The Way Of The Ninja: Recap

Castle opens with a woman being murdered by a ninja, then cuts to Kate and Rick discussing Kate’s friend who is visiting. Kate and Rick get called to the crime scene and Kate makes Rick promise to rescue her if she isn’t back by ten from her dinner.
The victim was a ballet dancer named Jade. Her boyfriend, Dean, and his family were patrons of the arts. He couldn’t think of anyone who would want to hurt her. She was carrying a drop key which opens an elevator in an old building.
The key Jade had belonged to an elevator at the Marigold cookie factory. Rick and Kate go to explore the scene and discover the murderer’s lair. Rick finds the murder weapon only to have it stolen by a ninja which thrills him to no end.
Gates is shocked by the whole ninja aspect while Rick is excited. The Japanese embassy sent a person to help with the investigation. The consulate officer assures Rick there are no such things as ninjas. He is not happy about this and gets really disappointed when Esposito says it could have been a ballet dancer.
Esposito then tells them about a male dancer that liked Jade even though she wasn’t interested. He was out during the time of Jade’s murder. Rick begins to think that the dancer could be the ninja after all. The dancer tells Kate that Jade was quitting the ballet and she was very distracted.

Modern Day Geisha House

Jade was calling a tea import company but when the guys go to investigate they discover an underground club. Rick says the club is a Japanese Hostess Club similar to a geisha house. Rick is familiar with them from his book tour in Tokyo. They don’t understand why Jade would be working at such a place.
Ryan, Esposito, and Rick pretend to be customers. Rick and Esposito fit in but Ryan is incredibly uncomfortable. When they ask about Jade the girls become cagey. The girl with Rick tells him to buy private time and then begins to give him information about Jade. Jade had been working private parties put on by Mr. Saito.
Esposito accidentally shows his badge and the guys are kicked out of the club. As they exit Rick realizes he didn’t call Kate to rescue her from her friend. He pulls out his phone to call and a throwing star hits it to which Rick exclaims, “Oh my god! Ninja attack.” A ninja, with a sword appears and attacks. As Rick is being attacked a different ninja saves him. Ryan and Esposito draw their guns and the ninja disappears.
"Castle season 6, episode 18"
Kate is not happy about Rick not calling. She is frustrated that he has an excuse for everything. More importantly Kate was surprised by her friend who only complained about her married life. Kate is worried that she and Rick will become boring.
Mr. Saito is linked to organized crime, the Yakuza. There is no obvious connection between Jade and Mr. Saito but he has weaponry similar to that used to attack Rick and the others. Mr. Saito is less than forthcoming with information about his party and Jade.

The way of the Ninja

When Ryan tries to contact the consulate he finds that the woman who came to the office was a fake. She was trying to cover up Jade’s history because Jade didn’t have any parents. Jade had an unusual scar on her body that links to a military base on Okinawa.
Kate discovers that there was an entire family wiped out by the Green Dragon, the ninja killer employed by the Yakuza. It seems that Jade was looking for proof that Saito was the Green Dragon. When they investigate a sighting at the factory they discover the woman who impersonated the consulate worker. She is a cop and Jade’s sister.
Jade and her sister hid from the Green Dragon when he came for their parents. Jade began dating Dean because his father was connected to the Green Dragon. Mr. Bedford admits that he was connected to Jade’s family and that he was trying to protect his family. Kate tells him that he needs to help them put Saito away.
When Kate and Rick go to arrest Saito he says they were played. Before he can admit who the Green Dragon is he is shot by the actual Green Dragon. Before he can kill Kate and Rick a second ninja shows up. A ninja showdown ensues and Mr. Bedford is revealed as the Green Dragon. The other ninja is Jade’s sister.
In the end the lair was actually Jade’s shrine to her parents. Jade’s sister plans on returning home. The episode ends with Rick trying to remove the throwing star from his phone and ending up sending it into Gates’ office.
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