel strongly that this is not something of which they wish to participate.
Q: Can a story that was finished in 2014 be nominated?A: Any story that was begun or updated in 2013 and completed by March 1, 2014 is eligible for nomination. 
Q: Can a Drabble Multi-Chapter be nominated in the Drabble category?A: The drabble category is for one-shots, however, a particular chapter in a  multi-chapter drabble may be nominated.
 Q: Can the same author have multiple stories nominated in the same category?A: We want to create as much exposure as possible for as many authors as possible, so, the answer is no. No author may have more than one nominated story in each category, and no story may be nominated in more than one category. However, the same author may have multiple stories nominated, as long as they meet the requirements stated above. 
Q: For the “Favorite Fanfic you’re not reading” category, can the story have 10 or less reviews (or reviews per chapter?) or Less than ten? And, what if they get more reviews after being nominated? Are they pulled from the category?A: Ten or less. And, once a story has been nominated, we will check to be sure it meets the eligibility requirements. If any reviews come in between the time it gets nominated and the time we post the nominations, those reviews will not cause the story to be disqualified. Once the nominations have been posted, it is our hope that those stories, having gained some exposure through this process, will receive more reviews. That’s the goal here, to give as many writers as much publicity as possible.
Q: Will you consider a category for a WIP Fanfic that has not been updated in 2013, that we want revived?A: We have added that category. Thank you for the suggestion.
 Q: I’ve nominated a story that was begun in 2013, completed in February 2014, but a “coming soon” announcement about a sequel was added after the March 1, 2014 deadline. Does that mean this story is not eligible for this year’s awards?A: No. As long as the story was completed by the March 1 deadline, the story is still eligible. Just be sure to include a note explaining these circumstances when you submit your nomination.
Q: Will you consider a category for favorite sequel?A: We have added that category. Thank you for the suggestion.
 Q: What happens if you get more than five nominations in one category?A: We will have to decide on five finalists. This will be done by: first looking to see which of the nominees were nominated more than once; if that doesn’t get us to just five nominees, then we will have a panel of writers vote on the final five nominees. No writer may vote in a category in which they are nominated, or in a category in which they nominated a story. Those with multiple nominations have a better shot of making it to the final five.
Q: Who decides the winners?A: A panel of writers. No writer will vote in a category in which they are nominated. Nor may any writer vote in a category in which they nominated a story.
Q: When will the winners be announced?A: The nominations will be announced on April 4, 2014, all nominees will be notified on April 1 and be given the opportunity to withdraw their nominated story. The winners will be announced on May 1, 2014.
Q: What happens after the awards? Will you just fade away?A: No. We are here to promote the work of Castle fanfic writers and to offer support, advice, and the occasional writers challenge. For as long as there will be Castle Fanfic writers, we will be here to showcase and support them.

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