That '70s Show: First Look

Castle-Exclusive-01.jpgThe perils of polyester are something Nathan Fillion knows well. After spending a week donning synthetic clothing for Castle‘s upcoming 70s-themed episode, he says, “Boy oh boy, give me cotton any day.”
Uncomfortable as it may have been, wearing the outfit was worth it to produce this fun hour of murder-solving TV, which finds the team channeling the past to solve a murder. “To see everybody dressed up is kind of fun. Everybody’s dolled up, everybody’s different,” Fillion explains. “In [season 4's] ‘The Blue Butterfly,’ there was the ’30s-style clothing, but there’s something a heck of a lot more groovy about the 70s.”“Polyester — not the most forgiving of fabrics,” adds Fillion, seen in these exclusive photos. “It’s hot; it doesn’t really breathe because you’re wearing plastic, essentially.”
Castle‘s blast from the past, titled “That ’70s Show,” airs April 21 on ABC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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