Castle Cliff Notes: For Better or Worse

 It’s that time of year again!  Castle season finale time!  In an episode that definitely caused an explosion of reactions on twitter last night we were all thrown for a loop when our happy couple’s wedding hardly went as planned.  Beckett already being married? An MIA groom?  The wedding dress being ruined?  Ok, maybe that last one wasn’t such a bad thing…  Regardless it was a totally different style of episode without a true case, and besides what’s a finale without a cliffhanger?  Let’s have a little faith in our favorite show.  I mean, we’ve got a great love story so far so don’t lose faith!  We might just have to be a little more patient for our actual happy ending, remember fairly tales involve obstacles too. I’m not saying it’s my favorite finale ever but let’s put down the finale pitchforks and take a look at the positive side of things!

5. One… or Two and Done
                What could possibly stand in Beckett’s way of marrying her one and done?  Turns out she already married someone from her past! After learning that Beckett is currently married, they are explaining their situation to Martha and Alexis at the loft.  Castle tells them she is married to a guy she met freshman year at Stanford named Rogan O’Leary. Confused Alexis asks “and you married him?”  Beckett tries to get out of it saying “not really” but Castle confirms “but you did.”  He explains they went to Vegas and got married at a drive thru wedding chapel.  Beckett apparently remembers the event but didn’t actually think the marriage was real.  Castle makes the comment “and here I thought you were a one and done kind of girl…”  Martha asks if her father knows and Kate can only reply “I really am going to be sick.”  Well… can’t say I saw that coming.  As Castle said, I always thought Kate was in the “one and done” category but I guess we can let this one crazy night slide considering Castle’s marriage history.  I did find it odd that the amount of screening and background checks that would have been done for her different jobs wouldn’t have turned something up about the marriage but I guess I’ll let that one slide.  It was refreshing to watch Castle support Beckett while she was clearly shocked and ashamed of what just happened and help her find a solution.  While they made not have had a murder case this week, they definitely have an investigation of their own trying to track down Beckett’s “husband.”

4. Wedding Jitters
                At the precinct Beckett is discussing her upcoming wedding and how she is most nervous about reading her vows in front of a lot of people.  Gates overhears the conversation and tells Beckett that she was so nervous before her wedding that she ran into a wall and got a black eye.  She eases Kate’s nerves and tells her that she is “supposed to be a wreck” because she is about to experience “one of the most important days of your life.”  She then goes on to tell Beckett how happy she is for her when Castle loudly enters the precinct.  Gates then adds on “in spite of who you’re marrying…”  Man, I love Gates this season!  She has a way of being so caring but then trying to uphold her standard of not always liking Castle. Also, Gates being so nervous she ran into a wall?  I just can’t imagine Sir being that stirred up! This little moment made me laugh and it was nice to see that Kate is having the pre-wedding jitters like most brides!    

3. Fairytales and the Evil Dress
                Receiving the news from Lanie that her dress has been ruined (and the Castle fandom rejoiced!), Beckett seems to have finally reached her wedding breaking point.  Castle tries to reassure her that it is only a dress and it’s not the end of the world.  Beckett questions “then why does it feel like it is?  Our wedding was supposed to be magical. It was supposed to be our perfect day and now it’s just falling apart.”  Staying calm, Castle says “so we’ll put it back together.”  Beckett tries to say that her being previously married, the venue falling through, and her dressed getting ruined are all a big sign, but Castle turns her negative sign into a positive one.  He explains that maybe it’s a sign that “ours is a great love story.  What’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome?  Every fairytale has some.”  Castle tells Kate that she can’t give up because they have to fight for their happy ending.  He appears to have calmed Beckett’s nerves and she says “and that’s why I want to marry you.” Seriously, I can’t handle all the sweet moments in this episode.  This is why Castle and Beckett are perfect for each other.  He is on the one person capable of calming her down and showing her the light in a dark situation.  Also, the original dress getting ruined?  Hallelujah!  That alone was good enough to get this moment on the countdown.    

2.  Sentimental Gifts
                Lanie is admiring Beckett’s mom’s dress when Martha walks into the room and tells Kate “I believe you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.”  She then asks Lanie if she can have some privacy with Beckett.  Beckett thanks Martha (and Alexis) for putting the wedding together and Martha thanks Beckett “for making my son so very happy.”  She then gives Kate a gift of sapphire earrings for her something blue.  She reveals that they were worn by her mother and her grandmother when they got married. Martha tells Kate that “only women of substance wear these gems.  They’ve been waiting Katherine, for you.”  Such a sweet moment between Kate and Martha!  And how about Martha holding back those earrings with Castle’s previous wives?  So much love and respect for Katherine Beckett!  I also love Martha for stepping in and not taking the place of Beckett’s mom but providing her with that motherly presence on her wedding day.  It really was a heartfelt exchange between these two! Also, Beckett’s new dress was a major upgrade! Excuse me while I wipe away the mist that seems to be coming out of my eyes…

1. So… You Wanted a Happy Ending?
                What’s a season finale without a cliffhanger right?  What we thought was going to be a happy ending for our lovely couple quickly took a turn for the worse when Castle failed to show up on time for the wedding.  Beckett tries to call him but it goes to voicemail only to get a call back from an unknown caller revealing some shocking news.  We cut to Beckett running out of a car in her wedding dress down the road on which Castle was previously driving.  She has a look of devastation and horror and the camera switches to show the car Castle was driving in flames.  And cue more tears…. But totally different that the happy tears of just a few short minutes ago!  Stana’s acting in this scene made the moment so intense and sucked the viewers into the raw emotion that Beckett was feeling at that time.  You go from thinking you are about to experience one of the happiest days of your life and in an instant it changes to a scene right out of one of their murder cases.  Originally I will admit I was upset with the ending.  How could the writers possibly do this to us after 6 years of waiting for this moment?!?!  Well, I have finally come to peace with it and while it was totally unexpected I guess I should have prepared myself for some sort of drama.  I will admit I’m excited to see Beckett hopefully rescue Castle in season 7 but really feel for her in that her wedding day did not go at all according to plan.  I’ll tell you one thing though; we better get to actually see this wedding someday for all the heartache we have to go through this hiatus!

Holy cliffhanger batman!  Have any theories on who could be behind the car fire?  3XK maybe?  What about Castle’s dad making a surprise appearance to protect his son on his wedding day? Join the discussion in the comments section below, tweet me @DenialLove or tweet us at @TwelfthPrecinct!  Let’s get through this hiatus together!

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Well, thats a wrap on season 6.  The end of another season means the end of another edition of Castle Cliff Notes.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you lovely readers who browse this weekly.  This started as a fun thing I would do while watching each Castle episode and the 12th precinct allowed me to take my fun to the fandom.  I also appreciate everyone who took the time to let me know they were reading or entered in a friendly discussion of what they thought of the episode.  The diversity in this fandom makes is great and I look forward to another season of fun this fall!  Enjoy your hiatus everyone and I’ll try to think of some hiatus fun to get us though the summer!

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