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CASTLE has been off the air for several weeks, but the show returns this Monday with “That ’70s Show,” an episode that finds the characters embracing the ’70s in an attempt to solve a decades-old case.

I had the chance to screen the fun hour, and while I don’t want to ruin what goes down, I do have a few teases about the episode…

  • Every single series regular gets to have at least one ’70s-inspired costume. And, I have to say, they are pretty freaking awesome. (Stana Katic’s final era-inspired outfit of the episode? Absolutely stunning.)
  • Castle and Beckett struggle to include Martha in the wedding planning…and, well, it goes about how you might imagine it would.
  • Thankfully for C & B, Martha does have some useful skills that end up being essential in a crucial part of the investigation.
  • CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe already teased that the episode was different than the device the show used to show the noir scenes in “The Blue Butterfly,” and he was 100% spot-on. Castle, Beckett, and co. may be dressed in ’70s clothes, but they are wholly themselves in the present to try and solve a long-cold case. Unfortunately for them, the only potential key to solving it is a man who can really only function when he thinks it’s the ’70s.
  • Unfortunately for Beckett, their guy isn’t really impressed by the idea of a female cop, so he mistakenly thinks Castle has way more power than he has — which leads to Castle being granted a title/nickname he enjoys a lot. (And, I’d wager some fans will get a kick out of it, too.)
  • Ryan and Esposito get inspired by footage of two ’70s cops, but trying to pass themselves off as them is a little more difficult than they originally planned.
  • If you’ve been missing the Esposito/Lanie romance, the duo share a cute moment.
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