12th Precinct Exclusive: ABC Announced Castle Spinoff Series: Pi, Bee-counter

In an interview with Andrew Marlowe, Myko Olivier and Molly Quinn, 12th Precinct got the exclusive  exclusive about the Castle-spinoff: Pi, Bee-counter.

12th Precinct: Andrew, what made you decide to make a spinoff of Castle with Pi and Alexis as main characters?

Andrew W. Marlowe: As you might know, Pi was one of the most talked about guest characters ever brought on the show. After every scene and every episode in which Pi was, we (Terri Miller and I) saw a lot of response from our fan base. That didn't go unnoticed by ABC either, so they asked us to write a pilot for a spinoff show with Pi and Alexis as main characters.

After writing the pilot and getting Molly (Quinn) and Myko (Olivier) on board, ABC gave us the green light to make the pilot and start thinking about more story lines. 

12th Precinct: Can I conclude out of that, that Alexis and Pi will get together again?

Andrew W. Marlowe: I can't say too much about the plot line yet, as we aren't that far in the writing stadium yet, but there might indeed be plans to bring them back together.

12th Precinct: Won't you be too busy being the showrunner of Castle,  the upcoming Philip Marlowe  and Manhunt series, and the Nick Fury movies, to  add writing and producing for another series? Fans might be concerned about the quality of the shows.

Andrew W. Marlowe: I do get the fans concerns, but they don't have to worry. As proven, Castle has an amazing bunch of talented writers. They've shown us in every episode that they are more than capable to write the characters and plots, without me needing to hold their hand. It will mean I would  hardly write any episodes for Castle anymore, but I'll be overseeing the overall plot line.

The work on the two movies is as good as done. The only thing that needs to happen is that the studios have to approve it.

The Philip Marlowe series and the new Pi, Bee-counter series will have Terri's and my own main attention. For Marlowe we've developed the story quite far already. But for Pi, Bee-counter we still have to do a lot of work before it can hopefully air in September. If we don't make that deadline happen, then ABC probably will program the series to start next year around January.

12th Precinct: What kind of show will Pi, Bee-counter be? 

Andrew. W. Marlowe: Pi, Bee-counter will be something like a modern detective story. Pi will somehow (I can't spoil too much yet) become involved in a murder investigation that makes him an internet sensation. Together (with Alexis, who just started on her first year in the police academy), they will be  PI's for hire.
The Bee-counter part, is mostly a reference to Sherlock Holmes, on who we inspired the pilot episode. Sherlock became at the end of his career a beekeeper.

12th Precinct: Are there any other cast members known yet?

Andrew W. Marlowe: I can't say too much about that either. I can say that we are casting some police academy cadets and superiors right now and that Michael Dorn will be back in the role he played in Castle.

12th Precinct: Will there be more crossovers between Castle characters and Pi, Bee-counter?

Andrew W. Marlowe: There will be for sure some characters we will see in both shows. We are gunning for Arye Gross to play Perlmutter in the pilot episode and of course we will see Richard Castle, Martha and Kate crossover multiple times in smaller roles.

For the future we are going to try to make a few crossover episodes between Castle and Pi, Bee-counter too.

12th Precinct: Molly, what did you think when you first heard about the idea to make a spinoff with Alexis and Pi?

Molly Quinn: At first I was very surprised to hear it, but it actually made a lot of sense. Like Andrew already said, Pi and Alexis got a lot of response from the fans. So I'm really looking forward to start filming. I can't wait to work with Myko again.

12th Precinct: How will the character of Alexis further develop now?

Molly Quinn: I did read some scripts already, but Andrew won't treat me very nicely if I say too much about that. I do have to say I'm very happy with where Alexis is going. Her character can grow and develop more now she will get more screen time. The move to put Alexis through police academy to become a cop too, is brilliant. I'm really excited about that! 

12th Precinct: What do you think Richard Castle will say of his daughter becoming a cop too?

Molly Quinn: That's one of the things we will explore in the first episodes. Castle is a very protective father, so he might not be too happy about it.

12th Precinct: Myko, this will be your first main prime time TV series. You must have been happy to hear about that.

Myko Olivier: Of course I was! First I couldn't believe it when I was called by Andrew. I thought he was pranking me, so I just played along. But when the first script came with the mail, I have to say I did a little happy dance. I'm so glad for this opportunity.

12th Precinct: What are you thoughts about making Pi a PI?

Myko Olivier: As a young boy I've read a lot of mystery novels with detectives or PI's playing the main character. It is kind of the reason I became an actor, to be able to play such a character. And now that dream has come true!
I think Pi would be a very interesting PI (get it?), as he's not your standard PI you've seen or read a million times before. He has his own way of doing things. I must say that Andrew and Terri did a great job writing the pilot.

Andrew, Molly, Myko, thank you for your interview and this exclusive to us.

So.....Are you excited about the new Castle spinoff with Alexis and Pi? we know we are!
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